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I made an online purchase payment was made with master card. The next day I got email saying we have to reimburse your payment because card details could not be verified.
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So.., not a question :(

Hi I’d like to know if anyone’s bought a queen sized mattress in a box from Big W ? If so, what did they think of it and how would they rate it please?
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You would have to ring Big W I am more than an hour by highway from any big W And just a customerIf it has a make and model maybe check this site for reviews

If I can collect an online purchase from Big W at Woolworths, why can't I get a refund for a faulty item there? Nearest Big W is 300 km away and evidently I'm expected to pay return postage for this piece of rubbish. I'm never going to Woolworths or Big E again. You sack your staff and expect us to do their work. Good up see your going broke.
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Not a question but really a Review. As you know they do not respond here. What is Big E?have you contacted woolworths head office & asked them ?

How do I compliment a staff member at Erina store
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The obvious wayeither by asking to see the store manager or contacting head office would be the most obvious way

Has anyone else had any issues with the big w range of licensed tshirts finding small holes in the front of them once they have worn them once then washed them? I have a snoopy one, two bon Jovi tshirts and a Volkswagen one and they now all have holes that have appeared in the front of the fabric? I thought I must have moths but I have checked other clothing in my wardrobe and they are fine ???
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crap products made in china. shoes are the same the sole fell off the shoes after 2 days

can u search items with a docket? for example enter the product number? I have put a heap on lay-by for xmas and hav forgotten what I've purchased
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Ask them.

Hi I just did my big w Christmas shopping today and while in line I did fast pay where a staff member packs up your items and puts your details on the package. The staff told me that they will send out the receipt soon. Does anyone know how long it will take to receive the receipt? Thank you
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How long does it take for big w to deliver and do they deliver on weekends?
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All bigw deliverys are done through Australia post. Australia post only picks up once a day.Check their website

Looking for reviews on the new mattress in a box?
No answers

Hi I buy russlle Hobbs food processor from big w , but after 20 days it's stop working . Unfortunately I lost receipt. I took it back to store but they refuse to replace it.it's 100$ rusting on self. Plz suggest any options available?
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Hey goldie, you have to have receipt to return faulty items in any type of store as it's a manafacture requirement BUT the big w were I work will except a bank statement with a transaction for the store you bought it from or a credit card statement. Or you can google the manufacturer and contact them and a lot of times they will help you out.... I hope you find this useful if not helpful......

Is there any way to get the email address of Big W customer service management that will actually try to resolve an issue (not stop an issue from escalating because they don't want their superiors to know about it)? I.e bigwcontactus@bigw.com.au is useless
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Hi Ms. Z, I have the same concern about what you think. As you see from the horrible & terrified experience I had from the Big W Bunbury WA Store. I will be really stupid to even think that they will look into the case if I complain to that Bunbury Store directly when the one who insulted me was it's manager (she said!). Anyway, I tried to find all info I can find on internet, different website. I found it's main Head Office address in Sydney. I had written two letters to this address but I'm not sure whether the management receive it or not. It's good to try. So far I got an response from it's customer experience team after I sent a private message thru it's facebook account. I got an email response from it's staff but I 'm almost sure that she is only very low rank staff, not management at all. She didn't feel that is serious anyway. She said "she is very disappointing I feel that way!!!" (Look !!! your customer spent a couple thousand dollars in your store per year for last 10 - 12 years. And be insulted and treated rudely, badly by your rubbish staff just because they didn't want to refund $11 to the customer which they should because it their mistake!!). So I don't think there is a way to find it's contact easily on it's management level. What I will do is put your complain on it's facebook (comment), and send another private message to then thru facebook (of course, you can leave only your email address at this stage). Then you should get a response quickly, afterwards, you can try to escalate your complaint to higher level management. I will even try to go to other store, talk to another manager (if you can find someone nicer there!), and see if she/he can help by giving you the contact of higher level management. Don't give up, don't let this people go away from it!! We spend our money there, we pay for the product & service!!! We deserved better!! For me, I decided I won't spend a penny in it's store and any business that belong to it's group like Woolworth. from now on. Luckily, we still have many choices in Aus!!! We should support small business when we can! Good luck!Sammy please find one of you family or friend who can speak excellent English to speak for you Go to Big W just go to customer service desk ask to see manager on duty . Show him this complaint then using a friend or Family speaking English tell manager story then ask for your refund if that isn't enough to sort it out then if it's over $50.00 go online to fair trading to lodge a complaint against Big W. All the best Jeffreyobrien

Has anyone encountered the fact that Big W will not reimburse you for the full price of items on sale (2 pairs of mens shorts) paid $5 each - they would only reimburse $3 each? My husband, who is 83, lost the docket whilst trying them on - I bought 4 and other things and wanted to return 2, which did not fit. I did not purchase them from the store to which I returned them but that should make no difference. I refused and intend to take the matter further. Big W have long been bad on returns and I should have known better than purchasing from them. Are they really that hard up they have to screw genuine customers? I did not mind having a store credit to purchase something else.
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Your receipt is proof of the amount that you paid for the item/s. Without it, they will only credit you with the current sale price, which may be less than it was at the time you purchased it. If you can't prove you paid $5 instead of $3, then $3 is all you get - this is to stop other customers from purchasing items on sale then trying to get return credit for more than what they actually paid - which is fair enough.

Do they have a photo lab in store at the Warnbro Big W ? (Warnbro Western Australia 6169)
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Wanbrow Sound Big W is 76 kms south from where I usually shop. Big W stores where I have shopped usually have a photo lab. But for you to be sure, please ring Big W Wanbrow Sound at Ph: (08) 9591 7348 or search it online.

I have ordered an xbox game from big w online and they have used eParcel, I ordered it on Friday. They said it would take between 5-7 days it is now Tuesday and AusPost still hasn't received the item to start sending it. Will my package be here on time because I needed it by the 24th which would have been the 7 days. Thanks.
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Hi did you get this? Was it the Ebay Big W store online - I am still waiting 3 weeks for an xbox card -lately service very bad. Now waiting for refund extra week.

How much does the Remington Perfect Big Curl cost?
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I cannot find the rminton perfect big curl but there is the remington perfect curls 2-in-1 for $49 or remington perfect curl tong in pink for $25 with a sving of $14. Otherwise there is a sassoon curl secret for $149. Hope that is helpful

I bought a hinterland tent and the poles shattered the first time it was put up and it wasn't even windy I wonder if this is covered under warranty?
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Hi Raves, Yes this should be covered under warranty. but I would just take it back and ask for an exchange. They should be happy to exchange for another tent or otherwise I would ask for a store credit. Good luckI took it back got a full refund very happyHi raves, what tent did you buy? I just put the 6 person tent on Layby. If you could get back to I would great appreciate it plz

I've shopped at Big W Carindale for a long time and pretty much every time I go there, there's this same short old lady (Italian/European maybe, she has an accent and a weird spelled name starting with a P) standing on the door chatting to her friends about whatever. I've had to ask her a few times about where to find items in the store and I couldn't even get near enough to ask her anything! There was like 5 elderly people standing around chatting and laughing about goodness knows what, and I'm standing here, waiting for some service. She's also totally clueless about where anything in the store is! I ask about shoe polish and I get sent to the opposite end of the store, I ask for kitchen items and I get sent to the toy section. So after all that, here's my question! I want to know, if the staff are allowed to keep working at this level of incompetence and ignorance, can I have a job there too? I'd love to get paid to talk to my friends all day and do nothing.
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Touche! I avoid Big w at all costs if I have to.

Can I get another copy of a past layby reciept as mine was damaged. The shark vacuum I layby'd and purchased three weeks ago is faulty?
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Well its a yes and a no case. while yes recipts can be re-printed as far back as 6 months, through an electronic journal used in the store, the manufacturer will not accept it as proof of purchase. your best bet is to call 800-798-7395 and select option 2. this will connect you with a member of the Shark warranty team. through troubleshooting they may be able to send a new vacuum out to you or give you an RA (return authority) number to bring to your local Big W store. Sadly Shark along with many other of the "as seen on TV" products have very strict returns rules that stores have to follow and this doesn't allow us to be as flexible as we would like. Ben, Returns desk associate QLD

Why do Big W put things in their Catalogue for sale in Perth and then when I am looking for them am told by staff they dont even expect to get them here in Perth as the catalogue is made for the East.
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I din't work fir Big W so I can't answer your question. All I know is that I will not shop there due to the staff's rudeness and incompetence. I have never been so publically humiliated.I have also found in recent times that most of the staff dont give a jot about anything having said that you do come across a very nice and helpfull person now and again and I think it is because they do not have enough staff now so asking them questions is taking up their time and they dont like it.HI there, Firstly the catalogue is made for all Big w stores however you may find that your local store doesn't always receive stock for those catalogues and when they do its often after the event. Sadly this problem is not something fixed at a store level. most of the problems in fact stem from whatever distribution centre and freight service is used in your local area. In most cases stores that don't receive the stock in time will get it after the promotion has finished, for that reason have a chat to the staff member there about a rain check, most times they are happy to take a rain check as it mean getting rid of stock they would otherwise be stuck with after the promotion ends. Hope this helps you. Ben

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