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Suncorp Term Deposit

Latest review: In setting up Suncorp accounts I found the staff know what they are doing. I had a difficult structure to set up and no-one in a couple of other banks I tried could answer my questions! The term

Suncorp eOptions

Latest review: I love all the services offered by Suncorp Metway, and eOptions is no exception.I don't know how I managed to conduct my financial affairs before I got onto this service - it saves me so much time

Suncorp Personal Loans

Latest review: We consolidated our cards in to one loan, Suncorp were so easy to work with, and made it happen without any hassles. good customer service, and quickly taken care

Suncorp Everyday Options

Latest review: Have been a Suncorp customer for almost a decade now and the current internet banking system is terrific. I have/had financial accounts with at least six financial institutions (for different reasons

Suncorp Motorcycle Insurance

Latest review: Service excellence at its best !Made a claim and its processed within 4 hours. Unbelievable experience cant get it from anywhere else ....So

Suncorp Clear Options Gold

Latest review: When we joined them 25 years ago they were the best bank. We worked hard and eventually got awarded a gold card. Fantastic to have a travel insurance included but after paying the full fee for a year

Suncorp Visa Debit

Latest review: I wouldn't recommend getting this card otherwise you will get tempted to spend money Online from your Account so I would recommend getting an EFTPOS Card so you can't shop

Suncorp Motor Insurance

Latest review: Our car was a write off due to another driver crossing the centre line and slamming into our car. The payout figure was paid within 10 days which was excellent. However 2 points I was not aware of

Suncorp Life Insurance

Latest review: Firstly, I would like to make a couple of comments about other reviews below about Suncorp. 1) Sunsuper is an industry superannuation fund and has absolutely nothing to do with Suncorp Life

Suncorp Clear Options Standard

Latest review: I had a home loan with suncorp and thought applying for a credit card with them was going to be a breeze. I applied online and within a few days got a call back from the India Call Centre asking

Suncorp Home Insurance

Latest review: Could not be any better. Communication was very good and tradespeople for the repairs were outstanding. Compared with other insurance companies in our area we are the luckey ones after the big hail

Suncorp Car & Personal Loans

Latest review: When looking for a personal loan to purchase a second hand car we chose Suncorp over our regular bank (commbank) because the interest rate was a little was lower. After taking a look at our finances

Suncorp Home Loans

Latest review: Got my home loan with Suncorp at 3.69% and 3 months later they increased it to 3.8% and 3 months later again to 3.9%. Moved to UBank where my current rate is 3.59%. The advertised rate in Suncorp


Latest review: I’ve had life insurance policies with Suncorp for many years. I had to change the visa for direct debits. It took a total of 14 hours over the phone! Then a few months later I noticed the debits h

Suncorp WealthSmart

Latest review: I used to have great confidence in all Suncorp products, not any more. I cannot access my account online, 3 hrs & 4 phone calls to their customer service people trying sort it out I had to request

Suncorp Travel Insurance

Latest review: Have (soon to be had) all our Insurances with Suncorp. With previous good service felt safe when taking out Travel Insurance over a year ago for a trip overseas. Had to cancel when my husband, who

Suncorp Clear Options Platinum