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Hi, I have been running my pool since September 2018. Had some initial bedding period as the pool builder shocked the pool with chlorine during the initial fill. Good intention, but maybe misguided. Took over a month to get the chlorine level below 3. I haven't added chlorine since (except in the form of pool salt to get TDS up to >1000ppm) and the pool has been particularly good and near chlorine free since early December. I have just this week had on odd reaction though. With falling temperatures I decided to put the pool cover on over the past week. When we went for a swim yesterday there was a chlorine odor and our eyes reacted badly. Just did a water test - results were Temp 27deg, Cu -0.2ppm, pH 7.4, Cl 5ppm. So Cl has gone up considerably - would have been < 2ppm previously. Total harness was a bit low at 120ppm and didn't measure TDS (my TDS pen failed) but last reading was around 1300. As a guide I was running filtration 10hpd and cut this back to 8hpd while the pool cover was on. Water temperate was down to 25deg before the pool cover went on. Pool is 40,000ltrs. The question I have - is it normal for Cl levels to increase while the pool cover is on? If so, should I cut back the filtration further to say 5 hours per day while the pool is covered? Thanks & Regards, Adrian
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I am in the process of getting an indoor fibreglass pool, but got told by my pool builder that if I use enviroswim, I will not be covered by their warranty as enviroswim will damage the gel coat of fibreglass pool. I'm in adelaide. Has anyone have problems with gel coat using enviroswim? Is it hard to control the ph?(the pool builders aid the fluctuating ph while using enviroswim contributes to the damage) did anyone in adelaide get told of no warranty cover if using it?
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Thank you for your question. The response from the builder concerns us greatly and we would appreciate it if you could send us a private message detailing the builder and suggest you ask them to put it in writing if they haven’t already, then we may be able to shed more light on why they have told you this. We have approximately 400 pool builder/suppliers on our Australian database, many of them fibreglass pools. Enviroswim provides far fresher water than conventional pool sanitisers and greatly reduces the harsh chemicals like salt and chlorine therefore logic would suggest this is less damaging to a gel coat. Gel coats are susceptible to high chlorine and high pH levels, unlike Enviroswim, salt chlorinators, magnesium and chlorine dosed pools have high chlorine residuals, chlorine pushes up the pH, in addition to other factors such as environmental conditions, water features and quality of pool fill water. In regards to warranty we would recommend you read the small print as most will void warranty if a detailed water balance history is not produced to support a claim regardless of which sanitiser equipment is installed. A quick google re faded fibreglass pool will also highlight the issue of faded pools is largely associated with salt chlorinated and chlorine dosed pools. Fibreglass pools should maintain their finish for many years but eventually they will all show signs of fade. The better they are maintained (good water balance) the longer they will last. We have also had Gel Coat Chemists look at our process and they are of the opinion our water should be gentler on gel coats. If you read some of the reviews on this site you will see there are many happy fibreglass owners. Hope this helps.Hi rosamummy. Had my Enviroswim ES3 for a year and no visible problems so far with gelcoat. Still have to dose acid regularly to maintain ph and pump up the total alkalinity maybe 3 or 4 times per year but the frequencies and dosage are no more than with chlorine. Suggest following advice from Phil at Enviroswim above but also keep in mind that your pool builder probably wants to sell you his default sanitising system which he makes a margin on.Thanks Derek for your reply, that makes me feel much better. I will search for other pool builders.

How does the enviroswim system cope with leaf matter in the pool. Is it more susceptible than chlorine systems due to alge due to the phosphates released? Thanks
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I don’t have many trees around , so no problems at allMY pool is enclosed to stop leaf matter getting in and it is perfectly cleanI only get a handful of leaves in my pool but from my limited experience, year round, it copes just as well or better than chlorine

My chlorine levels are too low (struggling to reach .5) and can easily go to nothing within a day. How do I get the chlorine up and to stay up so that we can be confident about swimming in the pool. The ph fluctuates greatly and we add acid often. The copper is finally up around .3 but I have been running it more then the recommended amount. It is only 3 weeks old.
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Enriswim ES3 enables your pool to be chlorine free while also being safe to swim in. To ensure your water remains in balance does not require chlorine but as you are doing may require acid to be added.Hi Sam, Please give us a call in the office and we can explain why you don't require high chlorine levels to safely sanitise. 1300 888 457...press 1 for sales.

Hi - What is the Oxidiser that is produced during the electrolysis process within the Enviroswim ES3?
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Thank you for your question, In regard oxidation the system uses the oxygen in the water which is also assisted by the ultrasonics creating billions of microscopic bubbles, there is also a small amount of chlorine produced due to a low amount of chlorides in the water reacting with the electrolysis process as mentioned on our websites FAQ page.  What we can say is that our innovative technology qualified for Federal Government funding to help develop and commercialise the Enviroswim system. In government laboratory testing to the NSW Health's Department protocol for the introduction of a new sanitiser, the bacteria kill rate that Enviroswim was able to achieve in thirty seconds took chlorine nearly fifteen minutes to match during back to back lab testing. Similar testing and certification was done in the USA, we are not aware of any other Australian system that can offer the same amount of independent assurance. Please contact our office if you require more information. Kind Regards Enviroswim

Hello, we recently installed a new pool with enviroswim and are very happy. The pool is installed mostly under cover and a friend commented that enviroswim works best with maximum direct sunlight on the water. Can you please confirm if direct sunlight is necessary or we are OK? Thanks Ron
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Hi Ron, You are fine, the Enviroswim is fine indoors, outdoors and anything in between. Glad to hear you are enjoying your Fresh water Enviroswim pool. Please feel free to leave a review on your Enviroswim experience.

Guys I am in the market for a complete swimming pool refurbishment, The company that is going to do the refurbishment is advising that I take the NKD1 fresh water system, so I have a question about that; How does you pool system handle bugs, mosquitoes, frogs and stuff like that?. My previous saltwater pool system didn’t have a problem with bugs as bugs basically don't like salt water, so my concern with your system is that I will wake up every morning with a bunch of bugs playing in my pool. I live in Phuket Thailand so basically tropical weather with an all year round temperature of ~32 degrees. Thanks Neil
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Hi Neil, Thank you for your valued enquiry. We have many systems operating in Thailand. Please contact our agent there I am sure Mattias will be able to assist you and put your mind at rest regarding bugs in the pool. Mattias’s email; mattias.n@enviroswim.com Kind Regards Enviroswim

Can the pool be heated?
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Thank you for your question. Yes, the system manages heat very well partly due to the copper and silver ion part of the process not been affected by evaporation, heat or UV whereas with chlorine, salt or mineral pools the heat puts a higher demand on the system as chlorine gases evaporate from the pool. Industry guidelines recommend a higher chlorine residual in heated pools.

Hi, The grout on my fully tiled pool which is white has turned a patchy green colour since I installed the enviroswim. Have I got my setting wrong... and how can I fix it?
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What is your copper level And your ph they should be as recommended in your handbook or you will get growthHi Mike, Thank you for your question. If the grout is getting patches of turquoise appearing it could possibly be high copper &/or operating prolonged high ph levels. The recommended copper level is between 0.2 & 0.4 parts per million. This is a very low level and will not cause staining. To put this in context municipal drinking water can have up to 1.2 parts per million, up to five times more than our recommended level. If the ioniser production knob is set to high for your pool eventually it will overdose if not checked and adjusted with the supplied test kit. Copper stains are easily removed if treated early with the use of a citric acid based stain remover available from most pool shops. Please contact us so we can assist more and identify if the staining is related to something other than copper. Regards Enviroswim

I am looking at installing an Enviroswim in a new concrete tiled pool. I live in Alice Springs. Will the hot weather affect the enviroswim?
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I had an Enviroswim installed 4 years ago in Madrid (Spain) and with multiple problems having received great help from Enviroswim in order to correct them. Now, I’m setting the pool for the summer being very careful trying to meet all recommended parameters. After having the system running for 10 days, I have checked the ORP in 2 days and the values I get are around 400 mV (or lower). The ionization system is at 15, pH at 7.4, Alkaly at 80, Copper at 0.37. Filtration and Enviroswim has been running 8 hours for the last 3 days; previous days it run for 24 hours/day. Could you give me some indication on how to improve the ORP level? Water temperature is 22*C. Thanks you, Juan
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Hi Juan, Thank you for your question. Following winterisation there are a few recommendations to prepare your pool for the summer. The phosphate levels should be checked as phosphates can put an extra load on the sanitiser and algaecide efficacy of the system and reduce orp. Phosphates can enter the pool from many different ways including rainfall, overspill of garden fertiliser, organic matter and animal droppings It is also worth shocking the pool with liquid chlorine in order to start off with a clean system. We have your email on file and will send a more detailed reply shortly.

Is there any benefit to running a var. speed pump with Enviroswim?
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Hi Outoftheloop, Thank you for your question. Our answer in short is no, we often see variable speed pumps as a cost centre rather than a saving. There are many factors that come into play when you reduce water flow rates. For more on this see the following two blogs from our website which cover it in detail: www.enviroswim.com/waterblog/enviroswim-asks-variable-speed-pumps-will-they-save-you-money www.enviroswim.com/waterblog/swimming-pool-pumps-standard-vs-variable-speed-operating-cost-savings-comparisons

With an enviroswim, how often should the poolwater balance be tested?
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Hi Florian, Thank you for your valued enquiry. We recommend checking your balance every 7 - 10 days. As with any pool sanitiser the efficiency of the sanitiser/algaecide drops off as the pH rises. Most pools experience pH rise in operation, keeping on top of this not only improves efficiency it also makes the water more comfortable to swim in. If you are using a pool service company on a monthly basis we recommend you check/adjust the pH level in between services. This is very simple and only takes a couple of minutes to do. The other thing to keep in mind is the warranty small print from your pool builder. Often the terms of warranty are conditional upon a history of regular water balance records, especially with Fibreglass pools. Contact us on 1300888457 if you would like to discuss in more detail. Hope this helps. Regards The Enviroswim Teamas above i find my ph rises esp if we get rain or need to top up the pool i find in winter i can turn the copper side of it down as it stays pretty constant for weeks at a time . i run my filter for 3 hrs a day atm here in adelaide where it's been a warm start to the winter.. cheers dean

Can someone recommend a company which specialises in Environment equipment maintenance near kenmore Brisbane?
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Mr Poolman www.mrpoolman.net.au

I'm in the process of getting quotes for an in ground fibre glass pool, and obviously looking at systems including frehwater. Reading through the reviews I am see the words 'copper' and 'silver'. The idea of the pool, and freshwater, is that I want my two dogs to use the pool as well as me, but I am now a tad concerned about them ingesting any copper. I assume the quantity is minimal, but it can amass over time. Is this likely to be a problem long term?
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Thank you for your enquiry. Our recommended copper levels are 0.2 - 0.4 parts per million (ppm). Municipal drinking water supplies in Australia are allowed to include copper levels of 1.2 ppm, with some states as high as 2.0 ppm. At 0.2 ppm Enviroswim levels are 10% - 20% of drinking water maximum guideline levels and about a third of the level traditional pool ionisers use. A chemist suggested that an average adult would need to swallow 12 - 15 litres of our pool water daily to get the rdi of copper. Likewise the silver level is parts per billion and well below drinking water standards. Hope this helps. Please contact us on 1300888457 if you would like more details of our product testing conducted by a Government laboratory to the Health Departments protocol for the introduction of a new pool/spa sanitiser.

How much does it cost to convert a salt water pool to fresh water pool?
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Hi Jitendra, Thank you for your valued enquiry. The Enviroswim system cost is $3875 incl GST & delivery Australia wide. Installation cost is typically $100 - $200 depending on location and equipment accessibility, alternatively many clients install it themselves if they have basic handyman skills. video link here: www.enviroswim.com/how-to In order to get the freshwater experience from the start we recommend diluting the salt water with 70-80% freshwater, if this is a problem and the salt levels are not too high you can dilute over time. Thanks Enviroswim

Hello. Am considering a bestaway, plastic pool 4 x 2 meters with 8k litre capacity. I realise the pool only has a finite life, but it’s a cheap option to plunge and cool to see if a ‘proper pool’ will be worth the expense. I don’t want to use chlorine ie synthetically produced product or alternative that produces high level chlorine. Am on rural property and water source is (reeds and water chestnuts) dam water, or filtered rain water tank from concrete or food grade lined steel tanks, and sometimes heavy downpours. Could one of your systems work within these parameters? Any idea of ballpark costs? Thank you. Ane
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Hi Ane. I have one of these systems as a customer. Phil from Enviroswim, I am sure, will be pleased to answer your question. What I can tell you is what happened this past Christmas. I am in Queensland and the family likes WARM pool water. I mean 33 degree water so it is also heated (yes, I know, a 60,000 litre spa...). Then the family from overseas arrived as a surprise, so instead of the expected 6 people in the pool, we had 16 including 6 children who never left the pool and 2 dogs (usually after walking on the beach - so full of sand and salt). After a week, the water was looking slightly milky (as you would expect) and we all went down to Brisbane for New Year. Needless to say, the day we left, there was a terrific storm and a power outage which tripped the pump timer and so there was no filtration or sanitation for 5 days in a pool filled with leaves, palm fronds and grass. It looked horrendous when I returned. Fished out the solid materials, vacuumed the bottom and turned the Enviroswim system on and went to bed. The following morning the pool looked brand new, as if the day before, the water was crystal clear. The funny part was that the neighbours came over that next morning and said that they had spent $200 on chemicals to stabilise, buffer and sanitise the pool after the storm and the pool was now so full of chemicals that they did not want to swim so could they use our pool. Hope this helps you.hi ane i am the same as above only a happy customer im sure the enviroswim rep will be here to awnser your questions it sounds like you live in a tough enviorment tho water wise ... all i can say i have sensitive skin due to some skingrafts that salt and chloring pools really make it itch no such probs with the enviro swim unit tho . maybe give them a quick call there super friendly over the phn . cheers deanThank you for posting MM and Dean. I probably need to speak with Enviroswim directly, given the uniqueness of my set up.

My pool keeps developing grey algae on the steps and surfaces. The chemical check is ok. The only thing that helps clear this is the acid. Can you please tell me what the problem is.thank you from Valerie dean
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We have never had algea in the pool . The oxidiser is set to maximum of 15 and the copper reading maintained at 0.3 to 0.4 the system is running for 6 hours per day so maybe check your copper levels or increase the system run time ph should be around 7.3Hi Val, thank you for your enquiry, we're not aware of grey algae. If the chemical check is OK it will not be high copper/silver levels so we would need more info to better assist with this. Please can you email your current test results to us at info@enviroswim.com and also a contact number if possible. We look forward to helping you resolve the issue. The Enviroswim Team

Hi. I have a salt water pool and I am considering my chemical free pool options. Would I need to drain the pool and refill with fresh water, as from the information provided any salt in the pool will be converted into chlorine, which I want to eliminate. Thanks Violette
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Hi Violette, Yes, in order to get the freshwater benefits you will need to dilute the pool. If you can send us your current salt levels or total dissolved solids level (tds) we can better advise. Please email us these directly to info@enviroswim.com or call on 1300888457Hi Violet you would need to have around 25% of the old water present as part of the process as a small amount of salt is required. You need to test this level once you do the change over to ensure the right balance. They provide test kits etc and it is an easy process. Ours has been a very successful change over with no issues since we converted and the water is balanced perfectly.Hi Violette, I basically emptied 2/3rds of my water just before the wet season (in Cairns) and let the rain do the rest. Personally, the long term benefits (virtually no chloride, cheap to run, less chemicals) makes the original pain worth it. Cheers Pete

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