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Can we change our Sales Consultant? We like the design of Clarendon home but having very unpleasant time with the sales consultant. They provide incorrect information most times, and we have to challenge on everything to get the right answer. They also miss everytime half of the items that I ask in email. It's just a repeat of same thing over and over again, and by the time we reach some acceptable level, then their promotion / pricing changes coz the sales person took weeks to settle our queries. We are just not able to come to the end of it. The cycle time is just far toooo long to come to the contract stage, and could be a reason for us to look elsewhere, which would be a shame.
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Hi Potential Customer. We are sorry to hear that you have been having issues with your sales consultant. Yes, you are most welcome to change sales consultants. We have private messaged you asking for your contact details. Thanks in advance.Go to Ray Fellows in NEWPORT, he is amazing and knows his job well.

Hello , I am building double story home with Clarendon. My basic contract has temperzone AC (which is not invertor) and they are now offering Temperzone Inverter model OSA224RTFH as upgrade. Can some one help with experience with Temperzone. Regards,
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Hi, Can anyone please explain what are the conditions of the clarendon lifetime warranty. Thanks
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I believe the lifetime warranty isn’t passed on when sold, and only certain things are under the lifetime warranty.

Hi Can you plz advise which company supplies the concrete for the slabs in Clarendon Homes on the Sunshine Coast. Thanks
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Hi John, Hanson Concrete Australia supply all of our concrete.

Once the land is ready to be built on. How long from start to finish for a 2 story home to be built?.
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Hi Harriet. Times will vary considerably between NSW and QLD. They will also vary depending on the council area you are building in. The size of your home will also change the build time. The larger the home, the longer the build. Pre-construction preparation can be around 6 months, but can extend if you home is in an established suburb. Construction times start from around 6 months for 2 storey homes, but can extend longer than that if they are larger homes or in established suburbs.

Are private building inspectors permitted by Clarendon to inspect each stage of the build?
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Hi, I have heard that it's Clarendon Home's Policy not to modify the staircase in the double-storey homes. Can you please point me out where this policy is written because I have failed to find this in any Sales Brochures? I thought Clarendon Homes was different that Domaine Homes in this case and they build as per customer needs. Thanks Deep
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Hi Deep. All building variations have to comply with internal guidelines. With regard to staircases, changes effect engineering of the home and frequently the stair case design, which is quite integral to the original floor plan. We therefore don’t allow changes to them.

how much does the madison 36 cost to build?
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Hi Mark R. Please contact our sales centres on 13 63 93 for information on building prices in the area you want to build. It will also be helpful if you have details on the land you wish to build on.

My fiance and I are building with Clarendon, Sheridan 37. Which we are extremely excited for but in the very early stages of the whole process. Just wondering What's everyone's build time been?
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Hi there, we built a Fairmont 38 with 2 storeys. Slab was layed early August and we were in the house in Mid May. We did have some issues with the roof as this was a new flat roof design so that probably added a month to the build. If you exclude the extra month, the build was 9 months. There was little rain so there were no real interruptions. Hope this helps. Cheers ChrisOur slab was poured late April 2018. We were promised "48 weeks after the slab was poured". It is very slow so I expect we get the keys in late April 2019.

Hi Clarendon, we are waiting to hear back from Terry from the NSW design team about our issue regarding the window in our dining room. Our job can't be completed without this issue being addressed. Can someone please contact us. (Our ref number 29912472) Thanks Megan
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I had posted a 5 star comment and it was not accepted. Why? Regards Amore
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Hi, You need to attached either an email from Clarendon or a photo to prove that you did deal with Clarendon. This information will not be posted due to privacy. ThanksI did upload a receipt copy showing I am a genuine customer having my house built by Clarendon. I also had posted and earlier review showing my credentials with added comments on my house progress. So if I did do as you ask my new on-going comment should be shown. Cheers Amore

We are considering the Madison 39 with the "home within a home" option. Will there be and additional cost involved for this?
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Hi Kathryn H. The 'Home within a Home' option includes an additional bathroom and kitchen area, which comes at an additional cost. You can speak to a Clarendon sales person who will have the options pre-priced on the list of homes it is available on. You can contact Clarendon sales on the 13 63 93 inquiry line to find out more.

Hi Clarendon,my house was built sep last year. Now the lock is not working , dishwasher broken and the TV point not working either. Would you please advise how long the warranty will be for those items ? (Job Number 29911364) Thank you
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Thanks for your enquiry and providing job details. Customercare will contact you promptly to assist with your enquiries.

I am finding difficult to choose the right builder for a double storey home. Can anyone please help me? Clarendon, Metricon and Mcdonald Jones in my shortlist, not sure which is the right one.
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Do your research, I've heard a few nasty stories from my clients regarding Metricon (gotten too big, too quickly, using cheap labour therefore quality of workmanship below par, I don't know about McDonald Jones. My experience with Clarendon has been great.Thanks John. Appreciate it mate.Also be weary about McDonald Jones' pricing and sloping costs. We have a few friends who have been with McDonald Jones and they have slapped on costs for having to put in drop edge beams etc into blocks of land which are flat enough to not need them. All builders have their good and bad. Just remember at the end of the day, this is business for them (so they want to make the most money possible), and it is a 30yr commitment for you (so you want the best deal). Any discounts or offers they initially offer will sound absolutely fantastic, however there is more they can do if they really want your business. You just need to ask.

Wondering what the procedure is if unhappy with our site manager and customer consultants response to an issue?
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Have you tried to provide a review/comment on here and raised the concern? I am sure they monitor this website closely. Also if no success with management in Sydney, I heard someone else tried to contact the Queensland Head Office with the complains since Sydney is only a branch of Clarendon. All the best !!!Hi Simnma, Complete the feedback form on this page with as many details as possible about your concern. A relevant Clarendon team member will respond to you within 3 working days to help resolve the issue. As a further commitment, we’ll also follow up to see if your concern has been resolved to your satisfaction. https://www.clarendon.com.au/nsw/clarendon-customer-feedback Kind regards, Clarendon HomesHi slmnma I have the same problem. I submitted Customer Feedback Form last week, but have not received a response from Clarendon Management till now. Not sure if their complaint handling process works.

Hi all, I'm currently building with Clarendon and visited the site with the Site Manager. Wife and I noticed that the cornice at the exterior of the house is not continuous. There are gaps at corners and at the window frames. Site Manager says it's not a defect and it how the contractor chose to do it. We asked whether this can be fixed or not and he said no as it's cosmetic and not a defect. Appreciate any feedback from the forum before we go back to Clarendon. You can see what I mean in my profile picture as I can't upload images when asking a question. Thank you. Cheers, David
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This should be fixed, thats not fair. I would check your contract plans and display homes and them as justification to be resolved before handover. Maybe start an Instagram account tracking the build of your home too. Good luck

What is better - tile roof or colour bond?
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Colour bond is lighter than tiles (at 5-10kg per square metre vs 40kg) and sealed better on the roof. However concrete or ceramic tiles allow any vapour or condensation to dry through concrete/ceramic tile. A colour bond roof requires a layer of insulation above the sarking to minimise condensation and then a ventilation system to help any evaporated water to escape out in to the outside air. I like tiles for that reason. Note ceramic tiles don't loose their colour but cost more that concrete. Get some quotes and if the difference is not too much go ceramic. Your choice offcourse.Thank you!!I would choose Colourbond over Concrete tiles. However I would choose Terracotta tiles over them both. Clarendon have a special offer on the terracotta tiles at the moment- a very good offer!

In the tender it says extra cost due to double handling due to site conditions - what does this mean?
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Hi Ron I hope you have not signed the tender contract yet. Please check and ask all the questions you have with them and ensure all your doubts are cleared. There are extra hidden costs you need to be aware for each site, depending on the site condition - eg flat land or with slope; rocks etc. It’s better to know and expect what extra costs you could be charged than a big “surprise” later. One more advice, make sure you check the “liquidated damage” on the tender the amount per day is reasonable to you. That is the amount they will compensate if the don’t complete the job on time! Make sure before you sign the tender contract you get some legal advice or have someone with building or legal knowledge to go with you. Good luck!

Hi my house was built by Clarendon homes back in 2008/2009, I have purchased this house from the first home owner in 2015, since last 8 months I have noticed deep cracks in my ceiling to different areas of the house mainly all to the right side of the house and this is spreading to hall way, kitchen, living and master bedroom. I have engineer's report that states this is due to faulty installation of cooling unit that and also Roof trusses not up to correct standards. I need to contact you ASAP to discuss this matter. I have also sent an email to 'customercare@clarendon.com.au'. Please advise how I can get in touch to discuss this matter as you no longer have offices in Melbourne.
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Hi Meheksyed. You have emailed the correct address. You may also call our Sydney office for assistance on (02) 8851 5300

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