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Hi, I have an open terrace at the back of the house with external stairs to the lower level and want to enclose these areas. Your website has pergolas but do you build enclosed sunrooms and stairs as well? I’m based in Sydney, thanks.
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Hi Ronald, Apologies for not getting back to you sooner. (Unfortunately we have had some issues logging into our account.) Thank you for considering us and getting in touch. It sounds like you have some exciting plans in mind for your outdoor area. We would love to be involved and help you to bring your ideas to life. Our Sydney team supply and install outdoor blinds, artificial lawn and build pergolas, verandas and decks. Depending on exactly what you are after, we may be able to help. I’ve spoken with Andrew from our Sydney team about your inquiry and he has invited you to give him a call at the office on 8602 1200 to discuss the project in further detail. Kindest Regards, Alexandra Hand

Why is it when I try to cancel my contract within the 5 day cooling off period your sales guy threatens with legal action and no return of deposit?
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Hi Shawn, Thank you for your candid feedback of Australian Outdoor Living. We'd like to look into this further and we welcome you to contact us at feedback@aol-hq.com.au with additional details including your full name, the state you are located in, who you've been dealing with and any other information you feel may assist us in looking into this. We hope to hear from you. Kindest regards, The Team at Australian Outdoor Living

if the plastic is split by strong wind, is it covered under warranty or can home insurance cover it?
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Hi Christine, Thank you for getting in touch with us. We would love to help answer your question and will do our best with the information you have provided. We do have a 1 year parts and labour warranty on the blind so if it is within 12 months then the fault would be covered under warranty. Regarding home insurance coverage, you will need to follow up with your own insurance company as they all have different policies but we have had customers in the past replace blinds under home insurance with no issue. We'd like to welcome you to contact us at feedback@aol-hq.com.au to share further details including your name and which state you are located in so we can assist you with this. Kindest Regards, The team at Australian Outdoor Living

Hi all, we are thinking of installing fly over roof for outdoor patio area and wanted feedback from customers with this design re: if rain comes into the patio through fly over gap? If so is this only with very heavy rain? Any problems with run off or does it all go into gutters on house roof? Many thanks, Jenny (Syd)
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Hi Jenny, Thank you for your enquiry regarding our Flyover roof option for pergolas. In relation to your question, we would like to provide you with some context regarding our Flyover roof option for pergolas in patio areas. Flyover roofs are naturally built stronger because we endeavour to have products that are built to last. Although we can’t determine the weather, we can guarantee that we source the best materials to provide you with the strongest structures that will stand the test of time. We also offer a guarantee for 5 years structural, 15 years paint and 25 years in timber. We take pride in how secure and efficient our products are and our Flyover range can be fitted either attached to your home or freestanding and will keep the rain out. Previous feedback from customers has been very positive thus far however, we do advise that you thoroughly study our after care plans so that you can extend the quality and durability of our products for years to come. If you would like any more information regarding our Flyover range including the different types and what will be the best option to suit your home, please feel free to contact our Sydney team at 86021200. I hope this information has be somewhat helpful and if you have any more queries please feel free to contact us. Kindest Regards, The team at Australian Outdoor LivingWe have had a flyover installed and are pleased we did. We do have water comes in but only if we have a bad storm or harsh rain. Most goes onto spouting and into tank. We have put flyovers in two houses we have lived in and think it’s a great idea for extending a Patio.

I need to install the blinds at my shop. Could you please contact me my this email: [email address removed]? I need you help. I need to stall big blinds to protect wind and sun, asap. Could you please give me you email ? I can attached my outdoor area that I'm gonna install the blinds? Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you! Regards, Jayjay By the way, I don't like you one of your female staff that called me, she wasn't nice. she asked the stupid questions that she expected, I should know how to install them. Excuse me, I didn't know that at all. That 's why I contact you to help me sort it out, not just questions me and said you cannot do that. It 's not call the services. I hope, you can fix your service.
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Hi Jayjay, Thank you for getting in touch with us. We can certainly help you out. Before we can do that though, I will just need to clarify a few things. Unfortunately due to Product Review's Posting Guidelines they have removed your email address, so I would like to instead welcome you to contact me directly at ahand@aol-hq.com.au. Please provide me with further details - including your name and surname, suburb and state, best contact details and any other information you feel may help, and we can go from there. Looking forward to helping you to install these Outdoor Blinds at your shop! Kindest Regards, Alexandra HandIf you want protection from WIND don't use AOL, they don't cover wind in their warranty...……. Just had that terrible experience.. Bloody terrible.

How do I clean my bella bronze tinted curtains?
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Hey there Chris, Thank you for getting in touch. Happy to help! Whilst outdoor blinds require quite minimal maintenance, we do provide a “Caring for your Blinds” brochure during our visit and this includes some hints and tips for cleaning etc. The Recommended Cleaning Process below has been copied directly from this “Caring for your Blinds” brochure: 1. Remove any particles on the surface of the material to avoid scratches when wiping with a cleaning cloth. 2. Clean with a soft fabric cloth using a diluted warm water based detergent solution 1:10 (1 part detergent 10 parts water). 3. Rinse completely with fresh water and wipe dry with a soft lint free cloth or sponge. Also, before rolling the blind up, please ensure that the fabric is thoroughly dry to assist with maintaining the clarity of the PVC. For more details and extra information, I would be happy to share a PDF of this brochure with you via email. If this is of interest, please contact me at ahand@aol-hq.com.au. You are also welcome to call your local office on 1300 13 13 49 and one of our friendly team would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Kindest Regards, Alexandra Hand

Do you have interest free finance options for swimming pools? I live in Adelaide. Many thanks!
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Hi Lizzy. I am a customer of AOL, not AOL the company. I'm not sure if they arrange finance or not. Best to contact them directly.Hi Lizzy, Thank you for getting in touch with your query. We would love to help with your swimming pool enquiry – and in short, we do also offer finance. Our finance offerings can differ on a month to month basis around promotions running. Our current promotion for February is a 40 months interest free finance period. As mentioned though, this can change. We would like to welcome you to contact our team in Adelaide on 8229 7000. We can then have a chat, discuss exactly what you’re after and answer any additional questions. From there, if you’d like, we can then arrange a visit to your home to measure up, provide a free quote to gauge what the level of investment would look like and further explain possible finance options suited to you. We hope to hear from you soon. Kindest Regards, The team at Australian Outdoor Living

Hello! Can someone advise how I can contact someone at the Australian Outdoor Living office in Melbourne, please? The website doesn't work to send an email. None of the offices across Australia seem to be open and there is no way to leave a message. I've been trying to make contact with them for the past week or so, but I am having no luck. I have an order in place which I need to speak to them about. Any advice would be great! Thank you...
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Hi Daz, Don't know who to contact in Melbourne cause i'm from Newcastle NSW i can give you a number for the guy that i delt with and see if he can give you any info. Steve Kehde 0417 473 753 or (02) 86021200 Cheers RinoHello Daz, (Hi also to you Rino! Thank you for offering your assistance in the meantime.) Happy new year! Thank you for the query and we're sorry for the delayed response. Over the Christmas/new year period our offices were closed (15/12 - 2/1) so to allow the Australian Outdoor Living team some much deserved time off to enjoy with family and friends. This was advertised on our website and Facebook page. This may explain some of the difficulties you had in contacting us and we're sorry for any confusion this may have caused. We do partner with a phone answering company during this time, so we can field inquiries and so that messages can be taken, ready for our return. Did you try calling? Most of the team are back on deck as of today. Please feel free to give us a call on 9930 7600 at your earliest convenience. Again, we would like to apologise for delayed communication during this time and we look forward to hearing from you to discuss your order. Kindest Regards, The team at Australian Outdoor Living

My artificial grass is burning thought my glass pool paneling and the grass is very hot to walk on. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
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Hello Daphney, Thank you for getting in touch with us. We would love to help answer your question and will do our best with the information you have provided. What you're describing sounds like it could be the result of the sun's rays hitting one side of the glass and intensifying the heat through the other side - having a magnifying effect. Unfortunately Australia's hot weather conditions can make things a little uncomfortable in Summer - we are known as being "the sunburnt country" after all. We find that when temperatures soar, and on the same types of days that artificial lawn does get hot, most people tend to stay indoors to avoid the hot sun anyway. If you are planning on braving the heat and sitting on the lawn though, we recommend you sprinkle the lawn with the hose beforehand as this will help it to cool it down quite quickly. (Laying down a picnic rug, also helps.) On days like this, to avoid the heat underfoot, we also suggest you simply pop on some thongs or flip flips; just like you would in hot weather when walking on outdoor bricks, cement, paving etc. For a more permanent solution, you might like to look into frosting or tinting the glass panels? For now, without knowing more, this is all we can really suggest and advise. We have a few questions for you ourselves (What exactly are you experiencing? Is the patch of artificial grass which is causing you concern, directly alongside your pool fence? Was your artificial lawn purchased through Australian Outdoor Living? When did you purchase the Artificial Lawn and when did you purchase the glass fence?) If you would like to contact us directly, we welcome you to email us at feedback@aol-hq.com.au and we can discuss this in more detail. Kindest Regards, The team at Australian Outdoor Living

can u supply in india?
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Hello daljit, Thank you for your question. Whilst it's very encouraging to hear that our products are in demand internationally, I am sorry to say that at this point in time we only service the Australian market. We would love to invite you to please stay in touch. You may like to follow our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/australianoutdoorliving/) to keep up with all Australian Outdoor Living news. Who knows, international expansion plans may be on the horizon and a local office in India may not be too far away - if and when that happens, our Facebook fans will be among the first to know! Kindest Regards, The team at Australian Outdoor Living

Do you offer customers incentives to come to this website and give you a good review? I’m curious as to how these people give ‘fantastic’ reviews for the first time. Why on earth do they think “I’m going to the product review website and say how fantastic they are....” what (or who) would prompt someone to do that?
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To answer that, yes they do. We had a consult the other day and was offer a few hundred dollars discount to put a review on this page or on their fb page if we went ahead with the sale. As a result, I think most people feel obligated to leave 5 stars. Don't get me wrong, the product looked really good although very pricey and a bit pushy to sign in the dotted line on the spot which turns me off anyway, but I don't believe that people should be financially "persuaded" to leave reviews, if your products and service are that good, people will review them accordingly and honestly anyway. I had been told previously that they discount customers for reviews so word gets around anyway which does nothing for the company's reputation.Hi Brisbane, thank you for your question. Hello also to you, sandhr. We appreciate you joining the conversation - you beat us to it! Brisbane, to answer your question simply... No, we do not offer incentives to our customer to come to Product Review and give us “a good review”. Feedback is hugely important to us - ‘positive’ or ‘negative’. It provides us with valuable customer insights and, regardless of the nature of the review, we take all feedback very seriously. We regularly ask our clients to provide us with candid, honest feedback so that we can learn from past experiences and ensure we’re providing the best experience we know how - from the products themselves, right through to the installation and our team’s service. Point of sale, is one of the opportunities we take to discuss feedback and this is what sandhr is referring to. In most cases, we find that it’s really as simple as “ask and you shall receive!” We are very open about this and are more than happy to negotiate potential incentives, in exchange for some extra effort from our clients e.g. offering a price reduction to our customers for a review of their experience with us. We do what we can to ensure this is unbiased and that platforms like this offer a true reflection of the average Australian Outdoor Living customer’s experience. As you may have seen online, we do receive 1 and 2-star reviews on the odd occasion and these reviews are just as important to us as the 4 and 5-star posts. We are a company that pride ourselves on doing a great job and honest customer feedback helps us to maintain accountability and instigate changes where required for our current and future customers, as well as our own longevity. We hope this answers your question. Kindest Regards, The team at Australian Outdoor LivingI received an email requesting feedback after the job had been completed without any incentive offered and I was happy to provide a glowing review because when a team and product is this good - I don't need incentive. I did however need to be pointed in the right direction of a review site as I am a first timer - so thank you Australian Outdoor Living Melbourne for the feedback request email. It's 2017 - you can't swipe your Woolworths Rewards Card without receiving an email offering $10 off your next shop if you provide feedback on your latest shopping experience. I give credit where credit is due - so regardless of whether you are contacted or offered incentive for feedback, the responsibility to provide honest feedback lies with the customer. We paid $5,300.00 to have artificial lawn installed in our parents front lawn and THEY LOVE IT! Well and truly worth every penny to see how much they enjoy their maintenance free front yard. Not to mention - we obtained 2 alternative quotes, both were within the same price range.

Hello, we just had our Bella Vista outdoor blinds installed on Friday. Really happy with the overall quality of them. However, we noticed that there are uneven gaps at the bottom where the blinds meet our deck. Is this a common thing? From the outside you can't see it, but from the inside it is visible. It looks like theres two hooks on either of the sides aren't on the same level.
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Good Morning Sarah, Firstly, thank you for for choosing Australian Outdoor Living and for getting in touch with your question. It's great to hear that after just a few short days you are already able to recognise the quality of our Bella Vista Outdoor Shade Blinds and we hope that you got the chance to enjoy (and maybe even show off!) your new blinds over the weekend. Unfortunately without seeing the job, it is difficult to understand exactly what you are describing and we couldn't explain for certain why this may be. Of course we would be more than happy to look into this, and a quick site visit - or maybe even photos - could help us to answer this for you. I'd like to welcome you to please contact me at akuchel@aol-hq.com.au with your surname, suburb, state, contact number, and ideally, some photos of what you've described above. Looking forward to hearing back from you. Kindest Regards, Alexandra Kuchel

Hi We live in Emerald Queensland and wondering if you have a representative in the local area. for quoting and also would they install or is this set up as a DYI kit? Thanks Russell & Theresa
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Hi Russell & Theresa, Thank you for getting in touch. Due to the distance between our office and your location, at present, Australian Outdoor Living does not typically service the Emerald area i.e. offer our free measure and quote service. However, if it is Outdoor Blinds you are interested in, we may be able to offer a supply-only service providing you are able to share the measurements you are after. (We recently sent our Outdoor Blinds up to Cairns!) If this is something you are interested in pursuing, I would like to welcome you to make contact with us at feedback@aol-hq.com.au or call our QLD branch directly on 3380 3700 to chat further. Kindest Regards, The team at Australian Outdoor Living

Do you have a show room close in our place in the west NSW and contact number ? We are interested in building pergola in our backyard.
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Hello Lita, Thank you for making contact and expressing your interest in our pergolas. Our NSW branch is located in Minchinbury. There is no display centre but there is a small showroom with samples. You can contact them directly on 8602 1200 and they will be able to answer any more questions you have in detail. I hope this has helped! Kindest Regards, The team at Australian Outdoor Living

Can you please tell me if the Classic Series Bella Vista outdoor blinds really blocks out wind and rain? I want to be able to use our alfresco all year round and block out the weather.
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Hello Tracy Thankyou for your question. I can honestly tell you that we have been so pleased with our blinds, they are very thick and strong with high resistance to the weather. We have just had a few windy days with rain and they worked a treat. I wish you the best with your choice. Kind regards Lissa BurnsideHi Tracy, We had wind and rain over the last few days and temperatures down to -8 and it felt less cold.Hello Tracy, Thank you for your question and your interest in our Outdoor Blinds! Australian Outdoor Living has an extensive range of outdoor blinds all made right here in Australia from high quality and durable materials. Our Bella Vista Outdoor Blinds certainly do offer protection for you and your furniture against the elements and they are 95% water resistant. If you are looking for further protection, our Bella Opaque Outdoor Blinds are 97% water resistant and their special 2×2 weave even blocks 99% of UV rays. Please be aware that Australian Outdoor Living advises in our Caring For Your Blinds brochure that "...it is important that in times of gusting or high winds, you roll the blinds up or damage may be caused to the blinds and possibly your house, which is not covered under the warranty... It is the responsibility of the customer to retract fabric products in windy conditions.” We have received plenty of positive feedback from our customers who have noticed how our Outdoor Blinds have helped protect their outdoor area (as you may have noticed from the lovely people who helped respond to your question!) You are welcome to read an example of this here: https://www.productreview.com.au/r/australian-outdoor-living/1344933.html I hope this has helped! If you have any more questions, you are welcome to send them directly to feedback@aol-hq.com.au Kindest Regards, The team at Australian Outdoor Living

I want the Contact number. Anyone?
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Hi Sam, Happy to help out. Without knowing your state, we're unable to give you the direct local number, but if you call 1300 13 13 49, your call will be directed to your local office. Please let us know if you have any further questions. Kindest Regards, The team at Australian Outdoor Living

How long it will take to install all the roller shutters and estimate price for the manual with these measurements? In height by width. 2 x 21-06 2 x 12-06 1 x 21-18 1 x 15-18 1x 18-15 1x 18-18 2 x 06-21
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Hello Lorena, Thank you for your question and interest in Australian Outdoor Living's Roller Shutters. We certainly would love the opportunity to be involved with your outdoor project! At Australian Outdoor Living, every one of our projects is entirely custom designed. As every job is different, it is difficult to give you an exact timeframe. Furthermore, the timeframe may also vary depending on which state you live in. In regards to providing you with a price estimate, again, every job is different and we have many options available which can alter the cost. It is for this reason that I unfortunately cannot provide you with a rough price as requested. However, as mentioned above, we would absolutely love the opportunity to be involved with your outdoor project. If you are interested in finding out more or receiving a free, no obligation measure and quote, please visit our website or call your local office. https://www.australianoutdoorliving.com.au/contact/ Thank you very much. Kindest Regards, The team at Australian Outdoor Living

How long would you typically expect the process to take to build a small verandah/patio in Melbourne?
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Good Morning, Thank you for your question. We apologise for the delay in getting back to you. At Australian Outdoor Living, all of our outdoor projects are custom built to order. For this reason, some challenges exist regarding setting exact timelines. Furthermore, the variations in our customers interpretation of “small” varies greatly and could impact upon the time it would take to build. I'll do my best to give you an idea of what to expect when it comes to the process of building a Verandah/Patio with Australian Outdoor Living in Victoria. The BUILD time of your structure will depend on the scale of the project, therefore I unfortunately cannot provide you with an accurate timeline for this process. However, before this can be started, we need to obtain official approvals and permits. While we try our best to submit plans as quickly as possible, the actual approval time is out of our hands and is subject to local government lead times for consideration of applications. Australian Outdoor Living will handle this for you including preparation and lodgment of drawings. We allow approximately 1 - 2 weeks. Once we've lodged all the required paperwork with our Certifier, they are generally approved within 2 to 3 weeks or up to 4 in some instances. From time to time special permission is sought to build close to a boundary - it can take up to 4 - 5 weeks to receive this approval. Once approved (by Certifier/Council if required), the materials are ordered. Within approximately 1 week the materials are delivered direct to site, ready for the building works to commence. With a "small" structure, from start to finish, best-case scenario, we'd estimate an APPROXIMATE turn around time of 4 - 5 weeks. We understand that a project like this is very exciting, but due to the nature of these jobs it can be hard to make promises and advise of exact timelines. We do however aim to keep our customers informed at each stage of the process. Hope this helps! Kindest Regards, The team at Australian Outdoor Living

How long does it take you to build 4.8m wide and 2 .6 m long Patio including council approvals in QLD?
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Hi Tim, Thank you for your question - it's a very good one! As you will know, all of our projects are custom. This means that they're a bit more involved than a standard 'kit' job and so it's a bit more tricky to provide exact timelines. I'll do my best to give you an idea of what to expect though... TYPICALLY a structure of approximately that size, dependent on design (whether a Flat Skillion, Fly-Over or Gable etc) can be BUILT in a day for the first two types and we usually estimate approx. 2 to 2½ days for a Gable patio design. (Gable designs are a little more labour intensive.) Of course, this is the build itself only. Before we can begin this, we need to obtain official approvals and permits. This step is out of our control and can be unpredictable. Council approval can cause delays and is a big part of the reason it's difficult to predict estimated completion timelines. Before we can lodge the drawings and plans to our Certifier we need to obtain Site Plans from our customers. If not available, our team will draw these up. This can take approx. 1½ weeks. Once we've lodged all the required paperwork with our Certifier, they are generally approved within 2 to 3 weeks. Sometimes this can take closer to 4 weeks if the structure is close to boundaries - e.g. a carport to the front boundary of a property. This is because we then need to obtain 'Relaxation', and the Certifier sends the application to the local council to gain their approval. On average, this can take approx. 4 to 5 weeks to receive Relaxation approval. Once approved (by Certifier/Council if required), the materials are ordered. Within approximately 1 week the materials are delivered direct to site, ready for the building works to commence. That said, the structure you describe (4.8 x 2.6) would generally fall into the 'Small Entertainment Type'. From start to finish, best case scenario, we'd estimate an APPROXIMATE turn around of 4-5 weeks. We understand that a project like this is very exciting, but due to the nature of these jobs it can be hard to make promises and advise of exact timelines. We endeavor to keep our clients informed at each step of the process. I hope this helps! Kindest Regards, The team at Australian Outdoor Living

We have had a patio built by AOL and we are surprised that that our only payment to them was for materials, for which no invoice was forthcoming. We were instructed to pay the contractor, who did all the construction, directly. This appears to be a way of avoiding responsibility on behalf of AOL since we have paid upfront for "materials" and only have the contractor to come back to if anything goes wrong. Please explain?
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Hello Peter, Firstly, thank you for choosing Australian Outdoor Living (AOL) recently for your outdoor project. We appreciate the opportunity to have worked with you and hope that you are enjoying your new patio. Great timing to have it all completed - Summer's not far away now! This is an easy one! Sounds like there is some confusion around this though and I'm sorry to hear that this is the case. Along with a few documents that are sent out with answers to your above queries, our Production Managers/Production Assistants, are in touch multiple times throughout the project and are available to answer any queries you have at any stage. I am surprised your queries weren't answered earlier but am more than happy to clear things up for you. As you may remember, we send out a Payment Schedule, along with your plans when they are submitted to council. We email and post both of these documents. The Payment Schedule clarifies the payments due: what they are for, who to pay them to and when. This is signed and then sent back to the office. Also sent out, is a Guarantee Card. Please know that it's important to us that our clients have peace of mind. We certainly don't try to "avoid responsibility" and as such AOL takes full responsibility for the guarantee of works undertaken. This document details the guarantee we provide on the paint, materials, workmanship etc. After completion of the project, if there are any issues or concerns, our clients are to contact us directly to arrange site visits and rectification works. Without knowing details of your project - whether steel/timber etc. - it is tricky for me to explain exactly what's available to your specific project. (Copies of our Guarantee Cards are also available on our website and if you call your local office on 1300 13 13 49 we'll be able to discuss your particular guarantee in more detail.) You are completely correct in that we do ask our clients to pay our contractors directly and the only payment made to AOL is for materials. This is in an effort to avoid delays and save our clients money. Because AOL don't act as a middle-man, we make no profit on the labour component of projects. We feel that this offers our clients the 'best of both worlds' as they pay less, whilst also receiving a quality design and build, backed by AOL's guarantees. I hope that this answers your questions and I welcome you to contact myself via email (Alex at akuchel@aol-hq.com.au) or your local office on 1300 13 13 49 if there is anything more you'd like to discuss. Kindest Regards, Alexandra Kuchel

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