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Debt Negotiators

Latest review: Making the call was the hardest thing I have ever had to do, admitting I was in trouble and feeling embarrassed, talking to Nathan was easy and I felt relaxed and at ease. I was never pressured and

Debt Cutter

Latest review: Okay, I'll jump straight onto the caveats here. Debt Cutter offer the service of negotiating, implementing and supporting you through a Part IX Debt Agreement. A Part IX debt agreement is not

Credit Repair Australia

Latest review: Firstly, I want everyone considering using this "credit repair company" to run as fast as they can. Not only did they fail to tell me the full ins and outs in regards to their fees (why would they? I


Latest review: Having had a sharp decrease in my credit rating in late 2017, GetCreditScore has helped me maintain my motivation to get back on

Credit Simple

Latest review: Tried to activate my account multiple times with the activation email leading to a "We've encountered an error" page with no further explanation. Very frustrated and won't be using this service,


Latest review: Very frustrated with equifax. I was declined credit despite a very good credit rating - I do not know why and cannot seem to get any assistance from anyone. Honestly, I just want someone to have a

Dun & Bradstreet

Latest review: They keep calling and sending sms messages. Today it came through as a brisbane number, they quoted a brisbane address and even referred to my "mygov" account. Be very careful and do not engage. Call