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Optimum 9400

BlendersOptimum 9400 · includes 2 listings

4.9 from 736 reviews

With a number of domestic and commercial functions, the Optimum 9400 is built to cater to the needs of serious home chefs.

Optimum 9200A

    BlendersOptimum 9200A

    4.9 from 331 reviews

    With a decent number of domestic and commercial functions enabled by its powerful 2,611 watt motor, there seems to be little that the Optimum 9200A can't handle.

    Optimum 8200

    BlendersOptimum 8200

    4.9 from 192 reviews

    One of the more lower-priced offerings from Froothie’s Vortex Blender range, the Optimum 8200 retails for $339.

    Optimum G2.6 Platinum Series

    BlendersOptimum G2.6 Platinum Series

    4.9 from 95 reviews

    The Optimum G2.6 series is a powerful and easy to use blender that’s ideal for whipping up a smoothie or fresh juice on a hot summer’s day.

    • Powerful motor

    • Touch screen panel

    • Stainless steel blades

    • Extensive 10-year warranty

    • A little pricey at $949

    Optimum 400

    JuicersOptimum 400

    4.6 from 96 reviews

    Latest review: I honestly love this juicer, but the only downside is the bowl. When you are juicing harder veg (carrots/beetroot etc) and even though they are cut in small pieces I was hearing this cracking notice

    Optimum 600

      JuicersOptimum 600 · includes 4 listings

      4.5 from 140 reviews

      Latest review: Easy to assemble, use and clean. Unfortunately too small for me and my family. I would recommend this to someone who is single or not use the machine too frequently.

      Optimum H3000

      JuicersOptimum H3000 · includes 2 listings

      4.8 from 51 reviews

      Latest review: I'm very impressed with the well thought out features of the H3000 2nd gen. My favorite by far is the built in vacuum feature and flask that come with the machine. I find Im making extra juice in the

      Optimum Thermocook Pro

      All-In-One Kitchen AppliancesOptimum Thermocook Pro

      4.6 from 69 reviews

      Latest review: So far I've used the Thermocook Pro M 2.0 for chopping and tossing salads, heating milk for hot drinks, blending, making porridge, kneading bread dough and steaming buns. The reverse blade function

      Optimum 500

      JuicersOptimum 500

      4.7 from 25 reviews

      Latest review: Love this machine, fresh juice every day. Morning or night because its super quiet Easy to clean with just a simple rinse My body is rejuvenated and skin looks amazing Plus all the scraps that

      Optimum G2.3 Platinum Series

      BlendersOptimum G2.3 Platinum Series

      4.5 from 27 reviews

      Latest review: Blender is optimum, easy to use. Quieter machine than most. Blends most foods well. I really enjoy being able to use my blender for a numerous amount of blends including sauces, smoothies and soups.

      Optimum NutriForce Extractor

      BlendersOptimum NutriForce Extractor

      4.1 from 29 reviews

      Latest review: Product of very poor quality, not covered by a warranty and customer service of terrible quality and of no help. Product used occasionally, after 1,5 years some black dirty oily liquid started to

      Optimum Induction Pressure-Cook Pro

      Pressure CookersOptimum Induction Pressure-Cook Pro

      3.7 from 27 reviews

      Latest review: Blenders are great but their pressure cooker appears to be poor. Pressure release stopped working in less than 12 months and paint on inner bowl scratched off with plastic spoon provided. Customer

      Optimum HealthyFry

      Air FryersOptimum HealthyFry

      4.5 from 12 reviews

      Latest review: I was a bit surprised at how big this unit is - but am so glad I got it ... as soon as I started using it the results were amazing ... Frozen Chips 10/10 ... Crumbed Chicken Strips .. 10/10 ...

      Optimum 400 Evolve

      JuicersOptimum 400 Evolve

      4.1 from 10 reviews

      Latest review: Juicing all fruits and veg. I have tried. Leafed veg/celery handled well. Carrots, beetroot, citrus, celery, spinach, apple, to name a few. I cut them coursely and alternate what I feed in. I make

      Optimum Evolve

      BlendersOptimum Evolve

      5.0 from 5 reviews

      Latest review: Really really blendy. I can recommend some for this product. As my friends used. Soup and smoothie are really great. Got 10 years of warranty for long run thank you

      Optimum P200 Dehydrator

      Food DehydratorsOptimum P200 Dehydrator · includes 2 listings

      5.0 from 5 reviews

      Latest review: My 6 tray dehydrator gets a real workout as I effortlessly make fruit and vege snack while I sleep The timer allows me to start dehydrating at night and waking up to 6 different natural healthy

      Optimum VAC2

      BlendersOptimum VAC2

      4.7 from 7 reviews

      Latest review: Does a decent job of blending everything together under a vacuum with different settings available to use and is easy to clean with a rinse of the jug under the

      Optimum ThermoVide 2.0

      Slow CookersOptimum ThermoVide 2.0

      4.0 from 1 review

      Latest review: I bought this after watching a lot of online videos about cooking with this hot water method. After some research I settled on the ThermoVide. What I liked about it is that you simply dunk it in any

      Optimum BM1000

      Bread MakersOptimum BM1000

      3.0 from 2 reviews

      Latest review: Once I worked out the operation procedure it is very easy to use. I have made Light Rye sourdough, Soft Milk Bread and French Loaf Bread all of them have turned out just great. I am now making bread