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I am travelling from Australia to the UK for 7 1/2 months, and have a return ticket. My father and mother are both elderly, and whilst they have no terminal illnesses and are both living independently, I am obviously concerned if they become ill or pass whilst I am away. If I have to return home as a result of this, am I covered for the extra cost of either changing my return ticket to return home early, or buying an additional return ticket to come home and then return to the UK to continue my trip
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Forget about using allianz. My mother's funeral was the day our planned trip was to start. Claim denied as she was over 85. Allianz will take your money but they certainly won't be there for you when you need them. Don't read the 5 star reviews from people who haven't claimed but read the 1 star reviews from people who have claimedThanks for responding and good point about concentrating on the reviews that involve claims.Hello Rick, this depends on the particular situation - if you call our contact centre on 131000 they will be able to advise you. Regards, Anthony.

Can anyone help please, i puchased travel insurance with alliaz, we are travelling to the US to attend my sons wedding. It has been postponed until 2020 now. Due ti strict immigration laws in tne US, He is marring a girl in the US and was told his fiance visa wont be ready in time, very dissapointin. Can i claim insurance of flights and accommodation?
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I would collect ALL proof of reasons for postponment, (ie visa delay) in writing, explain that your reasons for having to cancel are not of your doing, provide your accommodation and flight details , cross your " T's", dot your " I's" when filling out your online claim form. I found this was the easiest way to lodge claim.At all times, my Allianz experience , either by email or by phone was very satisfactory and helpful. I had to claim twice due to my husband 's recent terminal illness diagnosis and we were dealt very promptly with our refund. You should also read your terms and conditions. I also contacted the airline and accommodation myself to see if they would cancel. , This was for France, motel agreed to cancel, airline did not.( Ethiad).Although, most accommodation in the states are not as flexible as other countries, and airlines are notoriously unhelpful and unbending , depends on fare type.Good luck.Be prepared for allianz to jerk you around as much as they possibly can in the hope that you will give up and go away. Dont be afraid to go to the financial ombudsman if you need to. My worst experience ever with any insurance company but with the ombudsman's help we got every cent due to usHi Natalie, you will need to call 131000 to discuss. Regards, Anthony.

Dear Sir/ Madam. We have an American Express Card - Altitude , Black - Westpac. My wife and I will be going on a Mediterranean Cruise in May. This will include stopovers in Barcelona, Athens and Paris. We have been advised by our travel agent to check and confirm that we will be fully covered during our travels. We look forward to your response. Kind regards. Eddie and Wendy H.
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Hi Ed - your travel insurance is a completely different product to the stand alone Allianz Travel Insurance product which this forum is about - you will need to contact American Express regarding this. Regards, Anthony.

Do Allianz cover Mt Agung in travel insurance taken out now. 6/12/2018
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Hi, the travel advisory for Mt Agung has been closed - see https://www.allianzworldwidepartners.com.au/travel-insurance/travel-alerts/updated-information-mt-agung-bali-2/. Regards, Anthony.

We are about to demobilise from an overseas work assignment in Timor Leste. Before we return to Australia we will be traveling to Nepal and Europe. We are eligible for Bankwest travel insurance having purchased our travel using our Bankwest Platinum MasterCard. When I read the information package it says "Journey Starts from Australia or Australian air or sea terminal." But we will be starting our journey from Dili, Timor Leste. Is this okay? Regards, Colin
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how would i know i only claimed i do not work for themI cant answer this but going on my only experience with Allianz I would recommend you not use this companyHello Colin, this is a Bankwest specific product which is different to the Allianz Travel Insurance listing here. You will need to contact Bankwest to confirm your query. Regards, Anthony.

Hi there, My partner and I have purchased the tickets for our holiday to Europe (from Australia) in June of this year. The tickets are booked for December of this year. However, we have found out in August that I am pregnant. We have been advised by my doctor that such a long flight (24h) is not recommended at the end of the second trimester in my case. Would the insurance cover the cancellation fees or fees applied in changing the dates for these two tickets we have purchased in June? Thank you in advance. Regards, Gabi.
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Hi Gabi, you'll need to check with our contact centre as they'll have this information at their fingertips - 13 1000. Regards, Anthony.

Do you cover cruises? What is the maximum number of days you cover? Is there a cheaper cover if children are not included, ie for singles?
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Hi, yes we do. If you purchase a comprehensive policy, you can add on cruising as an additional pack. The pack covers everyone who is travelling on the policy and will cover the length you specify. Regards, Anthony.

Hello there, my luggage is currently lost. I have filled a report at Mykonos where the luggage hasn’t been been interlinked. If it’s not here within 24 hours or 72 hours I think you offer reimbursement. Does an excess need to be paid for this?
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Hi Krishanie, thanks for the question. On page 61 of the PDS, it does say we will not pay if you are entitled to compensation from the bus line, air line, shipping line or rail authority you were travelling on for the relevant amount claimed. However, if you are not reimbursed the full amount, we will pay the difference between the amount of your expenses and what you were reimbursed, up to the limit of your cover. We will reimburse you if any items of your luggage and personal effects are delayed, misdirected or misplaced by the carrier for more than 12 hours, and in our opinion it was necessary for you to purchase essential items of clothing or other personal items. You must provide written proof from the carrier who was responsible for your luggage and personal effects that they were delayed, misdirected or misplaced.If you do need to claim for lost luggage through us, there will be an excess deducted. Regards, Anthony.

I have a cruise booked for next year and can get a discount if I pay the full cost now. Am I able to get cancellation insurance in advance of the travel?
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Hi Rosie, on Page 5 of our PDS (https://www.onlinetravelinsurance.com.au/file/pdf/Product%20Disclosure%20Statement.pdf), in regards to cancellation, it says Cover for Section 2.1 Cancellation only applies to those services scheduled to be used between the start and end dates shown on your Certificate of Insurance and begins from the date of issue shown on your Certificate of Insurance and finishes at the end of your journey or on the end date shown on your Certificate of Insurance whichever occurs earlier. Meaning, if you purchase travel insurance before your trip, cancellation cover commences from the date when the travel insurance issued. Regards, Anthony.

Im looking at the Multi Trip cover for my wife and I who will be named in the policy. We covered when we are travelling independent of each other?
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Hi Andrew, thanks for the question - I haven't been asked this question previously, and it's not explicitly stated in the PDS - if you could call our contact centre on 131000, they will be able to help you out. Cheers, Anthony.If its not "explicitly stated in the pds" be careful. If you make a claim allianz will then make a decision about this and I guarantee it will be in their favour and not yours

my wife & i both in our 60's are travelling to France for a month with a 7 day self drive canal boat holiday with another couple then a 15 day coach tour of France. Both companies are Licensed & we booked thru Australian Travel agents. Question: Are we totally covered for full comprehensive Travel Insurance( illness, hospital, luggage loss etc) with all our travel payments being fully paid with our ANZ Platinum Visa Card??? Thank you. Bryan
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Hello Bryan - this is the Allianz Travel Insurance Business to Consumer (direct) travel insurance product. The travel insurance that underwrites your credit card is a different product - you will need to refer to your bank for clarification on this. Regards, Anthony.

Is my I phone covered as it fell into the ocean?
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Hi, I cannot comment on individual situations. If you go through the claims process at https://claimmanager.com.au/aga/agreement, or call 131000, you will be guided through this. Regards, Anthony.You will be lucky to get anything for this. Allianz hate paying claims

Do you do pre-existing illnesses insurance?
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Hi Wendy, thanks for the question. Yes we cover some pre existing conditions automatically, and some with an extra premium. You have to go through the booking process to see what's covered. Regards, Anthony.

Would like to know from those who have actually made a claim through this company and how it went exactly?
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My claim was recently settled without any fuss. I completed the paperwork carefully and the money was in my account within a week. At all times the employees at Allianz were friendly and helpful. SusanMy claim was a nightmare. Allianz tried every excuse they could think of to deny the claim. Ended up going to the financial ombudsman. Got our money 21 weeks after the claim process started. Will never use allianz again for any insurance. Allianz went out of their way to make a very tough time for us so much tougherThank you. 50 50. What to do?

What percentage of Travel Insurance Medical claims submitted to Allianz over the last 12 months have been rejected? This would be helpful in deciding whether to use their ins cover.
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Hi Bruno, Allianz will never divulge those figures because most claims are rejected. Most of the positive reviews here are from people who have purchased travel insurance and not actually made a claim. When you purchase travel insurance from Allianz you are sent a link to enter a draw to win a prize if you leave a review before you travel. The review is about your purchasing experience and has nothing to do with your claims experience. They do this to keep their rating higher on Google.Well done Mark S. Since you blew the whistle on allianz about them getting people to leave good reviews about their purchasing experience there has hardly been any good reviews but lots of truthful bad ones

Allianz Travel Insurance doesn't cover items stolen from the boot of the car if the incident took place outside daylight hours. However, Allianz doesn't explicitly explain how it considers daylight hours? In many jurisdictions, daylight doesn't end with sunset and rather the civil twilight is also included in daylight since there is no light required during civil twilight to carryout work. In many American states a burglary committed during civil twilight is also considered as daylight burglary. Can someone please explain?
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I recommend anyone who has a problem getting a claim settled with allianz to use the financial ombudsman. This seems to be the only way to get a resolution. Allianz will make claiming as hard as they can!!! Allianz works on the idea that if they make it hard you will just give up and go away

I am travelling to Nepal for a trekking holiday in Nov 2018 and I have activated the Alliance Travel Insurance to cover this trip. I wish to confirm that the cover includes any emergency evacuation from the trek trail due to medical reasons for those named on the policy (which is only myself). For example, if I am badly injured due to an accident on the trek and need emergency evacuation (maybe by helicopter or the like) back to a hospital in Pokhara or Kathmandu for specialist medical treatment. This appears to be covered in the policy wording (see below) but I wish to confirm as I note some of the negative reviews on this site. d] your medical transfer or evacuation if you must be transported to the nearest hospital for emergency medical treatment overseas or be brought back to Australia with appropriate medical supervision.
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Hi John, do you have travel insurance provided as part of a bank's credit card? This listing is for the Allianz Travel Insurance B2C brand. You will need to contact your bank in regards to this. Regards, Anthony.John, if you are concerned about the negative reviews i recommend you use a reputable company - one that actually pays genuine claims. Allianz will only cause you grief if you try to make a claim

Why should I chose this cover? Lots of good reviews from people who have not had to make a claim - only poor reviews from those who have needed to actually use the service. Dont think Ill bother
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Neil, you are absolutely right. Dont bother. Allianz is the worst insurance company I have ever dealt with. They go out of their way to look for excuses not to pay claims. They write the PDS ambiguously so they can twist it to suit themselves. Anyone can say how easy it is to buy but I can assure you it is nearly impossible to get them to pay a claim without the Ombudsman having to get involved. Allianz insurance will never get another cent of my moneyToday I bought a new car and told the salesman I will arrange my own CTP as theirs is with allianz. As I said above, allianz insurance will never get another cent of my moneyAllianz ensure processes are easy to take your money to obtain an insurance policy. However be warned their processes relating to handling a claim do not match the same standard. As a health professional I would ask people to reconsider using Allianz if patient safety, care or medical need are of importance to you. Allianz is focused on minimising costs and nothing more. I truly hope those who feel false comfort in having travel insurance with Allianz never need to access help from overseas when injured or unwell.

Vietnam Travel - hi i want to find out that your insurance cover medical when we are in vietnam and your processes deal directly with hospitals or we have to pay first and claim later from you guys?
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Hello, if you buy a policy for Vietnam, you will be covered for medical treatment as defined in the PDS - https://travel.allianz.com.au/File/Download?docType=PDS#_ga=2.260883981.1024024958.1517182548-1993947681.1490333896. If you are hospitalised, you or a member of your travelling party must contact us as soon as possible.If you are not hospitalised but you are being treated as an outpatient and the total cost of such treatment will exceed $2,000, you must also contact us as soon as possible. You can find out more here. https://www.allianz.com.au/travel-insurance/make-a-claim/ Regards, Anthony.

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