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Kleenex Viva Glass & Mirror Wipes

Latest review: These wipes are the PERFECT household cleaner - not just for glass!! Many times in the wash and they are like new. Found these little miracles about 8 years ago - nothing compares - please bring

Windex Crystal Rain

Latest review: This is a fantastic product that does leave your windows streak free and beautifully clean. It doesn't have the horrible stench that some of the cheaper ones have. It cleans mirrors and screens to

Oates Contractor Microfibre Glass Cloths MF-022

Latest review: Oats microfiber cloths are fantastic what a great idea the person who invented those should be knighted they clean dont leave streaks on mirrors and talk about money saving i used to send a lot of

Karcher 500ml Glass Cleaner Concentrate

Latest review: this glass cleaner dissolves anything in seconds both indoors and out. cleaning with it is so easy it literally dissolves anything from oily makeup to bug splatter to mud. it also removes the residue

Oates Soft Grip Window Squeegee B-40030

Latest review: A great easy to use easy to handle squeegee that appears to be well made of good quality material. This means that it will last well and not end up in the rubbish any time soon as I would have

Euca Glass

Latest review: I have been a fan of Eucawash since the year, date dot with exceptional results, ( review on page) so I decided to try some other products, Euca Glass so good I gave it to my neighbour to try, bonus

HomeBrite Cleaning Services

Latest review: Amazing service very happy would highly recommend them! Nina is lovely and they get the job done. Thank you

Oates DuraClean Thick Microfibre Glass Cloth MF-033

Latest review: I have bought so many if these and have them everywhere. They are by far the best glass cleaning cloths out there, I get consistently perfect results every time. Fully

Coles Smart Buy Window Cleaner

Latest review: It cleans well with some little effort. I use it for windows, kitchen tiles, and many polish areas. good value for money and relaiable. I use this for my car windows as well as interiors. I would

Coles Ultra Glass & Window Cleaner

Latest review: I wasn't expecting much at one third the price of Windex, but Coles Ultra works far better!!! No streaks! Must be a different active ingredient as it smells very different to Windex. I will be using

Windex Surface and Glass Wipes

Latest review: Love the Windex surface and glass wipes! It is so much easier than having you use the spray bottle and paper towel. Doesn't leave much residue, leaves my surfaces pretty much streak free. These wipes

Nature Direct Concentrates

Latest review: I use it in my cleaning business, it's so economical and takes all the hard work out of cleaning! I use all of the products, both at work and in my home. Couldn't be happier with

HomeBrand Glass Cleaner

Latest review: Leaves no streaks cheap and does a good job.better than others in my opinion. Easy to use ,but it try it.good product.would recommended. I buy it always.hope it helps.try

Windex Glass

Latest review: when i was searching for my daily dose of lemon Clorox i came across this beauty. at first i wasn't expecting much as it didn't have any specific flavoring wrote on the front. but when i took the

Earth Choice Window Cleaner

Latest review: Excellent on mirrors and stainless steel surfaces. Not so good on windows if they are a bit dirty. Mirrors definitely stay cleaner when using this product. It is really good on large mirror

Coles Glass Cleaner

Latest review: I find this product great for cleaning my mirrors, windows etc. at a very economical price. Compares well to more expensive

Glitz Glass Cleaner

Latest review: Used to clean windows, it cleaned well, BUT my hands are stained blue. I've tried washing them, but the stain is quiet strong. I would definitely recommend using gloves when

Windex Electronic Wipes

Latest review: I purchased these to clean the screen of my LG 4K TV after finding a few smudges on it. I'm someone who wants any screen, whether it be my phone or my TV, to be clean and free of any smudges or marks

Glitz Blind Cleaner

Latest review: I had high hopes for this product but might as well use water as it cleaned nothing. I had some traces of grease from nearby stove on my near new blinds and not only did this product not remove