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Hi, I have purchased car insurance with AAMI. I will be lending my car to a friend for 2 weeks in December. Will my car still be covered? My friend is over 25 years of age. Kind regards, Sally
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Hi Best thing to do is call them and put your friends name on the policy

I pay thousands of insurance to aami each year having 3 cars several houses 2 businesses I am absolutely in the service of my car claims that I need for one of my businesses first they had me being responsible for car rentals as they didn't advise the car rental place and keep them upto dates with repairs now I am doing paperwork and going through bank statements and have realised that the claim was made on the 18 nov 2018 aami took out 695 excess from my bank on the 22 nov 2018 and then at the completion of the job also took the 695 excess from the payout figure that was left to pay out the car so I in fact have paid two excesses for one claim and now am on the phone arguing with them if I will get it back they have made an illegal debit of the excess on my card provided for monthly payments after I specifically said no I would pay excess when I pick up car which I did 48 mins now on the phone and they are arguing with me that they don't have to pay back 695 which is all clearly stated in bank statements and invoices and also they can see on the computer they did take the illegal payment out I think we have made a big mistake being with this insurance company after we were also ripped off by gio and now I find out they are the same really just ridiculous I will be changing the rest of my insurances
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They all are from a same boat mate. My car was written off and aami charger me for the excess, remaining registration (11 months) and remaining insurance money(7 months). I also was with them 3 years so in total i ended up paying more than they gave me $3500.I was told by aami rep when a claim is made we still have to pay excess until its proven that we were not at fault regardless if the other party admits fault or not. But after more than 17 years I will never look at aami again. They lost 2 house insurance ( my mum and me ) 3 cars (my mum, me and my partners) All because of the horrible service they gave. "No loyalty when you're with aami" should be the slogan

My car ran out of rego last week was just about to re register and it got hit my hail Today badly I have full comprehensive insurance am I still covered???
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That is absolutely untrue trojan horse, but I do appreciate the laugh from your misspelling of whether, considering the question. If the car was parked on private property at the time it was damaged then you are covered. If you were driving at the time, or even parked on a public road, and they know it was unregistered, they will not pay and will have the legal right not to as it was not legally allowed to be on the road and you were actually committing a crime when it was damaged. Apart from the PDS probably stating you must have registration on it to make the policy valid, I would imagine it won't take long to find the clause stating that you are not covered if you are committing a crime at the time the vehicle is damaged. I recently insured an unregistered vehicle and it was pointed out to me that until it was registered, they would only pay any claim where it was not on a road at the time (eg. it got stolen from my driveway or weather damage while parked in the driveway like in your case). On a side note, I would pay closer attention to keeping up on registration. You could be pulled up 60 seconds after it runs out and the fine is $600 upwards here in SA. Also, no matter the circumstances of any accident, you are at fault and not covered by insurance. Some hole in a Mercedes rear ends you at the lights while not paying attention because he is counting all his money while sipping his latte or something, and suddenly you're the one struggling to pay off a luxury car, never having actually owned it. Hardly worth risking over the effort involved in setting an alarm on your phone to repeat every 3 months, say 1 week before your registration runs out, or something similar to remind you. Regardless, you'll be fine since the car was stationary in the driveway, right? *wink*

Can pay off my car insurance monthly? Instead of it, being in one big payment
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Hi Samantha. Yes you can. I do. When you are signing up, during requesting for quotation, you can select annual or monthly payments. Check their website or call them if you can’t find it.Yes you can. On renewal it tells you the price of the monthly option and you can call them to arrange it. You do save money paying annually.But you could have got the correct answer by contacting AAMI

Why is aami so slow to respond to hail damage incident? Almost 4 weeks and no contact. If they sre so busy why not organise manpower to cope with demand. Also give the option to go to a repairer that is not so busy.
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they are slow because they don't care they are just interested in taking your moneySo you already know that this is not the AAMI website and you know that they don’t respond in this forum. As you have made no mention of contacting them directly I can only assume that your concerns are rhetorical. I would have posted in the Review section.

What is SMART Auto Approver?
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Not sure where you read this. There is a company called Capitol Smart where aami sends cars to as the first stop for repair. Invariably all are told it takes 3 days only. But they only do simple body work. Any major damages the car will be sent to other auto repair shops.Thank you Samw!

Hi I'm being threatened that someone might steal or damage my car tonight I just got car and don't have insurance and it's not in my name I don't think yet but I want insurance to cover me this second how can I get this done?
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Any insurance company will give you insurance immediately and there’s usually a 30 day cooling off period. Gives you the chance to lock something in now but then shop around in case you can get a better deal elsewhere. Does the owner of the car have insurance? If you are a named driver on their car you’re covered anyway. If you haven’t lodged the car sale transfer papers yet technically I’m guessing it still belongs to the previous owner and his/her insurance.

Is making a deal with one repairer for cheaper repairs in exchange for a specified number of cars to be repaired each week legally allowed in line with NSW FAIR TRADING standards?
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After I had an accident, AAMI asked me so many questions, and wanted me to get them some hard to get weird documents. It took me more than 6 months and still the claim hadn’t been solved. Then my visa expired and I let them know before that. They waited untill 2 hours before my flight, they called me and said “we must interview in person” really!? All this time, and you asked me while I was at the airport!? So now it’s been 2 years and still, nothing. They say I need to come to Australia for the interview, otherwise, they will close the claim and not only will give me nothing, but will let me pay for the other car damages. So please anyone, tell me what can I do!? I don’t have an Australian visa, and they know that. So they are just avoiding the payment!
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Get a lawyer and if you win AAMI has to pay for the cost of lawyers as well. Slim chance of winning though.mate contact the insurance watch dog of Australia John Pennant from JP Auto Group, Furthermore lodge a complaint with FOS. as that's a low dogs act!!

Does your policy cover contaminated fuel?
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if its full comp it should, only way to find out is check PDS or call them up and find out

Can i insure my sons car if its registered in his name?
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How do I get my new BMW repaired by a authorised BMW smash repair dhop while insured by AAMI?
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If your bmw is new you should be getting another bmw (new for new)

I have bought Toyota corolla hatchback 2001auto what's the price for insurance of third party?
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i hit some one from behind and have paid my excess to have the other vehicle repaired, can I get paid for the damages on my vehicle or do I have to have my vehicle repaired?
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Only if the insurance you have is full comprehensive... 3rd party will only fix the car you hit

A friend borrowed my car and caused an accident. Who pays the excess? Me as the car owner or my friend who was driving?? does her insurance cover this kind of accident?
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Best look at your policyThe person whose name the car was insured under.your friend should be paying for all of it, mention they were driving also. The excess will be higher but thats your friends problem in the first place. You shouldn't have to stuff up your rating over your friends incompetent driving skills

My daughters car was hit from behind some damage to rear bumper, the lady exchange her details to my daughter and is uninsured and is willing to cover expenses. My daughter has third party insurance do I need to contact AAMI?
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If you believe the person to be trust worthy, no. Get a quote on the damage and forward it to the at fault person. If they agree, you're daughter books her car in and the at fault person either can pay you or pay the repairer direct. Only issue is if she was hit in the back, sometimes the plastic bumpers push back out after an accident, hiding the fact there could be unseen damage to the reinforcement or further. If your worried about the person paying or of unseen damage, make a claim in case. Good luckOf course. What if the other person refuse to pay.

How I change address and add the road side assistant online? Thanks.
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I don't know, I advise you to call AAMI's customer service number and ask them how to do this.

my daughter who is on my insurance policy was hit from behind by another car who is not insured I put my claim in and now I get a phone call saying it is now under review why would that be .....would they be wanting to speak to the other driver first or what..
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Mostly AAMI has been quite good with claims. My suspicion is that they are no longer AAMI but underwritten by some Trojan mother company. They put cases under review now to avoid admitting liability. they then look ast the accident from every angle. My suggestion is that you make sure your evidence is sorted, and that you definitely are covered in the scope of your policy. Speak to the police, to identify liability. keep questioning the company, and don't let them sit on it. you have a claims officer, so use him/her. find out every bit of info that the company needs, and don't let them do you over.Under review means your claim is under investigations if everything is ok the usually they release it after a few days

Where can I read the PDS for the regular car insurance? Cheers
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On the AAMI website

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