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8 questions from our users

Stephen L.
Stephen L.asked

After a 1l12v 140 ah agm battery for a camper trailer. Needs to run a 96 litre fridge and lights. Is the Giant 140ah battery worth buying??

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Hi, so what would be the unloaded drain rate in volts or amps?

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I’ve got two 140 amp batteries in parallel wondering what maximum current would be for charging

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I *think* maximum charging current is about 20-25% of the available supply current, so you'd be pretty safe at 28 amps x 2 because in parallel = 56 amps. The batteries will still charge at lower current, but will take a little longer.
Google is probably a better source of information rather than asking on Productreview.

Jarrad P.
Jarrad P.asked

Is this battery suitable to be located in the engine bay with the excess heat?

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I wouldn't be putting Giant Batteries under a car bonnet. They're not made for that type of positioning and/or heat. I would have thought that with any modern car, van or RV, you'd be hard pressed to find the space to fit them in the engine bay anyway ...


NO. Don’t use Giant batteries under the bonnet – far too hot. I suspect my Giant batteries failed last summer in Qld because my shed was too hot, and it’s well ventilated. Best wishes fr Mike of sth Queensland


The rated maximum temperature for Giant AGM batteries is 40 degrees C, fairly common for AGM. This is in their Specifications, at foot of product page. Fusion AGM is unusual : they are rated for under bonnet use. Staunchcell gel is rated to 60 degrees!! And 2000 cycles at DOD 60% (ie always remains 60 % full) Only $420!


What is the maxiumum current a single GIANT 140 amp hour battery can draw. I have four of these in parrallel. At times not very often I have been drawing 200 amps for about 20 mins at a time, ie about 50 amps each is this too much.

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Paul D.
Paul D.

I would hope you would be ok, if assuming thats an inverter draw. On the Aussie batteries site on the Giant 140Ah page at the bottom under specs, it say 1000A for 5 seconds, so you should be good at 50A each.

B Emeny
B Emenyasked

What is the voltage one should put into a 140 ah battery to achieve maximum capacity

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I hope this helps you out with charging time and rates :)
https://batteryuniversity.com/learn/article/what_is_the_c_rate. https://www.centurybatteries.com.au/content/documents/battery-talk/issue-2-battery-talk-battery-charging.pdf

Marty D.
Marty D.asked

The Giant 120AH battery is listed on their site as being 27kg, and the 140AH AGM battery is 32kg.

The site also states "with the increase in manufacturing technology, and substantial variances in products available in the market - including lead purity, density, footprint and lifespan - the weight is no longer a relevant metric to reflect a battery's capabilities".

I understand that traditional, a rule of thumb to determine if you were getting what you paid for was to use .3kg x Amps of AGM battery ( e.g. .3 x 120A = 36kgs).

Are there any battery experts on here that can confirm that a 140AH AGM battery could actually be 32kgs, and that customers are actually getting what they pay for?

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Jason B.
Jason B.

Yes, AGM batteries are still 0.3 kg per Amp. Nothing has changed except the over stating of battery capacities by retailers


Many things determine a batteries capacity, even AGM batteries. Even though Giant Batteries are Chinese, they are the bit better variety. I think what Giant is saying is that due to more modern manufacturing techniques, the 0.3Kg per amp, may no longer be applicable, depending on battery type - Flooded - AGM - Calcium - Lithium etc may mean it could come down to 0.25Kg, or maybe even 0.2Kg for very expensive ultra modern batteries.

Dennis G.
Dennis G.asked

where are they made

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