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Hi. Is Reuzel Daily Shampoo/Scrub Shampoo/Conditioner sealed?
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Are their perfumes real not copies?
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Sorry, but I don't know

The deodorant stick (clean) is dry. Do I have to wet it to use it? There are no instructions as to use. Thanks,
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Can you guarantee that the products sold by your firm are 100% legitimate Brand products, ie. Dior ?
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Reviews are good and they have been great in the past. Do a small order and pay by Paypal as if any problems you can always dispute .

I just found this site and have placed 4 items in my cart and went to pay when I noticed a discrepancy between the listing price and cart price of an extra $20. Tried ringing several times...and got the usual all operators are busy. So contacted by email and the price of the item in question was changed immediately to the lower list price....great....but then the other 3 items in my cart jumped to a higher price and yet they were still being shown on the website at a lower cost. I have been waiting over a half and hour now for them to either respond by email, or phone as I have left my number. I have taken shots of the items at the price I put them in my cart and have sent them their own proof. Has anyone else had this issue with them?
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Hi Michelle, I have never had a problem at all with this site. Maybe they are very busy with the Christmas shoppers online. Have you joined up and can log in? Maybe it would be best to log out, if you haven't already paid for your items and start again. Hopefully it's all worked out for you in your favour. All the best Susanne

How legit is this online store? Be honest, I really want to purchase this perfume and this store has the one I want, I'm just sceptical about it being such a great store with great delivery
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It was the first time I used this online store and was pleased to be able to track the parcel everyday.It's the first time I've used them but I was completely satisfied. I bought a Shiseido face wash and received it within two days to a regional city so I was really impressed. I honestly would use them again. I'm an eBay buyer usually but not for cosmetics and skin care. The face wash is sealed in original packaging. Couldn't ask for more really.I have only bought once from them, (Dermalogica and Youngblood), and both products were legitimate, and delivery was prompt. I'll definitely give them another go next time I need to buy products.

Mop Defining cream is what I really want to order. Can you advise if the manufacturer has deleted the product? There is no product that compares,
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I am sorry I have never used Mop Defining cream so can't help

I am curious about the life expectancy of the products.. are they cheaper because they older? do they come with the best before dates? thank you
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Hi Isabel, We only stock products which are well within date. Any products being sold close to their use by date are marked as such. Not all cosmetics products come with precise marked used by dates, products that are considered to last a very long time don't mark a date. Often though the manufactured date can be determined from the printed batch code online or by contacting the manufacturer.

How do i verify my email address???
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Hello, There is no need to verify an email address. Your account is created and can be used once the form has been filled out.

Is Cosmetics Now an Australian company?
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Hi Jane, We are incorporated in Australia and work from here. We warehouse most of our products in Hong Kong in though to provide the best possible prices for the local market.

Does anyone know how long they take to ship to New Zealand?
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From my experience, they didn't deliver to Melbourne. The product I ordered never arrived! Go ahead and order. I will be interested to see whether you have the same experience. My advice is to use Paypal and choose the 'pay after delivery' option in case they try to rip you off as well. I would use another company.

With all these companies selling products which are genuine, how can we be certain that the products you sell are genuine, especially as the fake products can cause such allergic reactions ?
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Hi Antonella I have just received delivery of my 2nd order from Cosmetics Now.I have now purchased products such as Georgio Armani and Cilinique. Im very confident that these products are genuine,they are in original packaging and of good quality , they package the products really well for shipping also .I have had no problems with my products.I hope this helps you ! Cheers Kurrajongmum Hi Antonella, I have purchased only once via this site and was pleased all round. The product was genuine. I had purchased it from a store prior at a much dearer price. I too was sceptical about the authenticity as I am with everything bought via the internet but thought I'd give it a go. I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. I would recommend you buy from this site. Sue I.

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