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Katathani Phuket Beach Resort or Hilton Arcadia???? Which is better value for quality, service and location. TIA
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Hi There, We would suggest joining our Thailand Insider group on Facebook - a great place where our LE members use for tips, reccomendations and ideas. https://www.facebook.com/groups/thailandinsider/

Any feedback on sth African holidays with luxury escapes would be appreciated
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I am wanting confirmation regarding Green Tax and if it is included with the all inclusive package to The Maldives, also would like contact details for sending in suggestions and comments regarding a tour.
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Hello Kerri, I am not aware of any Green Tax imposed on my previous holiday to Khao Lak in Thailand nor am I aware of any imposed for my booking to Khao Lak Thailand which I made last night. I checked my paperwork and could not see a "Green Tax". It may well be under another title.Thanks, I think it’s specific to The Maldives onlyHi Kerri, Green Tax is included in our Maldives package, however, check the fine print conditions of the package as this will give you the information on any surcharge applicable, etc. Feel free to contact our support team and send in any further comments to support@luxuryescapes.com

Have been given a gift for a Country Escape to Gibraltar Hotel Bowral with a booking no., how do I book my dates Lorraine
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Hi Lorraine, Feel free to contact our support team on 1300 88 99 00 for further assistance. Kind regards, Luxury Escapes

Hi. I'm trying to find reviews of your 14 day Israel/Jordan tour? Can anyone recommend this tour? Thanks.
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When you book with Luxury Escapes, what time frame would you expect to receive your itinerary and hotel information? - we are just 34 days away from a trip we paid in full for last June but have yet to receive the final details. This makes arranging additional tours etc difficult as we have no idea where in the cities our base will be.
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Hi Steph, Apologies for the delayed response - this depends on which Offer you have purchased. If its a tour you should receive approx a month before, Accommodation is within 24 hours. Please feel free to email us at support@luxuryescapes.com or by calling 1300 88 99 00 and we will be happy to assist Kind Regards, Luxury EscapesI'm still having difficulties finding the exact info I need as the agent who's dealing with our trip is on her own holiday and no one else can help apparently. When we booked I thought it was a "Luxury" holiday but now it feels more like a mystery tour where they just get the cheapest available accommodation - surely when you pay for something 9 months in advance they must have some idea where you're heading. Luxury Escapes may be good for single accommodation packages but I'm struggling with the concept of this being a luxury tour - for us it's supposed to be a bucket list trip to celebrate our 30th Wedding anniversary - lets hope it's not a total disappointment.HI Steph, Sorry to hear that you are having this Experience - could you please advise your booking Reference number so we can have a look for you

Has anyone done the 10 day Jordan trip recently?
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Has anyone taken the 15 day Nepal hike and rafting experience? Any feedback? Safety is # 1 priority.
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I haven't taken any tour to Nepal but I have booked through Luxury Escapes. I found their customer service to be poor. When I booked, I wanted to stay 6 nights on an 8-night package. Later I found that I was able to stay 7 nights. Luxury Escapes were unable to include 7 nights in an 8-night package. Paying for 9 and staying for 7 isn't such an attractive deal!They tend to go through other agencies, so it depends. If it ends up being Himalayan Social Journey, they’re a very good company, haven’t seen many bad reviews. Took one of their Indian tours and that was an amazing experience.

Hi there - I see most reviews are from Australians. Does Luxury Escapes only provide packages out of Australia or would South African's also be afforded the same deals?
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They have a drop down menu, at the bottom it’ll tell you the default country, click on that and find South Africa in the drop down list and it will take you to the right version of the website. It’s an Australian company but I believe anyone can buy the deals they offer. Link to the Luxury Escapes with the South African setting: https://luxuryescapes.com/za/tours

Has anybody done the LE Japan Tour? Interested but would like some independent information Thanks
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Yes I am interested too as I have just booked it

How to cancel a holiday within 7 days ?
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Hi Mike, Feel free to contact our team on 1300 88 99 00 (option2) or via email support@luxuryescapes.com Kind Regards, Luxury Escapes

Has anyone done the Luxury Escape 10 Day central Europe tour + 10 day Russia Cruise? I am particularly interested in the standard of the ship, the hotels and how much actual time is available for sightseeing. Thank you.
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Hi There, feel free to contact us on 1300 88 99 00 if you are needing any assistance - we are always happy to help :) Thanks, Luxury EscapesWe were hoping to do this trip but unfortunately were not able to book at this time. If you do the trip, we would be interested to hear what it was like as we certainly hope to do it again the the future.Bobndi, i have actually booked a similar trip with Tripadeal. Similar price but the land content is more interesting for us.

Are there any reviews of LE tours of Madagascar available?
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Hi, Has anyone done the beauty of Borneo 9-day tour with international flights with LE? Interested to hear of your experience!
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Hi Sooz Buyer beware on this one. Apparently flying out of Brisbane is tricky but for an extra charge the airline can be changed. And there will be a stopover in KL but that's ok, we can find a hotel for you. Oh and you are travelling on your own - that will be $500.00 surcharge. Can understand surcharge on train sleeper or ship cabin but a hotel room that can be booked directly per room, no. Price was advertised as per person - only if you are two persons, it seems.

Has anyone done the Luxury Escapes tour of 15days in Turkey? I have not used this company before and would like some feedback please.
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No, I haven't done the Turkey Luxury Escape, but have done 4 others. 2 in Thailand, 1 in Vanuatu, and 1 in Malaysia. All lived up to expectation, with no hassles. Thoroughly recommend this Company. Very easy to deal with. Jim B. ( Hastings-New Zealand).No I haven't done the Turkey Luxury Escape. I have done 4 trips with Luxury Escapes...USA and Canada, Dubai, China and Thailand. All have been of a very good standard in all respects, I would thoroughly recommend Luxury Escapes. Cheers Kathi... SydneyYes, we did that tour last year. Had a brilliant trip. Really was luxurious, accommodation was outstanding & unique. Tour leader Fadhi made our trip special as he looked after our small group personally, ensuring all our interests were catered for. Only downside was that due to winds the hot air balloon trip in Cappadocia was cancelled (we had 3 possible days, but it was out of their control). A couple of days later I was doing some online banking and noticed that we’d already been credited by LE for the cancelled balloon flights. This was quite unexpected as it was not an “optional activity” but was an inclusion in the package. So we’ll done to LE!!

Has anyone used Luxury Escapes for the 10 days tour to Spain and Portugal? If so we would greatly appreciate your feedback. Jack C.
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Has anyone been to Egypt using LE please?
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Does anyone know how to contact luxury escapes head office without going through the call centre? Someone named [name removed] was supposed to call me in five minutes yesterday morning.
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Hi Rose, So sorry to hear that you are having trouble getting support. Are you able to privately message us here (or pop onto Facebook and send us a message there) and we will look into this for you asap. Kind regards, Luxury Escapes

Has anyone used Luxury Escapes for Mauritius and if so what was their experience?
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