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Where does the conveyancer send the marketing contract to?
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I'm thinking of selling me house in beenleigh qld. Are there upfront fee ? I would like to know more about how it all works.
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Hi Tracy, Thanks for getting in touch. It's awesome to hear you're interested in selling your property yourself! Yes, there is only one upfront fee upon signing up with us. The price depends on which campaign you select. (For more information visit https://www.buymyplace.com.au/packages/) I'm happy to set up a free consultation for you to chat with one of our Private Property Specialists. In that conversation, we'll work together to identify your property goals and priorities to see what option best suits you. Kindly email support@buymyplace.com.au with your contact details and we'll get you started! Looking forward to hearing from you. - Emily

Hi, planning to sell your property and is considering Buy my place. Are you able to run me through the process and what happens is a potential buyer commits to buy our property? Do we need a broker? TIA
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There are no properties listed with bmp in the whole of tasmania july 2017. Are there reasons for this other than no one selling in winter?
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I have had my property listed with BMP since mid March,they are a great company to deal with, in my opinion some states have acepted private sales better than others, me being in WA I think is one of those very states, Tasmania may well be one as well,however the market is very slow in some states at the moment and as you mention being winter does not help.

We are in rural NSW (Pambula 2549) and have read reviews that say 'if you are rural don't bother using this service'. I have looked through what has sold and listed and this comments appears to be correct. Can someone clarify that your rural customers get the same service as their city counterparts?
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Yes, you get the same service products. However, the problem is within the listing itself. Agents will put a small suburb within say Tamworth as listing in Tamworth so your property will come up under generic search. Most people if moving rural only know the main town say Boonah QLD, not Maroon. But it is part of Boonah. These suburbs that blink and miss will only come up as an after thought right down the bottom saying also found. So you are way less likely to be viewed. As I previously said technically Buymyplace is going off correct address but rural is very different to people knowing what suburb they want to live in in the city of say Paramatta. So rural or remote rural better off using local agents and aiming for best deal on commission.

Hi BMP we need some help please.We have paid to advertise our house but we are having trouble getting an answer when a photographer will be available to take photos for our listing. We were told it will take 3 days to organise but its been weeks and many calls with no calls back. Please we would love to get our house on the market but are a little lost as to what to do next? Thanks Shelly
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Hi Shelly, if you could PM your address we can take a look and chase the photography booking on your behalf. Or please call the Customer Support Team on 1300 289 697 who are available 7 days 8am-8pm to take you through all your needs.Hi Shelly, if you could PM your address we can take a look and chase the photography booking on your behalf. Or please call the Customer Support Team on 1300 289 697 who are available 7 days 8am-8pm to take you through all your needs.

Who does the contracts and conveyencing, and at what costs?
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Hi, Depending on your location, we offer conveyancing with our partner MyPlace conveyancing. They offer a fixed price service. Can we arrange for someone to call you? If you like you can leave your details here for further information - https://www.buymyplace.com.au/conveyancing/ ThanksThanks for the answer but you never explained who does all the contractual documentsHi Expensivelesson, Myplace Conveyancing would prepare the Contractual documents, depending on your state; such as a Section 32, title searches advice on any stamp duty concessions, settlement and liaising with the other party. Let me know if you need any further information. Thanks

Has anyone used a real estate agent provided by, "Buy My Place "as a package deal? Is it worth it? I would really appreciate your feedback,before commiting.
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Hi, Thanks for your question. We've just launched our Full Service Package. It's currently available in selected Melbourne Metro suburbs and it's launched with great success already. Would you like one of our Private Property Consultants to arrange a FREE Property Appraisal? or your can call us on 1300 289 697, we are here to help.

I have an 18 acre residential development site which can have 77 lots. 18 lots already have some services.I do have plans when the development application went in although now expired. Site is in Merbein Victoria, part of Mildura shire. Looking at selling off all in the one sale. Is this something that I could sell through your business . Thanks Tony.
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Hi Tony, Apologies for the delay, we've been a bit absent from this site. We'd be more than happy to help you through this process and have done so with other private developers with much success. Fee free to call us on 1300 289 697, or if you like you can send me a private message and I can contact you.Hi Tony, if you are looking for a conveyancer to assist with your sales or subdivision, please contact me for a personal discusiion about my services. I look after developers subdiving and selling and can definatley assist you. My business page and reviews can be found here: http://www.truelocal.com.au/business/your-property-conveyancing-victoria/taylors-hill Regards Tracy

What is the best way to sell a property that needs painting and updating?
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Hi Kathy, I guess that depends on whether you are selling it as a rental investment or a home. I've done some property developments or renovation flips over the years and you can usually always add more value than the cost for redecorating if you stay within your budget. If you have the time there are a lot of things you can do yourself such as painting to save money. But professionals can do a top job and quicker, so best to weigh that up... I discovered buymyplace.com.au amongst others when I was looking at alternatives to selling through traditional real estate agencies, which I have always had poor experiences with and on reflection have wasted a fortune with on commissions. They've been holding sellers for ransom for years. A friend of mine who I've done some property development Joint Ventures with over the years has recently purchased a real estate business license with a emerging national brand called Hello Real Estate. Ironically they are the company I ranked as the best when I was looking and it's them that I was referring to in my review. (They are unlike any other Vendor Assisted Seller option out there) I was pleasantly surprised when I found out my friend was partnering with them because he has a lot of integrity and feels the same way I do about the need to change the realestate sales industry. His name is Dan, he has literally launched in the past week and his local business Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/hellosunnycoast/ Maybe you might like to visit and 'like' his page to stay abreast of the services Hello offer throughout the country? They include stylist's within their package, not decorators, but he may be able to find a decorator local to you via his network. A long shot, but might be worth asking. I hope this helps, best wishes with what ever you decide. Dane

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