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We are thinking about a new kitchen, our kitchen will need a wall taken out , new plugs and position of Vent etc, being new to the procedures, time lines, trades etc. Are Kitchen Connection a turn key solution as in plan, arrange trades to remove wall, gib, plaster paint from start to finish with the one invoice?
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In our experience, Kichen Connection arranged most of the trades. We arranged our own electrician and painter as we had other work to be done. Each quote from the trades came in as quoted. We had no surprises.thank you !!

In Qld., what are the guidelines for the amount of deposit payable before work is carried out. I have paid $3,840 up front (which is almost half). They are asking for $4007 before work will be started. Now they have also added a 10% on completion fee. Does this sound correct ?
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There are different business models operating in Queensland. We would suggest to contact the QBCC and they will be able to provide you assistance with this matter.

Hello, We recently had a new kitchen installed, and while we are generally happy with the outcome, the microwave has been installed in an awkward place. It is too high from me (I am 5'2'') and on a strange angle, which I believe is unsafe, especially the risk of spilling boiling hot liquid all over myself. We have tried and tried and tried to get someone in to move the microwave down just a little, and while there have been promises, nothing has eventuated and we are still waiting. I feel like once the contract is signed and the money is paid, we have been dropped like a hot potato. Where to from here?
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Hi Judi I’m not sure. Kitchen connection came to you and helped you design the kitchen you wanted and discussed such things prior to the signing of any contract or paying any money. They showed you all the plans so you knew exactly where things would be and what they would look like so I’m not sure what happened for you.Yes that's true. It's not until the Microwave was installed that it was obvious that it was too high for me. In our defence, it is difficult to read plans and understand how a new kitchen design will function when the old one is still in place. At that stage, I could not even get to where the microwave would be as the old pantry was there. Kitchen Connection have been wonderful on the whole, but we are finding the follow up service a little frustrating. We have discussed with the staff a very simple solution to the problem, which they say is an easy fix, but are still having no success getting anyone to help us.Judi Apologies for the lack of communication. Can you provide your contract no. And we will ensure someone contacts you on Monday to discuss. Regards Kitchen Connection Customer Service

Hello Kitchen Connection, is there anyone checking warranty requests submitted on line? I submitted mine 2 week ago however have not received any contact yet. Please can you review and contact me on 0466166453. Thanks, David.
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Hi ... we had a kitchen installed a few years ago and constantly have problems with cockroaches entering the cupboards from the large gaps under the bench tops ... some of the cupboards don’t have a top that sits up underneath the bench top so the cockroaches access via there .. does anybody else have this ? What can we do to fix ... Thanks
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Try this site. Lots of great advice on preventing cockroach infestation. http://www.asos1.com/cockroaches/cockroaches01.htm

I would like some assistance on how to receive a refund of my deposit paid to Kitchen Connections? I advised that i was not proceeding with KC due to price and quality and it is now 15 business days and no refund. I am disgusted in the way i am being treated. Job Number is MA01139
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Good luck with getting your deposit back, seriously. They wanted their full payment upfront when doing my kitchen installation, worst thing I ever did was to pay them in full prior to the job being completed. Once they have payment thats it, theres no more care for the customer. Hopefully you get your deposit back, if you do, take it and run as far as possible from Kitchen Connection.I agree with this completely what ever you do do not pay for something before it is installed and you are completely satisfied when using KC once they have your money they move on no after sales service, also check what you are getting in fact just go to another companyGet On to Aust Consumer Affairs. You would have had a 10 days Cooling off period from the time you had a contract in writing in your hand. Did you follow up after telling them you are cancelling with A letter ,advising termination of contract and demand of deposit return?

Hello, I have one of your kitchens which i have a space under the bench were my mico/convection oven lives but it needs replacing and i would like to replace it with a under bench oven, but i need the space to be larger in height which means reducing the draw under this space. Can this be done. Eida
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Hi Eida, From my experience with Kitchen Connection, they cannot do anything like this. The kitchens are flat-packed and therefore cannot be customised. We had an issue with an incorrect measurement of a vertical spice drawer - it was attempted to be fixed by Kitchen Connection, they even tried to fit some of their other flat-pack kitchen sections into the space (one idea was a wine holder). The result was a terrible mess, months of discussions and stress dealing with Kitchen Connection and eventually we engaged someone else to resolve the issue. If you do not have a kitchen that is of certain dimensions or have an issue like needing a space to be bigger etc, do not use Kitchen Connection. Also, in relation to Kitchen Connection we found the customer service to be non-existent after payment (and you have to pay before they deliver the flat-packs), the product itself is also of a poor quality - we keep a screwdriver in our kitchen to fix handles and our bin drawer doesn't close. I would highly recommend using another company for your issue. Kind regards, CassieHello Eida, Im not sure where the lady that answered your question got her information from, but it is not correct. I am a cabinetmaker with over 35 years experience and happen to install some kitchens for KC. They are definitely not "flat packed" and are custom made in a factory to suit the customers home. I would be happy to have a look at altering your kitchen to suit your new configuration if you haven't already done so. You can contact me on [number removed].The Cabinet Maker may adjust sizes BUT Kitchen Connection are all Standard Sizes with NO service Try somewhere else

Has anyone had issues with the tap mixer, the Chef cooktop (gas) or the cupboard panels next to the dishwasher expanding and separating?
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Gina If you are having any issues with any product please fill in the warranty form on our website and we will have one of our Customer Support Manager visit your home to help rectify the issues for you. Regards Kitchen Connection Customer SeviceYes I have done that. Gina

Do u do small renovations such as replace existing exhaust fan n replace bench tops?
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Sorry but we only do full Kitchen renovations.

I have recently installed a two pack kitchen in your white paint option. What paint is this so I can match it to something for my walls? thank you
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Hi Kate, We have several colours so we need to get your contract no. so we can look into this for you. Could you send me this please? Regards Kitchen Connection Customer Service

How do I get compensation for all the stress this kitchen and comedy of errors has caused? 4months and still waiting on a tiler to fix a mistake. Job number IH00065-01, Contract number IH00065-03.
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I can sympathise with you John - I have had a similar response in that you can email and it takes a month to get back. they dont return calls etc. I am over this company. Buyers beware.

How do I get my money that you owe me?
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Hi Jonathan Thank you for your question. Unfortunately we are unable to identify you as a customer. Could you please provide your contract number and we will immediately look into you account to see what monies are owing. Rest assured any monies owing will be refunded to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you. Kitchen Connection Customer Service.Hi Jonathon We had an issue with KC where they made incorrect measurements. This was admitted to in an email by one of their "project managers" and attempts were made (poorly) to rectify the issue. Eventually we got someone else to repair the shoddy work conducted by Kitchen Connections installer as a result of their measurement error. After months of stress and discussions (with quite possibly the worst "project manager" I have dealt with - and we have done several renovations) it was somehow decided that we would only get a 30% refund of the money wasted on the incorrectly fitting drawer system. We accepted this purely to move on with our lives. I even consulted a friend who does construction law who advised I could take it to the Building Tribunal, if I wanted but this again would take time (and we have a family and my husband and I both work full-time). I think that they hope you will eventually give up trying to get a refund. Keep persisting and my advice is to resort to legal avenues if you cannot get anywhere. Best of luck!

I had a Kitchen Connection kitchen installed in 2011through Ashmore KK. The cupboard & drawer fronts & the panel under the bench were all done in a white gloss acrylic which looked great for a couple of years but now they have gone yellow. There isn't even a window in the kitchen. I didn't realise KC had gone into liquidation the following year until I tried to chase up the 10 year warranty. They don't want to know about it. Who actually manufactured the cabinets? Shouldn't they be held responsible? I spent over $16,000.00 on this kitchen. Not happy!!
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The company who manufactured the cabinets was Australian Kitchen Industries (AKI) who also owned the brand Kitchen Connection. This is the same company that was that went into administration and was subsequently liquidated. If you place a warranty claim on the Kitchen Connection website you will be provided with information in dealing with your warranty claim with AKI. The Administrators were HLB Mann Judd (Based in Sydney).They should still honour your warranty from their supplier. Find out who made them for kc. If no luck I would get legal advice or just a letter from a solicitor to shake them up. Good luck. JoInitially I had filled in the online warranty form on the K K website. I received an email from ClarkeKann Lawyers who suggested I rang HLB Mann Judd, which I did. They basically told me there was not much they could do. On the email is also the name & number of a warranty serviceman. I haven't contacted him yet but maybe I will see what he says.

Why does the trade estimates not include the installation of the stone bench top. The sales people knew I had a strict budget and I am now finding out that I have to pay for this installation separately with out knowing the cost before hand, that now leaves me unable to negotiate a price or be able to pay for the instillation. I am also not happy with the quality of the cabinet installer's work.
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My stone bench top install was included in the original quoted price. However the installer I had didn't install the top it was the stone company.I'm sorry Giza. I'm just a customer, you'll have to ask Kitchen Connection.

Does anyone know who manufactured Kitchen Connection kitchen packages before it was placed in liquidation 2 years ago as warranties from this period and earlier are no longer valid.
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Angela I am not sure but I vaguely remember reading a blog on the product review site about the history of Kitchen connection. If I find it I will let you know.That is what i would like to know. We are fighting a losing battle as our doors are peeling from heat. What makes me mad is KWA or whatever their bloody called still call themselves kitchen connections. We spent 20k on our kitchen 3 years ago and its falling apart :( "Kitchen Connections, where it all comes together"........... Then falls apartHi I had my kitchen done by them now 8 years ago doors to 2of my pull up cupboard fail al the time, the original company went broke warranty not valid with new company said they only bought the name, now I am wondering if the original supplies that supplied all component in Queensland bought the name you should be able to get info from ASIC good luck,I gave up cost to much of my time

Does anyone know how to get head office/QLD state managers contact details ?
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Good luck i have trided but cant get past manager of storeI have tried that number no answer. Left message have had no reply. Blah!!!!!You need to speak to [Name removed] his mobile is [Contact details removed]

Do you have a special on for this month.kitchen cupboards at 50percent of?
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Gaynor Yes we do. It is 50% of Kitchen Cabinets and the offer ends September 30th. You can find more details on our website at www.kitchenconnection.com.au

Arthur whoever you are KC Official ? Why is KC destroying a good company and an excellent product for ussing bad unrelliable so called tradesman or inexperience workers. Bad feedbacks from customers is not good for business. I myself is one of the many people that will not recomend KC to anyone.
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Semesi David We have over 25 installers working for us and we monitor their quality of work daily. If installation quality is below or standards the installer is stood down. We have a qualifiacation period for installers and training is conducted on new products and methods of installation. If we received feedback on poor installation or quality we do our best to rectify immediately. Our objective is to finish kitchens in the shortest period possible without compromising quality. Our business depends on referrals like so many business these days and we continue to work to improve our systems of installing over 150 kitchens per month to happy customers. We are sorry to hear your experience has not been a good one. If you would like to contact us we can look into your installation in detail. Regards Kitchen Connection Customer Service

Okay just posted how do i verify my email address? Ray mills
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Hi Ray, That's a question for the Product Review team not me. I'm just a customer of Kitchen Connection. ThanksRay The fact you have posted means your email has been verified. Regards Kitchen Connection Customer Service

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