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Stihl BG 56
Latest review: It's reasonably light and easy to use, provides plenty of blowing power that gets the job done, I use it for grass trimmings, leaves and also for our 20mm gravel driveway clean-up so it has enough

Ozito PXCBLK-018
Latest review: This lightweight blower is perfect to blow my tiny courtyard garage and driveway. It's not as powerful as an electric one but I dont need heavy duty and heavyweight equipment. I would recommend this

Ryobi 18V One+ RBL1850S
Latest review: I was sceptical about a battery powered blower as I was always a petrol powered person.My wife bought it for a gift & I was very impressed,lightweight,powerful,easy to control leaves.I bought a 2nd

Makita BHX2500
Latest review: This blower has been in service for about the last 12 months and has never missed a beat. It is a 4-stroke and has a function enabled the throttle to be locked off. I.e, cruise control. This allows

Ozito BLV-2401
Latest review: Sucks up most leaves but does get stuck often on larger ones as it doesn't seem to have the suction required to pull large leaves in. Small twigs will also halt proceedings even on the most powerful

Echo PB-2155
Latest review: Read My Title, Hard to Start From New, Took it Back to Selling Agent, to Repair Under Warranty, Yep Got Charged $120 Warranty Does NOT Cover a Fuel Issue, Not Sure about Product or Agent. But Will

Stihl BG 86 C-E
Latest review: I've been in business 23 years and I've always used Stihl blowers and trimmers. I'm a one-man operation . You used to be a great company that made things that last now you're lucky if you get one and

Homelite 26cc Petrol Blower
Latest review: despite the fact that i had read few people here mentioning it is really weak, and hard to start, i made the mistake of thinking a company like bunnings would have advertised reliable specs and

Honda HHB25
Latest review: I purchased the Honda HHB25 Blower as a replacement for my old Weed Eater brand blower. I chose the Honda as it was a 4 stroke. So no more messy 2 stroke fuel to mix and much less noise. In fact

GardenLine (Aldi) Petrol Blower
Latest review: I bought the petrol blower vac 25.4cc on 12/10/2018 from ALDI Kilburn in South Australia I haven't use it yet I called you several times but you ignored me I can't start the machine every time I

Husqvarna 125B/BVx
Latest review: Always having chainsaw fuel on hand chose a two stroke blower over electric. Happy I did as I can adjust the air flow to suit the job. On idle it gently clears leaves from scoria without blowing the

Ryobi RBV3600/RBV3650
Latest review: I am very happy with the actual product, but the bag is a disaster. The first bag supplied with the machine lasted less than 2 months, and I then purchased a replacement "premium quality" bag, which

Victa VBE1500
Latest review: I’ve just recently bought this from upgrading from a different brand. It has great suction. I use it on my artificial turf. The bag is a better quality that I’ve seen. The only downside is tha

Victa MV1200 Mini Vac
Latest review: This my 2nd Mini Vac, the first being the Victa Vac 500 which was of superior quality. The current model has a number of issues and not worth purchasing. 1. After using a new bag for a few times the

Ryobi RBV2400ES
Latest review: This was a replacement of much older Ryobi electric blower vac that had lasted our family for at least 5 years and performed very well. First reaction was very positive, a lighter constructed

Ryobi RBJ254N
Latest review: 6mths after receiving the YardKing 4 stroke blower Vac for Xmas 2017, the consistent fortnightly acquisition of a new problem had become too much for the Yard King. With the receipt still MIA, i

Makita XBU02Z
Latest review: Best investment we have made in the garden. Mostly only need to use 3 or 4 speed but it goes to 6. Obviously not a petrol blower, but Makita has the 36V worked out to give Max power. 2x18V’s get the j

Makita DUB183Z
Latest review: This little cordless blower was a Christmas gift and is a pleasure to use for small touch-ups around the garden. If I wanted to do the whole block I would probably use our larger corded blower, but

Ryobi RBL42BPN
Latest review: As a handyman/gardener, buying one of these has been a godsend. What used to be hard work has now turned into easily removing leaves and other debris. It comfortable to wear, its robust, its easy to

Milwaukee M18 Compact Blower 0884-20
Latest review: Can highly recommend this blower, M18 I use this product more than anything else around the house. Another quality Milwaukee product. I use a 2AH battery and it lasts me about 10 minutes. I notice

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