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Infasecure Quinta Quantum

Latest review: I got this seat when my son was a toddler as we needed a second seat once we started daycare drop-offs; we went straight into forward-facing mode. It was SO EASY to install! I read through the

InfaSecure Foldaway CS6010K

Latest review: We have had this booster seat for a number of months now and the daughter loves it. It is comfortable for long trips as we quite often will do road trips all over the place. Reasonably easy to clean

InfaSecure Rally II

Latest review: We got the yellow wiggles car seat for our daughter it's so big she now looks small in it the colour gets a bit dirty but hay it's yellow but great for new born to 8 years old paid 190.00 as it was

Infasecure Vario Element CS5413

Latest review: We purchased this booster seat for occasional car trips with our 4 going on 5 year old grandson, and we are well pleased with the unit. It is well built and durable, and comes with very

InfaSecure Change Caddie

Latest review: I am really glad that I purchased this after our second child, with 2 children in nappies and visiting the change table up to 10 times a day I wanted the change area to work very well. We have

InfaSecure Universal

Latest review: This is great for a quick-fix option or for a toilet which is never or rarely used by adults. I got this as I needed something for my son to use right now, but I am hoping to buy a different style of

InfaSecure Quattro Treo

Latest review: We’ve used this since our baby was a newborn and we’ve found it to be excellent. It is easy to adjust and comes with extra padding for when the babies are small. Easy to clip the baby in, and fits nic

InfaSecure Getaway Folding CS6010TC

Latest review: I bought it because I have to bring my kid anywhere especially at school. We don’t have a car so I have to use ride sharing. They will not allow kids without car seats. since i found this product, it

InfaSecure Stanza CS5310K

Latest review: Excellent seat with great side support near the head. It is easy to fit to most cars with the indent space for the seatbelt. Sturdy and easy to move around. The cover can also be removed and washed.

InfaSecure Grandeur Treo

Latest review: Seat is very comfortable, easy to get in and out of the car, straps are easy to adjust and it’s suitable for 0-8 years which is so worth the extra $$$ you pay for it. My son is happy and relaxed in t

Infasecure Neon II

Latest review: All 4 of my carseats are infa. Two of them are Neon II. I love that my kids can stay rear facing in this seat until past two years old. Cleaning is super easy, just take cover off and Chuck in

InfaSecure Racing Kid

Latest review: We love this for my tall toddler. She likes that it is a bright colour and we let her pick her new colour. Easy to install and this one comes in and out of our ute and grandparents car. Only

Infasecure Luxor Nexus

Latest review: Best seat I have ever owned , easy to install and my son who often complained about his old seat not being comfy hasn’t complained once since the change . I’ll only be buying this seat in the future !

Infasecure Orbit

Latest review: Easy install amazing twist and lift adjustable harness my 5 year old falls asleep with no issue on long trips best part no headflop she says its comfortable too which is a bonus not the easiest

InfaSecure Kompressor 4 Element

Latest review: Have now tried to install the kompressor 4 caprice isofix in 3 different cars and can not get a good install, angle of the seat is too upright rear facing even with using a rolled towel best I can

InfaSecure Transit CS5410K

Latest review: Probably not the comfiest for my 5 year old but she hasn’t complained yet, but works well for interstate travel on the plane. Light and easy to move from car to car for my mother in law to do s

InfaSecure Versatile Folding

Latest review: This booster seat is an awesome choice, it is very affordable, and easy to setup and use and folds away for easy storage. I am very pleased with this

InfaSecure Ranger

Latest review: This is has been a lifesaver. It is very easy to install and has been a pleasure to use. I have used this for my nephew from age 6 months. He was able to be rear facing until almost 2. The carseat

Infasecure Cadence Signature

Latest review: Excellent car seat in terms of safety, ease of use and looks. The only drawback for us is the size. Because it fits kids up to 8 it has an extremely long back, and since it's compulsory to have it

InfaSecure Cosi Compact II

Latest review: If you purchase a car seat in australia dont stress. They all are required to meet the same safety standards so one is not really better than the rest. Just pick one that's comfortable. I also

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