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I have had a bad experience with Mymovers. I have been phoning this company since last Wednesday and this morning sent an email requesting for follow up have not been actioned yet. I called customer service last Friday and was only given the name Joe and an email address regarding my complaint. Last week I moved to a new property with MyMoovers. There was damage at the property I left and the new property I moved into with Mymoovers. I am not getting any response at all. When can I expect a response?
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I used them on Saturday, they only scratched one part of my bed which I wasn’t too fussed about because you won’t see it.. sorry to hear you had a bad experienceUnfortunately mine is property damage, very disappointing.You will get a false apology. They don't follow through with complaints and owe people thousands in damages. They refuse to show up for vcat hearings and have no insurance. They post fake apologies in public view to appear concerned.

Do you operate in Adelaide?
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Hi Rohan we do operate in Adeladie. Please Let Us Know if require any help.Thanks just spoke to Jenny and she’s sending a quoteDO NOT USE! Criminals!!!!!! Not worth the hassle, still trying to claim money back fro damages from november 2019 - read and trust the reviews, the negative reviews are not fakes

Do you operate in Adelaide?
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My Movers. Do you actually realize what you've done to myself and other customers that relied on your service? Your company has caused nothing but grief affecting many people at a high cost of damage. I have not received the decency of reimbursement. Imagine if it were your property, possessions damaged and stolen? How about spending the time paying back customers for damage instead of false responses on a review page which are not being resolved. Your management team does not exist. You are running your business from a private residence with no insurance. Your neglect towards your customers is nothing but a disgraceful dishonest act.
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I believe that some staff in My Moovers are legit and they provide a good service. They may have been burned in the past and hence they are just running a company from a residence and have outsourced the quotation to a team of contractors who work from home. They have most likely moved from one operations to another and we know who the directors of the company are & their drivers and can seize their personal property via a "writ for the levy of property". In the end they cant run all the time and the law will catch up with them and its sad that we have to waste our times. We recommend that My Moovers simply contact everyone and settle via an agreeable and managable settlement which can be agreed on without the sherifs coming to your property, demanding property to be seized.Charles, after all that I've witnessed I'd find it very surprising if you will get a genuine response from MyMoovers or the decency of a response at all. It's in their best interests to resolve these issues. I have contacted the A.T.O. giving detailed information of what's been happening. They will definitely be investigated. The A.T.O. has also been informed about the review pages.Previously known as "Melbourne quick removals". They are still using the same mobile number. This fraudulent company has been doing this for years. My goodness, you people should be locked up.

I don't understand how your company is still in business! I was charged twice when moving house over a month ago and despite reaching out to them multiple times via both email and phone, a refund has not been provided. I've been lied too, misled, hung up on, ignored and told that "it's not a problem"! Avoid this company like the plaugue. They are dishonest, unreliable (literally hours late to the job) and do not care about the customer. There is no reason why this refund shouldn't have been processed when first brought to their attention. Horrible horrible company. So, my question...Can I please have my money back?
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They aren't responding to me either for damages caused. Unprofessional is an understatement.Thanks for the offer, but I'm not interested in getting involved in a class action or anything like that as I think it's just not worth the time for me. If you read through other reviews and questions here, you'll see that others have taken them to court before, gotten judgements against this company and haven't been able to collect on that judgement. I have contacted the ACCC and provided details on how My Moovers has stuffed me around and will leave further action up to them. Thanks and good luck getting a resolution.Also, just highlighting this for anyone who is thinking about using this company... many of the above reviews are fake. They follow a similar format (name + name were so professional! Bla bla bla) but the reality is very different. Make sure you go through and read all of the one-star reviews to get a proper idea of how scummy this company is. One customer even noted in their review that the removalist left a positive review regarding there job RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM! Unbelieveable.

After a terrible experience but 100$$$ damage, I would like my move investigated before I take further action. I moved Friday 22nd March 2019 from Kensington to Coburg North. Under Aleesha Clifford.
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Try blocking your number to call them, it helps to get through but nothing is ever resolvedThey are doing the same to us. Our TV has been broken in the move and they are giving us the absolute run around. After reading reviews here, I am sure that this is part of their business. I am surprised how they are still in business... shocking.Hi Chander N, We do not have any details of your job on the system. You can reach out to complaints@mymoovers.com.au with the job details and images of damage ,the concerened manager will investigate that matter Thanks MY Moovers

If I book you in for a certain date and cancel, Is there a cancellation fee?
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Hi Casey, We ask that you give us at least 72 hours notice of any cancellation or change to your appointment or a cancellation fee of $50 will apply. Please do let us know if you have any further queries. Kind Regards My MooversCasey, don't book this company, they are not trustworthy. I was charged twice and despite following up with them multiple times, no refund has been provided.DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. Do not pay them a cent. No refund has been issued for damages to me either. Cancellation fee they say.. What a joke!!!

Sistine we'll definitely stand by you we've had a horrendous experience with them
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hey please take a minute to read and sign this ASAP. Collectively we can all bring this fraudulent company to account http://chng.it/xLxQCcKyMY

I used their service on 1st November. They over charged me. Their service was very slow and they came late. They forced me to put a good review of them and told me what to write on the review. Very unprofessional. Asked for an explanation of what they have charged and they never replied me. Anyone knows where to complain?
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Would everyone like to work together in solving this issue?Have you noticed that all the good reviews all include their hard to spell names. Very suss as the real reviews by customers rarely mention their names. As for my case no badges and I wouldn't have a clue who the guys were. It's well known they fake review. Easy to do, they can make up a receipt. They are awful people taking advantage of people. Worse is they don't handle complaints just never return calls. Look at all the bad reviews that's what will happen if you use them.so many fake reviews, they all start with 'name' and 'name' did a great job or whatever. they couldn't even do that properly so i can see why they do their job so poorly

My moovers moved my property. Apart from damaging items and going missing in transit for an hour ( which time I paid for !!) overcharging and not giving me an invoice as agreed -they overcharged me and also stole various items from the moving truck. How did you get in contact with them - they appear to have blocked my number their unprofessionalism is already bad enough but to have items stolen is just mind blowing.
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Nothing you can do, just stay away from them.That is a really odd response Why do you say this ?This is identical to my story. I successfully sued them at VCAT. They refused to acknowledge the order to pay so I had the Sheriff go and see them. I was abused my the manager and the owner. They’re dodgy and illegal. Their staff are on student visas that don’t study, they are paid cash and the truck is unregistered. I would like to see this company shut down for good.

Has anyone been successful against them with Vcat?
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Wow, if I had of known people were wanting to takw them to vcat I would have never used them! I don't know how their "business" is actually legally running in all honesty? They are terrible.Yes. We have successfully obtained an order through vcat to pay for damages to our furniture. The court was very unimpressed as the company did not show up to court and even returned their summons. They have not paid as yet so we are about to lodge with the magistrates court. They will get a visit from the bailiff shortly. Very dodgy company and they think they are above the law. I would encourage anyone to take this through vcat. They need to be held to accountI have obtained an order through the Magistrates Court, they have not attended any summons. I have now ordered an SOE, and if no attendance at court, there will be a warrant put out for their arrest. They need to be held responsible.

I’ve read some negative feedback from last year which makes me nervous, how are they now?
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Hi. I used them. Service was good, couldn’t fault them.Terrible. Still waiting on a resolution from three months ago for damaging property. I know of three others in additions to myself that have legal action pending against this company.Stay clear of them .... I would not recommend they to anyone

Are they worth it?
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Definitely not! They dramatically under quote, they are ill equipped and not professional. The boxes they provided were too large and of poor quality for the purpose, they did not follow through and complete the job and did not even answer their phone reliably. Not professional at all!!Agreed..they are liars, incompetentHarman190, we do not have any record of your move. could you please kindly provide us with the date of your move and also the suburbs you moved to and from. We can then definitely help you out with a solution. Kind Regards My MOovers

I'm moving in June and this company offered a good price with all assurances they are careful, I the reviews I've read that were posted in may has got me worried. Can Anyone recommend a company? Doubtful ATM
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They are very dodgy. Damage to gates, huge struggle to get fixed / compensated. Their registered address is 75 Tram rd, Doncaster which is a block of flats with no way to know which one they are in, When I started to phone them they disconnected 2 mobile phones they used before so I can't get hold of them, Did not answer their 1300 number and no way to leave a message. Paid a deposit and also did not get this back, up to you if you want to use them.....I would consider someone else! They underwuoted, came with a truck that did not have a hydrolic tailgate so could not easily get heavy items into the truck, claimed that had not been told about what they were expected to move despite me going through this in great detail, left a third of the stuff behind and would not finish the job telling me to contact their bosss the next day. Another truck was supposed to come the next day to finish off but did not and theywould not answer their phone to discuss this. The boxes they supplied were also hopeless, too big and too light weight to hold anything and they did not supply the tape they promised!!I think you are aware there are many of us now that have had experiences with My Moovers that have been poor to say the least and would recommend paying that extra amount for a reputable company like Kents, Grace or any that have the accreditation and confidence from reviewers. Sadly, these days it is less likely with the cheapest quotes anyone is going to have an incident free move. Good luck and I hope you find a great mover and a price that suits. If you do find one and your experience is great, please let us know, cause we are all in the same predicament. All the best with your moving day and hope it's hassle free. Regards, Sue-anne.

Did you end up using them?
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Yes, it was a Sunday too with short notice (2 days) and they were very friendly.Hi, we did. Couldn't fault themI used this company and I was very disappointed with the service. I had booked my move three weeks prior to my move for a 2 pm move. 15 minutes prior to my 2pm move I get a text msge saying the are running late and will be at the pick destination at 3:30. -4pm. Didn't happen then a text that they will be at destination at 5:30pm didn't happen but they arrived at 6:40pm. So I was very patient with these guys after a couple of hours finally the truck was loaded up ready to go to our new home. Once the Removalist start to unload the truck the driver was complaining that they hade been to three. Prior pick ups before my place and they haven't had food all day. I was shocked. But the worst thing that happened was when the driver dropped my $4000 fridge. Worst thing was he got injured the fridge fell off the ramp they had on the truck and he fell off the ramp and got stuck between the fridge and ramp. we offered to call an ambulance he declined we made sure he sat down he didn't look gd. Anyway short Storey is we were called a fake claim even though our fridge doesn't work properly and it's dented on the side and back and stupid thing is I paid $600 in delivery costs and I was assured that I could claim my fridge through the company. DEFINITELY DONT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY. STAY AWAY. THIS JUST HAPPENED A FORNIGHT AGO AND STILL WE ARE CHASING THEM FOR DAMAGES BUT THEY KEEP HANGING UP ON US. SAD VERY SAD AND THEY ARE STILL RUNNING A BUSINESS. DISGRACEFUL

I am using this company on the 3rd of june I would like to hear your feedback please
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Do not useOur experience was BAD, and we have moved many times before. Took 8 hours to do 1 truck load (moved 6 mins away) and they were slow, on their phones and uncaring when they dropped collectables. Other friends have mentioned other companies that are half the price (and time) and much more professional. Do your research, this company has left us seething :-(They were good enough and way far faster than the pther removalist i have so far tried moreover none is perfect but they good in their job ! We cant judge anyone by their phone or stuff moreover i tried them thrice its always good and better with every move

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