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Bosch Rotak LI Series

Battery Lawn MowersBosch Rotak LI Series · includes 3 listings

4.2 from 43 reviews

Latest review: I owned every type of lawnmowers before, but this Bosch battery powered is the best I ever had. Light, cuts beautifully, doesn’t make dust, picks up everything, and looks awesome cute . With a spare b

Bosch PSR 14.4 LI-2 / 18 LI-2 / 18 LI

DrillsBosch PSR 14.4 LI-2 / 18 LI-2 / 18 LI · includes 3 listings

4.4 from 13 reviews

Latest review: I have the PSB 18 LI-2 with impact driver kit. Firstly - this comes as a kit with a box that *would* fit both impact driver and drill, except is arranged so that it does not. I had to take a dremel

Bosch ART Series

Battery Whipper SnippersBosch ART Series · includes 4 listings

3.1 from 30 reviews

Latest review: Bosch what have you done? I owned the previous model art 26 LI and sadly it died after a good 9 years of extensive use. Loved that trimmer. This model just annoys the bejesus our of me. The previous

Bosch ASB 10.8 LI

Hedge TrimmersBosch ASB 10.8 LI

4.2 from 10 reviews

Latest review: This little beauty gets our yard looking neat in no time and it is so light and easy to use. Bosch ASB 10.8 LI where have you been all my

Bosch Random Orbit Sander

SandersBosch Random Orbit Sander · includes 4 listings

2.7 from 39 reviews

Latest review: Backing plate with nylon hook velcro is a designed to fail and have you buy new heads. Head gets hot due to friction (so don't press even a small amount !!) then the hooks change shape so the sanding

Bosch Keo Li-Ion Cordless Pruning Saw

Power SawsBosch Keo Li-Ion Cordless Pruning Saw

3.4 from 15 reviews

Latest review: I Have studied all the reviews by purchasers, which have been written over the last 7 years. Battery appears a BIG problem. Upon reflection I have decided to buy another brand

Bosch AXT Rapid 2200

Garden ShreddersBosch AXT Rapid 2200

2.8 from 29 reviews

Latest review: Lousy from the start. It jams frequently and now cuts out as soon as is switched on. Utter garbage and a complete waste of money. Avoid it at all

Bosch AHM-38-G

Manual Lawn MowersBosch AHM-38-G

3.7 from 11 reviews

Latest review: I chose this mower as I have a minimal flat area of lawn and I required something lightweight and easy to handle which indeed this mower is. I only ever cut dry grass and always give a quick spray

Bosch IXO

DrillsBosch IXO

3.6 from 10 reviews

Latest review: I was given this 10 years ago, still hold a charge. Screws into wood well for its size, you cant expect to much. Its so handy for tight spaces, using a combination of different tool heads with

Bosch PCM 1800 SD

Cut-Off & Mitre SawsBosch PCM 1800 SD

1.9 from 25 reviews

Latest review: Purcahsed this saw for some home renovations and so far has not missed a beat. Can't relate to the issuses that everyone else has reported. Top quality as far as I am concerned. I do not use this saw

Bosch Cordless Tacker PTK 3,6 V

Nail / Staple GunsBosch Cordless Tacker PTK 3,6 V

1.5 from 10 reviews

Latest review: Owned this unit for about 3 years. It's been used & abused, dropped onto concrete from on the roof, survived about 50,000 actuations and has never missed a beat. Yeah, it's difficult to get staples

Bosch GTS 10 J

Table SawsBosch GTS 10 J

5.0 from 1 review

Latest review: On advice from a carpenter friend I set about choosing a small table saw. I chose the BOSCH 10J because of it's portability and the fence seemed to click into place quite square each time it needed

Bosch GDR 18 V-LI Professional

DrillsBosch GDR 18 V-LI Professional

5.0 from 5 reviews

Latest review: After 10 years of hard work it finally stopped working. I spent half hour removing the gunk, epoxy resin and paint just to get to the screws but after that it was easy. A quick clean with the airgun

Bosch GKS 235 Professional

Circular SawsBosch GKS 235 Professional

5.0 from 3 reviews

Latest review: As others have said it’s like a hot knife through butter. Out of the box I used it to rip through about 100lm of 19mm merbau. Easy as. Dust extraction is good & makes it easy to see where you’re goi

Bosch GKS 190 Professional

Circular SawsBosch GKS 190 Professional

5.0 from 1 review

Latest review: Was looking for my first circular saw and did some research, went to different shops and picked up saws and had a look at what was out there from various manufacturers in this size. Have to say I'm

Bosch GCO 2

Cut-Off & Mitre SawsBosch GCO 2

5.0 from 1 review

Latest review: This is a very good work horse that just keeps delivering. It's well worth the money. It is very accurate when cutting, easy to set up, low vibration and cuts both mitre angles which a lot don't. It

Bosch PWS

Angle GrindersBosch PWS · includes 3 listings

5.0 from 2 reviews

Latest review: Had mine for 17 years and it’s had heavy use, been used for restoration jobs, general farm work and many hours of metal work. After this much time the brushes haven’t even completely worn out and onl

Bosch GSR 18 VE-EC

DrillsBosch GSR 18 VE-EC

5.0 from 1 review

Latest review: After purchasing a small Bosch brushless drill for small and being totally amazed with I decided to move up and get the big daddy for heavy work. Very sturdy, only a 3.0 Ah battery but it lasts at

Bosch GSA 18 V-LI

Power SawsBosch GSA 18 V-LI

5.0 from 1 review

Latest review: This saw is a beast. In the first month I owned it, I demolished 5m of interior wall, cutting through drywall and steel studs like nothing. Felled and cut up five hardwood trees, about 15cm trunks

Bosch GHO 18 V-LI

PlanersBosch GHO 18 V-LI

5.0 from 1 review

Latest review: You don't need a planer all the time, but when you do, nothing else will do. This tool has saved countless hours of tedious power sanding or fiddling with a hand plane when I need to take a few mm

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