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Hi Would like know what stage are we at with the international network routing upgrade? My speeds drop down too 10Mbps from 7:30pm onwards. Gets back too it normal speed 50Mbps close too midnight Thanks Daniel
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Hi Daniel, I believe most of it is in place, but it's not switched on. I recommend following this link here: https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/thread/37r60wz9?p=60Ok thank you very much for the link will follow it. But if I am still experiencing the bad speeds from 7:30pm on wards, not too worry as the new international network upgrades have not switched on yet or activated?Depends on I suppose if your speeds are international speeds, but yes, not to worry. Both Singapore and LAX are in place. We're just in the process of preparing for the switchover now. We need to make it as painless as possible (meaning minimal downtime, and hopefully no rollbacks). Once that's set, we'll be ready. From what I've heard, it won't be much longer.

When they send out a technician to set up your broadband what do they actually do?
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Hi they put a point in the wall I already had cable there so I think that was all they did I also supplied my own router but if you use theirs they would probably set that up too I guess sorry not entirely sure beyond thatTechnically the technicians are NBN and it depends on your service type. FTTN may require jumpering, FTTC does not require a technician, FTTP and HFC require an installation of the NTD (nbn modem), and Fixed Wireless require installation of the NTD and an antenna. Hope that helps.I am getting fttc , and was told a technician will be sent out. I have the old phone line running into the house but it isnt connected to a wall socket. Will they connect that ? Or should I have it done prior?

Hi, I signed up with you guys about a week ago, just wondering how long it takes for some one from NBN to connect and how long it takes for my fetch and modem to be sent out.
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I had a preorder so had to wait for the date it would become life. Aussie sent model a week before and when it became live they texted me a date the NBN guy would come and connect things up. I did change the date, but everything went smoothly and it works well.Connection times depend on nbn technician availiability (if first connecting to the nbn) and also service type. We ship Fetch and the modem differently depending on service type as well. Fetch is sent by courier and most of the time the modem is sent with it. We ship from 3840 Morwell, Victoria. Cheers.Hi Janet, I have just spoken to one of yr reps, who answered all my questions, and was very helpful and polite.This is my first time signing up with broadband and Aussie BB has the BEST reviews so far. I have a appointment time now with NBN to get started. I hope the reviews speak for themselves and everything is smooth sailing. I will leave my own review with my personal experience when my internet is up and running. Thankyou for yr reply..PBeni

Hi there, i was looking at your Everyday plan and from the reviews im impressed but before i sign up i just want double check something. I've recently moved into a new apartment and it has a modem left in the tv cabinet,it's an 'Optus yes sagemcom f@st 3864AC NBN' i was wondering if this would work with your Everyday plan so i wouldnt have to buy a new modem? Cheers
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Some Optus modems are locked to Optus. We can't say 100%, but we're happy to try to help you configure it. Cheers.Buy a cheap nbn modem they don't cost that much from Officeworks.

Will need to switch providers in a few months . My current modem was set up when I received it from Amnet . What do i do if i switch to yourself and if I need to configure existing modem do i get help with that . I only use my phone line for my Fetch TV and Monitored Security Do not have a phone connected however I get charged for 1300 numbers that is used by security I guess I will be charged for those too with yourselves . I guess I would choose the plan with casual calls ? Can I upgrade plans or downgrade at any time?
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If your existing modem is not locked to your previous provider, we are more than happy to help try to configure the modem with you. The new VoIP settings will need to be updated in the router. All of that can be done on the phone to customer service. Calls from a monitored security system are chargeable. We do offer Fetch TV, but it does not use or need a VoIP phone. The casual calls phone plan would work, yes. you can upgrade or downgrade at any time. Hope that helps.I would love to know how to connect my fetch wireless and then I have a different way I can get my security monitored . . Can you please tell me what model Netcom are your modems as I already have a Netcom modem that is not locked its a NF4VWe supply Netcomm NF18ACV modems. Hope that helps.

What's your service/speed like in cairns do you supply FBTN any issues for this area? My provider is moving us onto another carrier & Not Impressed with the reveiws of MOST of who's out there. Ian..
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If you're fibre to the node, then speeds are largely dependent on distance from the node and internal cabling. You can give us a call on 1300 880 905 and our friendly sales team can answer all of your questions.

I am with telstra at the moment and I get charged an extra $10.00 per moth to have this usb attachment Not even sure what it is for. Would I have to pay this with you?
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Is that a dongle for your laptop when you're not at home?Hi no it sits next to the modem setupWell that's not part of our internet package so no, you won't need to have it. Cheers!

Hi I am currently with Dodo for my ADSL internet but time is coming that I have to switch to NBN. I have been researching NBN providers including Dodo and the choice is utterly mind-boggling. So far Aussie BB has come up tops on my OK list. If I was to switch to you guys who does the transfer from Dodo ie: what do I need to do for the change over? I know when I changed from telstra to Dodo many years back Dodo did everything and I didn't have to do anything. Just need some clarifications...
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I've just moved to Aussie and so far it's been extremely painful. Aussie organised stuff, but they messed up my phone port. They have subsequently said not to cancel your existing service for 5-6 weeks - apparently hidden somewhere in some small print - so just be aware that they are really slow to move your phone and generally don't start the move until after your internet is up and going - so in order to make sure you keep the same phone number - count on paying for your old service for a while whilst they transfer it over...NBN do the transfer over to us, and while the previous provider will receive churn information, we always recommend calling your previous provider to ensure there are no surprise bills once you're connected to us. If you have any further questions, our sales team have a live chat on our website or in facebook messenger. Cheers!Phone porting can take a couple of days or a couple of weeks. We are legally required to send a request to your previous provider to say, hey, can we please port this number? By law, we have to give them time to respond. If they drag their feet, then that can delay things. Phone porting is done through Symbio, and occasionally there are hiccups, but we give you all the advice to help try to make it a painless process. Internet is pretty painless when coming across to nbn. You do not need to port a phone with your nbn. Phone lines aren't required with us on nbn so it's totally up to you.

Hi, I am new to NBN and have the NBN cable and connection box attached to the exterior of my house at the lower level, the house is high set and my computer is used on the upper level. Please tell me the procedure and costs involved in getting hooked up with Aussie, excluding the plan of course, as I haven't on which plan I require. Thanks Jim.
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For most customers there is no connection fee. We have no setup costs. Customers in a new housing development will be charged $300 from nbn. You'll know whether this will apply or not on signup. The procedure is simple, you can sign up online or through our sales team. Once the application goes through, you will get an appointment for nbn to install a connection device inside the home. After that, it should be smooth sailing. Cheers!

Hi everyone. I moved to Cairns North Queensland and had to change my mobile reluctantly to Telstra as my other provider which I was happy with in Brisbane just couldn't cope up here (lots of dropouts). How does aussie mobile hold up here in the Cairns Queensland? Cheers Marie
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Here's information on our coverage there. https://www.aussiebroadband.com.au/faqs/mobile/coverage-and-speed/

Can I obtain a IP address
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All customers have an IP address. Did you mean a static one? It's included in our small business plans, and is available to residential customers for $10 a month as a bolt on.

I need an active phone line. I won’t be making receiving phone calls, but as I work from home need an active home line. Is there an additional cost to this?
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We offer free VoIP plans where you pay for all calls. We do not sell fixed line services however.

I live in Cheltenham in Adelaide and trying to find an NBN provider.. any feedback on this service?
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Hi, I've signed myself and parents up to Aussie Broadband recently, and they have been great. I had to make one call to their support to sort out a configuration for my house, because I have a server, and they answered quickly and the tech on the phone was super helpful. The speed I get is consistently great, I pay for 50Mb/s and get 45-48 always, even during the afternoon and evening. If you decide to sign up to Aussie Broadband, you can use my referral link and get $50 off your first month: https://www.aussiebroadband.com.au/nbn-signup/?rc=1872043 Referral code is 1872043I have fibre to the premises and after waiting 8 days for Aussie Broadband to get my wifi signal sorted I gave up and cancelled. Average wait to speak to a human when calling them is 30 minutes. They put you back on hold every time they need to write something down. My last call to them was 1hour and 30 minutes long!Thank you maybe will give a miss.

Availability in Wandong 3758?
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Hi Frank! You can check your nbn availability on the nbn website: www.nbnco.com.au Cheers!

Hi, is aussie broadband customer service dealt here in AUS, or off shore. cheers.
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As far as I'm aware it's in Australia. I spoke to someone in Melbourne. I mean, they can say what they like but they promote Australian call centres, and it seemed accurate to me :)Same here, every time I've called it's been an aussie, I didn't have to repeat myself 20 times and whoever I spoke to could tell me what I wanted to know. Very pleased with my interactions so far, miles apart from telstraHi guys, thanks for the reply. Iv had bad experiences in the past with dealing with people off shore. Nothing is better then hearing a Aussie voice over the phone when you have a issue. Cheers :)

Any one in my area signed up with you guys? and what speed are they getting? NSW2126
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I desperately want to switch providers. Although I have been with Optus for 20 years, in recent years, whenever I’ve had to make simple inquiries the level of support has been most unsatisfactory, not helped when speaking with people with English as a second language, and with personnel who don’t really know their job. Both Optus and Telstra rank bottom on the Canster compare website. Intermodal ranks first, followed by TPG, iiNet, etc. the problem is, look at reviews here, INTERNODE doesn’t come across as very popular, nor does AUSSIEBROADBAND. I suspect that TPG is getting too big and will end up like Optus and Telstra. Is Internode and Aussiebroadband level of NBN product and service really as bad as the reviews here? Anyonesble to advise on a reliable provider?
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from my 2.5 days of research,all isps have some bad reviews (much the fault of crappy nbn) but ones that seem good with excellent reviews so far for my first nbn & phone are: Aussie,Mint Telecom and Mate communicate.... i had adsl with belong whom were excellent but dont do phones now...Hi George. To be honest, reviews only go so far when it comes to your nbn connection. You may have a perfect connection, or you may not. It can be a lotto for those not on FTTP. All you can do is try. We have free month of internet promos running a lot, if you're currently not happy, you can try us, nothing lost. saynomore is good until the end of the month. Cheers.

How can this service provider provide better connections to NBN than Telstra
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Because we have a stop sell policy in place to ensure we don't oversell our network so that customers can enjoy great speeds even in peak times. Cheers!By being cheaper @ $59 mth for unlimited and having local support. That's how.

I was wondering if I am in a new developing area and want to connect internet, are you not able to assist to register unrecognised address? On the website of NBN (https://www2.nbnco.com.au/missingaddress), I need to contact the provider and the provider will assist to make it change. That is exactly what TPG processed for me and actually it was ready to connect internet with them. But I reconsidered whether I should use TPG. Maddie advised me that the landlord had to contact NBN and register. I didn't understand why you guys cannot process like TPG. I explained many times but in the end she told me that I could ask TPG to connect Internet. That was a little disappointing. I wanted to use Aussie because of good reviews...
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Hi Mai, I recommend calling our service delivery team and they can assist you with trying to get your address added.Hi, I already asked about this on the phone and she (who was Maddie) told me you guys cannot process any further at least I have to ask my landlord to register NBN first. ThanksI've been advised that if TPG processed it, then it should have been in the system already.

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