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Is solar naturally an accredited installer, I can not find you listed as such?
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a certain person from solar naturally is cec registered based on the cec website.

Anyone cancelled their contract with this mob? Do they play hardball to cancel the contract? They came around to discuss how they work and I felt nothing but red flags. They were extremely pushy, telling me to sign today because the government rebate was ending the next day and the repayment lump sum was 6500 in total. I told the rep I wanted to think about it but she insisted I sign now because I got the option to cancel. I signed up to get her to leave knowing I most likely will cancel. She called me up 2 hours later to say I didn't press the "I accept" button on the link she sent me (I did that because I didn't want to further commit), I then told her I'm not going through with it, I had to be firm because she was still pushy but I have a feeling this is not the end of it.
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My experience (across all industries) is some sales people are better than others, and sometimes its just some sales people dont match well with the customer, or its just a bad day. (I know I certainly couldnt work in sales, talking to strangers.) Unfortunately that can often detract from a good product or service. I have used these guys, and recommended them to several of my friends and business associates who have also been happy. Although you may not have enjoyed the sales person, the products, installation and after sales service are all pretty good. They have been around for a while, have their own installers (many solar companies just contract out to the lowest cost installer). Like a lot of products, if you finance the total cost can be rather scary, and personally if I can I will use my mortgage for the lowest interest rate for something like this, but sometimes there is just convenience in the finance offered with products - which is why companies like Harvey Norman will do finance on a washing machine. Perhaps you could ring their office, express your concerns with the sales rep and perhaps get some sort of discount or upgrade I am sure there would be no harm in having a chat. But I would still consider them worth considering. Good lucki had the same experience in 2017 but it was easy to cancel when i realized i was paying double the price.Similar experience. I asked for a written quotation and a business card and was told some BS about intellectual property and ... at this point I tuned out and the spidy-senses were going ballistic. What sales guy does not leave a quote or a business card... smells like a scam.

Recently had a door knocker by the name of [name removed] he will be back later tonight to talk more about it. really skeptical on the money side of things.. and how good the panels and inverter are? Does anyone know the brand of the investor and panels?
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Has anyone been approved or used the new govt grant thingy?.. the one where 100 homes in each suburb who get solar, after the govt rebate and supply back to the grid the whole thing ends up costing basically nothing out of your own pocket? Sounds great so that's why I'm weary. TIA
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Solar Naturally will cost you over 2x as much as anyone else - don't use them - shop around firstDo the maths very carefully. You’ll end up paying thousands in ‘savings’ to them For what sounds like an inferior product. There are some good systems around at a good price point that you should consider saving for rather than this rort.From what I can tell there is no new government grant, it is just a marketing term Solar Naturally are using. The "Solar Assistance Scheme" is just a way of purchasing your solar panel system on credit, and Solar Naturally are the credit providers. It also relies on them getting the normal standard government rebate. That means they get an instant lump sum payment for the system, then you pay it off over a period of time. Probably a good option if you can't afford to buy a solar system yourself, but also probably a very over-inflated price that would be much cheaper if you just went and got a loan to buy the solar system.

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