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I need a painter to paint interior of house
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I need a painter to paint interior of house
2 answers
Hello Ede, I recommend Sam. Just finished my house interior painting. It's great. The price is fantastic compared to other quotes. Ring grey army and ask Karen, for Sam the painter. He is polite and works quickly. He has 26 years experience. Good luck Ede. Regards Nikki GreenfieldThank you for requesting some work to be done. Would you be able to visit our website www.greyarmy.com.au and complete the request a job section, or alternatively call 13 11 98 during business hours and provide your full name, address and contact phone number. Sorry for any inconvenience but we require these details so we can refer this to your Grey Army Office that looks after your state. They will then refer this to a local grey army member who will contact you and arrange a free written quotation.

I need my 7 roses pruned. Can anyone does this in Ballarat Nt. And how much it will cost me? My mobile no. is [moblie number removed]. Pleasre reply asap thanks
1 answer
Good morning, we have a Grey Army office in Ballarat, please call 13 11 98 and provide your details, they will organise a local gardener to call you to arrange a visit. We provide free quotes.

I need a quote for powerboard upgrade must be able to supply certificate for insurance fairfieldwest nsw
1 answer
Please visit our website www.greyarmy.com.au and follow the links to request a quote, we provide qualified tradesmen who are able to provide you certificates

Do you do gardening?
1 answer
Grey Army provide this service, please visit our web site and follow the links to lodge a job, thank you

one person required to clean a church on monthly basis. It may require 2.5 to 3 hours. Please give a quote
1 answer
Thank you for your question. We provide domestic cleaners in some areas of Australia. Please call 13 11 98 during business hours and speak to our customer service team. They will be able to let you know. When you call our national phone number, this puts you in touch with your local Grey army office.

Hi, my mum is due to have the exterior of her house painted very soon by two fellas from the Grey Army. The price seems quite reasonable just wondering what other peoples reviews of their homes painted would be? Did they do a good job?
3 answers
Ask the GA how long the contractors have been with the Grey army for. If they are new be wary, if over 1 year then they will be trust worthy.Just be aware the grey army itself takes no responsibility for the work performed under their nameJust be aware the grey army itself takes no responsibility for the work performed under their name

Would the Grey Army do a small job such as changing a light globe? I you do, what would the charge be for a pensioner? Do you have tradesman on call on the weekends and how soon would you be able to fix it after being called? We are going away and usually do these things for our elderly neighbour as she worries about being oft without a light. Thank you!
1 answer
Surely another neighbor could look in on her.

I am so pleased I have read these reviews however there must be some other people who have had better experiences. I would like to find someone who is willing to do small jobs and then if they are willing and good more work will come their way. The good ones have so much work they are hard to get. Are there any recommendations for Canberra?
6 answers
don't bother Judy!!....just don't.I have my answers and I won't be contacting the Grey Army and sticking with people who are recommended even for a slightly higher fee. Taking advantage of pensioners is terrible and older people - I definitely won't be contacting the Grey Army - thanks everyone for the advice.This is not my experience Judy. We have used the grey army on many ocassions here in melbourne with great satisfaction. I would suggest asking for them to send you either a franchisee or an experienced tradesperson, not someone new to the organisation.

How do I access my private messages?
2 answers
I'm not sure i know what this question is about - can you be more specific?Hi, I got a PM from Grey Army which had a phone number on it that I am trying to find. I accidently deleted the message from my Ipad and I am trying to locate the message on Product Review but there doesnt seem to be any area for Private Messages on there site. Any help you can give would be appreciated as I would like to contact this guy. Cheers

How do I register to write a reveiw?
1 answer
Go to top right menu and it says Write a Review

How do I join I'm a plumber
1 answer
I have no idea just contacted them through the Net. to do a small plastering job for me. The plasterer who quoted had retired and getting on in years and only wanted to do small jobs which mine was. the full time plasterers were not interested as the job was too small or they wanted an arm and leg for their service. The service by the Fray Army was excellent by the way. I can't see to many plasterers being able to work full time until they are seventy.

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