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When are you going to send the base for the umbrella we bought in December? Communication is impossible ( no address or phone number) & repeated requests for you to ring us have been ignored, chat line promised to send missing parts in January. Still waiting!! Consumer Affairs is our next step. N10356068 / N10360066
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My question is this - WHERE IS MY REFUND??? I have returned your product (wobbly office desk) 2 months ago - After sending numerous emails, live chats - NO ONE is getting back to me. So, my question is WHERE IS MY REFUND???
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How can I submit invoice of my purchase to qualify for the reward?
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I'm trying to buy something but when I go to the checkout it keeps saying wrong or incomplete billing address. I've checked it over and over but can't find what I'm doing wrong. Anybody else had this and of so how did you resolve it?
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Just wondering if anybody here has bought a rug from Dshop? How’s the quality?
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Its better not to trust their description which doesnt match to product

Do u know if their mountain bikes are of good quality?
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I cannot answer your question regarding their mountain bikes as I bought my product online and didn't have the opportunity to inspect the bikes.I am sorry, I don't know eitherThey're cheap and nasty. Plus the fat bike they show has front shock absorber. The one I received had rigid shocks. They then offer a "discount" instead of giving you what you ordered. AVOID! I'm about to do a credit card reversal with my bankAVOID THE BIKES AT ALL COST. The one I received was the worst quality bike I've ever hadIf you have a LOCAL bike shop that sells "Named" bikes that you might be interested in, although they might cost a little more to buy than these online sales, after my experience with one of these FOLDING BIKES from Dshop i would recommend that you buy from your local bike shop & stay away from Dshop bikes. You get what you pay for....These Dshop bikes are Cheap Quality & are to be avoided.

What is there phone number can't seem to find it any where if any body out there knows it can you please email me in [email removed] thankyou
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I tried everything to find their phone number myself. They don't want you to contact them...terrible customer service.I've had the same issue. No goods, no refund and no customer service just a constant automated ticket that says they will respond in two days. This has been going on for 3 weeks.They have been giving me the run-around for a month. They have my money and I still do not know whether or not my order actually did exist .Like others they have my money and my defective goods all I have had from them is the run around, so went to local member and they found this phone number (07) 3733 0966. Have had no success in connecting with them all I get is a recording so now to the Office of Fair Trading.Same her . been 2 weeks and so. havent heard back from them regarding my refund and coundnt find their contact no as well.

Where are the assembly instructions?
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If the instructions aren't in the box - you may have to contact their hotline or through their website. Or maybe Google search the instructions and print

I purchased product from you 19.11.17 and I am still waiting on delivery. my invoice number is N10281611. Any update? Janine Low ADRA OP Shop
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I would recommend you call them as this is long stretch of time for an order

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