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Debt Negotiators

Latest review: The staff at Debt Negotiators were ever so helpful in all my needs even when having to add an extra loan onto the already existing one. This also happened smoothly. I would highly recommend the staff

Debt Cutter

Latest review: Okay, I'll jump straight onto the caveats here. Debt Cutter offer the service of negotiating, implementing and supporting you through a Part IX Debt Agreement. A Part IX debt agreement is not

Credit Repair Australia

Latest review: It is unfortunate that any enquiries to offers of Credit is now registered on your Credit Rating. Cause and effect is to lower your rating even though the enquiry isn't followed through or completed.


Latest review: First used this site over a year ago. Since then I get monthly reminders to check my score so I can keep a close eye on what's happening over time. Easy to use and highly

Credit Simple

Latest review: I contacted more then three time update them about my closed accounts which paid off showing in my credit file. I have no default payment. Did not have any credit enquiry since dec 2017. Always pay


Latest review: Equifax- previously trading as Veda Advantage, were taken to the Federal Court last year by the ACCC. I encourage those persons adversely affected or having difficulty with this company to lodge a

Dun & Bradstreet

Latest review: I chose Dun Bradstreet service last year to be my debt collector for some Pharmacies owed money to us. I then filled out some online info which said no hidden costs but only charged 6% on the total

Credit Wipe Australia

Latest review: We were told one thing and they did the cometer opersit after receiving our payment. We are left worse off than we started We struggle to have any communication from them and it's just been a

Credit Clean Australia

Latest review: I am going through the same pain like others .I paid money even though I couldn't afford.i had to borrow from my friends coz I was told and convinced I don't have to do anything that's company