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I agreed to sign up with Sumo yesterday for our power bill, now very concerned with some of the comments on this page - the discount is amazing. Will I be advised of an increase before it happens? How long is this discount offer available for? Do I have a cooling off period to satisfy myself if it is worth changing over to Sumo or not.
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Hi there, thank you for getting in contact. Our discounts are locked in for 12 months and in regards to the rate increases, it is our practice that we advise as much advance notice for an increase, however, we always act in accordance with 46(4) of the Energy Retail Code and provide as soon as practicable or by no later than a customers next bill. You are entitled to a 10 business day cooling off period the day from when you receive your Welcome Pack. Please give us a call on 13 88 60 or send us an email to info@sumo.com.au and we would be happy to answer any further questions you may have. Kind regards, Stephanie @ Sumo

I've waited over a month to be connect to the NBN and after weeks of calling, during which they constantly told me it was the NBN being behind schedule due to Christmas, they finally told me that they had infact forgot to request proof of residency. Now I've had the NBN technician connect the property and sumo say I am connected yet I'm not. They haven't given me any technical information to input onto my modem and their technical support team which is supposedly open from 10am till 4pm on Saturdays does not answer any calls? So I'm after any technical data to put in to my modem to get connected
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Have you tried ringing the 03 number instead of the 13? You get put straight through to technical support that wayannoyed, what is the 03 number?I strongly suggest don't touch this compnay , I perfer either use TPlink / Dodo / even Telstra on special price.. I just in their electricity plan , price increase for 15% on second month . Gas bill still haven't received yet . that's totally no point to consider this company .. stay away!!!!

I have adsl with sumo and i called to ask for my isp address to put into my router only to be told they dont have one? All internet needs to have a isp address as far as i know then i was called back and given my customer number as the address wth someone needs to fix this or of to the ombudsman i go smh
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Don’t know if this will help, but if you’re running windows (any version) if you click on the signal icon at bottom right of screen, then go to properties from the box that opens up, you should be able to see the isp details displayed there. Hope this works for you.Hi there, thanks for getting in contact with us. This is really disappointing to hear this has happened. I would like to look into this and have it resolved. Could you please send me an email to info@sumo.com.au and I can look into it and make sure it's all cleared up for you. Kind regards, Amelia

Hi. I just got a phone call offering your internet deals. The man on the phone was assuring me that "25Mbps" meant MegaBytes per second, but it doesn't. Mbps (specifically lower case "b" as I confirmed on your website) means Megabits per second (which is much less, as I'm sure you know). I just want to know if your telemarketers are misinformed or if your website writing it wrong and should be writing MBps rather than Mbps.
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Hi there, Thanks for getting in contact with us. I would like to look into this and have it resolved. Could you please send me an email to info@sumo.com.au and I can look into it and make sure it's all cleared up for you. Kind regards, Amelia

Signed up on the 14th for internet,thought it would be a quick straight forward connection as i already had a modem,Boy was I wrong!!! I am still not connected nor have I received any “follow up emails” regarding the connection process,When I called Sumo all I got was a “It’s NBN’s fault” generic excuse.I want compensation for this inconvenience caused or at least a refund? Shady telco,Do not waste your time !!!
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I had the same problem and ended up forking out for another modem-an expense i did not need. I am currently on hold, yet again, as i refuse to pay the bill. Have you read my comments? Worst company I've ever dealt withHi there, thanks for getting in contact with us. This is really disappointing to hear this has happened. I would like to look into this and have it resolved. Could you please send me an email to info@sumo.com.au and I can look into it and make sure it's all cleared up for you. Kind regards, Amelia

How long it takes to connect for sumo energy?
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Hi there, thanks for getting in touch! It depends on the situation. If you would like to send and email to info@sumo.com.au with more details in relation to your question, one of my friendly customer service consultants will get in touch to let you know. We offer move ins and transfers for electricity, gas and internet so it really depends on what you are after. We look forward to hearing from you soon! Regards, Stephanie

how do I get out of sumo.? I've tried twice change back to my original provider but sumo won't let go
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I'd suggest looking at the energy and water ombudsman for your local area. I am not sure where in the country you are but the website for Victoria's is https://www.ewov.com.auHi there, we apologise that you have had a bad experience with Sumo. Could you please email us at info@sumo.com.au with your details (including your name and contact information) and your feedback. Our Customer Service Specialists will then be in touch to resolve this promptly. Kind Regards, StephanieJust ignore them and deal with the ombudsman, I went with Sumo for Energy Gas & Internet, lodged 3 compalints with ombudsman, all three were awarded in my favour, don't waste your time trying to reason with them just forward to ombudsman.

Why is my sumo bill all charged at peak rates?
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Hi Kenny, thanks for your question and I am sorry for the delay in responding. Your meter has likely been assigned a Peak Only tariff by your local distribution network. Please send your account details through to info@sumo.com.au and we can look into this for you. Thanks, Bridget

I almost signed onto sumo last week. At the end of the process they wanted my Medicare number, passport number or license number for a credit check. They already knew my address and DOB. This sounded very suss as I've never had to provide any of these before with any other power company. Is this Sumo's SOP?
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Hi Liz, thanks for your question. I'm not sure why other retailers haven't asked you for a form of identification. At Sumo we use it for a credit check but also to confirm the name and DOB you have given us are correct. This is a standard procedure across the industry. Kind Regards, Rachel.Hi, I had a phone call a couple of days ago from Sumo telemarketers. Firstly, they started talking in unclear English about discounts on power and were reluctant to answer when I asked who they were and what they were calling about. I answered my sisters phone as she is seriously ill in hospital and has been recently widowed. I explained to them that I wasn't the account holder at the address they had (my sisters) and told them her situation. I also explained that she wasn't looking to change providers and was happy with her current ones. They kept pressing for my name, date of birth and asked for ID to offer me discounts!! I explained that I (or she) weren't interested in joining and they said they would call back the next day. I blocked the number because they constantly call, harass and do NOT listen when you tell them you are not interested. They use different phone numbers too. Yesterday, I received an SMS on my sister's phone, stating that a welcome pack has been sent out to her/me. I DID NOT want to join Sumo and am extremely annoyed by this. How dare they join me up when I blatantly said I was happy with my current provider. Surely, they need my permission to do this, and I haven't given them permission! Who are these people? Diana

Anyone using this provider ?? any reviews ?? They say they can give 42% discount for paying bills on time
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Well I have read all the reviews very negative towards this company looks like I won't be joining them just read some reviews then you can make your own mind up it's up to youThanks KathyHi Nick, sorry for the delay in responding to your question. At this stage we do indeed offer a 42% Pay on Time discount - unfortunately at the moment our reviews are based on our third party sales channels who we are busy working with to resolve how they interact with you. These reviews are not a true representation of Sumo. If you are happy to, i'd love to put you in touch with our internal sales team (sales@sumo.com.au or 13 88 60) who will be much better equipped in helping with your enquiry and discussing whether switching to Sumo is a viable option for you. Best wishes in your search for an energy provider. Kind Regards, Rachel.

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