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My oder is ( tax invoice N10381771) i just made it tonight 21 May 2019. Now i would like to change another one. How can I change it? Please let me know before the product delivery to my house. Thanks
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You probably need to get in touch with their customer service. I'm not a dshop rep, just an (ex) dshop customer. I put "ex" because I have no intention of ever buying anything from them again. The quality of the product a bought (bicycle) is appalling

I received my item in two days! Albeit it was not what U ordered. They have collected the item and I now await my original delivery. Numerous emails sent with no reply. No phone to ring. Very frustrated.
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It sounds unfortunate. My order was delivered correctly, and Extremely fast considering it was among the public holidays for Easter. If you still haven,t a response from the emails try https://www.facebook.com/dshop.com.au/ I am sure they will respond quickly there

I returned an item they came here to pick it up but they didn't give me my money back.
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Same here- bunch of thieves

Do u do after pay
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Having previously had a good experience in purchasing from dshop, my latest experience deserves one star not five stars (as I previously gave them). Why does dshop not respond to my report of damaged goods and subsequent emails? Why is dshop still in business, given that their after sales service is so poor?
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Hello, I recently had a poor experience with them also. My opinion based on this is that they all have full time jobs and this is their side business, and that they drop ship from China, hence the low prices. Surely if anyone was working for this business full time they would be able to improve their customer service from what it is. It’s mind blowing that they are still able to trade based on what they provide to customers. My advice is get your money back from your card service provider and go elsewhere. Temple & Webster for example provide the best service you’ll ever get, and yes you will pay more but it’s worth every extra dollar cent. Best of luck.i have been trying to get my money back for about 1 1/2 year, the after sale service is ridiculously poor. good luck to you

How are u Still operating when you have riped all those people off I’m still waiting for my refund and yes there is no response at all from you.
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Same, no communication for 3 weeks, have paid $480. Got my credit card company onto it and well, total scam :(Right, so its worse than I expected, it’s been 1 week for me and people here have no response forb3 weeks, this is bad.I paid by using PayPal and lodged a complain with Paypal against dshop. Paypal contacted dshop and guess what within a day they got back to PayPal.Now I have to return this junk in order for a refund, and its not an easy thing to refund, the box is 1.3meter in length.

When are you going to send the base for the umbrella we bought in December? Communication is impossible ( no address or phone number) & repeated requests for you to ring us have been ignored, chat line promised to send missing parts in January. Still waiting!! Consumer Affairs is our next step. N10356068 / N10360066
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My question is this - WHERE IS MY REFUND??? I have returned your product (wobbly office desk) 2 months ago - After sending numerous emails, live chats - NO ONE is getting back to me. So, my question is WHERE IS MY REFUND???
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Same here I don’t know how they are still Operating

How can I submit invoice of my purchase to qualify for the reward?
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Is there a way i can make DSHOP refund my money? They gave faulty product now ignoring my emails
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My product was fine. I didn’t need to return. Maybe you just need persistenceThey are the worst business. Selling proucts that are rubbish then no refund. Refer it to fair tradingyes I found they answer emails promptly when you are still in buying mode. Then when the product is not as advertised and is returned for refund Dshop goes to ground. I purchased a spin bike that was promoted to suit all sizes of person. It was suitable for only a small person. Legs constantly bent when riding. Hopeless. Bad company - no phone number to voice complaint - no refund when goods returned - organisation needs to be held to account. I have raised a complaint with ACCC. Suggest everyone with complaint keep pushing till Dshop responds with refunds or the government shuts them down.

I'm trying to buy something but when I go to the checkout it keeps saying wrong or incomplete billing address. I've checked it over and over but can't find what I'm doing wrong. Anybody else had this and of so how did you resolve it?
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Just wondering if anybody here has bought a rug from Dshop? How’s the quality?
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Its better not to trust their description which doesnt match to product

Do u know if their mountain bikes are of good quality?
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I cannot answer your question regarding their mountain bikes as I bought my product online and didn't have the opportunity to inspect the bikes.I am sorry, I don't know eitherThey're cheap and nasty. Plus the fat bike they show has front shock absorber. The one I received had rigid shocks. They then offer a "discount" instead of giving you what you ordered. AVOID! I'm about to do a credit card reversal with my bank

What is there phone number can't seem to find it any where if any body out there knows it can you please email me in [email removed] thankyou
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I tried everything to find their phone number myself. They don't want you to contact them...terrible customer service.I've had the same issue. No goods, no refund and no customer service just a constant automated ticket that says they will respond in two days. This has been going on for 3 weeks.They have been giving me the run-around for a month. They have my money and I still do not know whether or not my order actually did exist .

Where are the assembly instructions?
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If the instructions aren't in the box - you may have to contact their hotline or through their website. Or maybe Google search the instructions and print

I purchased product from you 19.11.17 and I am still waiting on delivery. my invoice number is N10281611. Any update? Janine Low ADRA OP Shop
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I would recommend you call them as this is long stretch of time for an order

There's quite a few reviews here where the content is terrible (received broken stuff / terrible customer service / I won't shop here again - all reflecting my experience of their abominable shoddy products / service) and yet the star rating is quite high (4 or 5 stars) - how does that work?
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I only bought one product from the site and it delivered within few days and I personally think the product is good. I would not say the product is high quality but acceptable, what you pay us what you get, it meets my expectations. This is only my personal experience. I could not answer you how the rating work?! If I have to, I would say as a human being, people usual complaining about the bad things and say few words for good. Don't you agree?Hi Maggie, thanks for your response. I am glad that you managed to get an acceptable product! I would have been satisfied with something resembling acceptable and usable. However, for my investment, I received a heap of junk (and lost a whole bunch of time and energy wasted in trying to assemble it with misleading, half-baked instructions, then to try and fix it and make the best of it, then once established it was thoroughly useless, I tried many times to follow-up for a replacement or refund - which never came). I was left with the strongest and bitterest of impressions that they were deliberately and flagrantly (not just negligently) dodgy and purposely trying to rip people off - as this was reflected thoroughly and consistently in every aspect of my experience post-sales (and I could see by looking to June to September's reviews, between when incentives were offered, most others as well). Yes, I agree a shocking or negative experience can drive a more compelling need to vent and warn others than a positive or ordinary experience compels expression. (Although, apparently a $200 incentive does wonders to get people motivated for the latter). Still, many of these reviews do seem quite unusual and not like ones I have seen elsewhere where a star rating is more likely to reflect the nature of the comments. eg. 'I am never shopping here again' wouldn't normally warrant 4 or 5 stars. I guess you got lucky! Hope you and bub continue to enjoy the playmat!haven't you noticed that most of the 5 star reviews aren't verified........ i wonder what's behind that........ just sayin.... very sus !! BTW if a service or product is very good i review them as well as reviewing shocking service and misleading advertising and junk products.

Hi it's me again my first review was written on the 16th November and I'm still waiting for dshop to reply so I can return the item and get the one I wanted I purchased a queen air bed it was supposed to be a high one but instead I got a low one and not only that the plug that blows it up doesn't fit normal house power it's now been weeks has anyone else had this trouble I'm thinking I might have to contact fair trading as I wanted this item for Xmas? Di
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hi Di i have not had any trouble whatsoever. Hope it gets better BDshop I am still waiting on a return code for my item and at this pace I'm not sure I will Evan get it replaced for Xmas it's taken me weeks of emails to your company and I'm still waiting Dianne

Does anybody have a contact number for this website?
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They don't have a phone contact.... because they don't want you to contact them.

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