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Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus EL64

Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus EL64 Questions & Answers

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What is the treadwear rating on the side of these tyres?
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I see a lot of people stating that these tyres are quiet, are they truly a lot quieter than other tyres that you've used or is it because they're sold as quiet tyres so people think they're quiet, genuinely interested to know because i'm tossing up between the Serenity plus, yokohama es32 and Michelin primacy 3st, need the quietest tyre I can get to lower tyre roar in the 70 to 110kph zones.
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Are these tyres prone to the ‘square tyre’ Effect on cooler days when you first drive the car in the mornings?
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Not that I have noticed.Found a screw embedded in left front tyre. Now it’s removed I am hoping the problem goes away. Time will tell but even my mechanic thinks that’s unlikely the cause

turanza serenity plus el 64 are these available in size 215/45R/17?
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Hi Willie, looking at the Bridgestone wed site the size you have asked for 215/45R/17 does not come up. Sizes that may suite your requirement that are available are, 215/50R/17 or 225/45R/17. You may also ring Bridgestone on 131 229 and ask if the size your after is know available, as it may not have been updated to there wed suite. I hope this has been of assistance to you. Regards Quint.All good thanks very much

Hi are the bridgestone suitable for replacement of the conti 5 do they make the tires 225 x 40 R19 & 245 x 35 R19 To suit a C250 d Sedan MY 15 & are they run flats regards Mark
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Hi Mark, I have checked on Bridgestone web site and it loooks like the biggest size they come in is 235 x 40 x 18 , you may want to give them a call on 131 229 to see if they have updated sizes, I don't think they make them in run flat. As for suitability as a replacement for the conti 5 not a problem. These tires were purchased as a replacement for the conti 5 which I had on my 2005 Berlina. Regards Quint.Hi Quint & thank you for that info l will ring them regards Mark ( CONTI are not built for Australian conditions, well the factory fitted ones from Europe )

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