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Saxon Blackwood SXBW07K

Latest review: At first i was pretty dissapointed especially with the 20 minute fan delay. After making the adjustment to overide the fan delay, so i can have fan on and off constantly at my discretion, things

Masport R1500

Latest review: We have a Masport Belvedere wood heater, it was in the house when we bought it. The cast iron diffuser broke & rendered the fire unusable. The part was duly ordered from their Perth distributor. 8

Scandia Heat and Cook

Latest review: Look they are poorly constructed, they have a very bad quality control system and there after sales support is terrible. Basically a cheap Chinese product with no after sales support marketed as a

Saxon Mahogany SXMH09K

Latest review: Hi I have a Saxon Mahogany, We have had endless problems. From filling the house with smoke coming from the top. Was advised to put a extension on top of flue. We done this with no improvement.

Saxon Walnut SXWN07K

Latest review: This heater has been a pain in the neck since we have had it. We have used good dry hardwood, which has also been tried in a friends heater with no problem. This heater is unpredictable, one moment

Masport R5000 / R12000

Latest review: Love the size and efficiency of the heater, i can put in enough wood for the heater to last all night through, brilliant. Wish i had one in my garage too, maybe next job i commence. Just remember

Nectre Inbuilt

Latest review: I've replaced my old and dangerous wood heater with a Nectre which is South Australian made. It works a treat, warming all the area I need. I've opted to fit an electric fan which only enhances the

Heatilator WS22

Latest review: Had woodheaters in the past and this one craps all over them. Did all my research and this is one of the most efficient on the Australian market with very small emmissions. The price is very

Morso 7600 Series

Latest review: This wood heater was not our 1st choice due to price. We purchased another cheaper brand 6 months ago. It had many issues and was returned for a full refund. We then decided to get the best we could

Nero Multi Fuel Heater

Latest review: This is such a great little heater, I've only just purchased this beauty, due to the cold nights we have been having. Once the sky starts the get dark outside, on the heater goes. With in moments my

Pacific Energy Summit

Latest review: Pacific Energy is a Canadian company We purchased this wood heater because it claimed to burn for 10+ hours.. it does The house is always warm with this heater and is very economical with wood I

Masport F7000

Latest review: My first MASPORT wood heater gave wonderful service for almost 20 years. I fully expect that my new F7000, with its improved design features and rugged construction, will continue to give me

Masport Atlanta

Latest review: We love our Masport Atlanta firebox. Not only does it heat our loungeroom well but it is beautiful to watch as the fire burns. Our Siamese cat loves it too. She relaxes on the arm of the lounge; so

Morso 1600

Latest review: The Morso 1600 wood heater is the best investment I have made in wood heating. I installed it my home 20 years ago and its still pumping out the heat. It burns clean with little smoke. Put wood in

Ferva Corsair

Latest review: I honestly can say I couldn't live without this incredible slow combustion wood fire place from NZ. It is very well made/manufactured, has a very large opening to place wood and is surprisingly large

Pacific Energy Neo 2.5

Latest review: From Canada, a country that can see temperatures down to -40℃ you would expect a good wood heater and you won't be disappointed. It meets the stringent clean air regulations both there and the USA, p

Eureka Solitaire

Latest review: After much research..we purchased the Eureka "onyx" inbuilt model wood fire 10 years ago. We heat a room 9 x 11metres with 11 foot ceilings. It burns non stop through long winter months and keeps

Quadrafire 4300 Millennium

Latest review: We have a Quadrafire Mt Vernon pellet stove, it’s been in place for three winters now and heats the lounge kitchen area (90 sq metres) beautifully. It’s programable and we get up to a warm house eve

Nectre Mk1

Latest review: we brought the Nectre Mega with a water jacket the top plate inside the fire fell down into the fire happened twice emailed Nectre and they said that can't happen they said there is no vibration for

Pellet Fires Tasmania Wellington

Latest review: The heater is of neat appearance and very easy to use and clean. We only use ours as a secondary heater in a smaller part of the house, with a wood fire as the main source of heat in the rest of the

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