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ING Savings Maximiser

Latest review: Yep, they were good - but with this 5 transaction rule - and no notification that I wasnt meeting it - I have not been getting the interest since Feb - then ING send a customer email saying saying

RaboDirect High Interest

Latest review: Since they changed from RaboDirect to Rabobank I've had problems with online banking. Quite often it is impossible to login as their server does not response at all or I get "error, we try to fix it"

Commonwealth Bank NetBank Saver

Latest review: As a loyal customer of the Commbank the Netbank Saver account interest is dropped down to every 3 months to 0.5% and you as a loyal customer have to go to the branch and ask them to raise up again

UBank USaver

Latest review: I have been with Ubank Usaver since it started and it ALWAYS offers the best savings rate consistently. Part of NAB Bank so very safe and secure. All transactions can be actioned on line even opening

ANZ Progress Saver

Latest review: When you eventually have to take money out you lose the interest for that month (if you leave the funds in the account), so say with $100,000 in the account you earn 0.1% interest for that

ANZ Online Saver

Latest review: I have been banking with them since 2013 and they give the worst interest on this account so I would recommend opening an eSaver account with Westpac so you can save quicker and

Commonwealth Bank GoalSaver

Latest review: Not sure why but CBA keeps tweaking the rules on this product to try and screw you out of a meagre bonus interest rate. 1. Used to allow 1 unpenalised withdrawal each month (now it is zero) 2. Used

ME Bank Online Savings

Latest review: I thought ME bank would be a breath of fresh air, instead, I am disgusted at leaving RACQ bank for this immature bank. They need to learn so much

UBank USaver SMSF

Latest review: I've been waiting for 3 weeks to have my funds unlocked - 6 times I've sent messages, phone calls, live chat sessions and they still don't do anything. They even told me they had the documentation I

Suncorp eOptions

Latest review: I love all the services offered by Suncorp Metway, and eOptions is no exception.I don't know how I managed to conduct my financial affairs before I got onto this service - it saves me so much time

BankSA Maxi Saver

Latest review: It is terrific to have a high saver account to work with a normal deeming saving account. The interested rate is good, and easy to transfer transactions from one account to the another. With the new

UBank USaver Reach

Latest review: I opened a USaver Reach account for my Mojo emergency money (or as I like to call it, my Rainy Day account). At the time of writing, the interest is 2.31% p.a. for accounts under $5,000 for people

Bank of Queensland WebSavings

Latest review: The web savings account pays an interest rate about 0.75% higher than the Pensioner account, which I did not know about So in that respect the web savings account is worth having for saving, as

Suncorp Everyday Options

Latest review: Have been a Suncorp customer for almost a decade now and the current internet banking system is terrific. I have/had financial accounts with at least six financial institutions (for different reasons

NAB Smart Junior Saver

Latest review: I opened this account for my child when Money Magazine were offering a special $50 voucher for new accounts. While the interest is not huge, it is a good way to have an account for a child that is

St.George Incentive Saver

Latest review: Whilst this account was easy to set up it is pretty useless. It has low interest and you can get much better interest elsewhere. It is easy to use though, you can just set up a direct debit to help

RaboDirect PremiumSaver

Latest review: Just opened one of these to check it out. Im already a customer and was easy to log in and open. The rates on the description here didnt match the rates on their website. I advise always double check

BankWest TeleNet Saver

Latest review: Bankwest advertises their telenet saver account with a bonus 1.5% for 4-6 months. They do not tell you it does not apply if you have ever had a telenet saver before - I had one in 2006 - I got a

St.George Maxi Saver

Latest review: Beware - you need to contact St George every 3 months and ask for discretion rate or else it goes down to worthless rate. They did not call or message me to tell me rate drop. This does NOT seem

BankWest Smart eSaver

Latest review: A good account with easy access and high variable rate for 'rainy day' savings which aren't locked away. Although you do lose majority of interest reward in any one month which contains a

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