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toyota P.
toyota P. · Sorento

DCT issues have cropped over all US based customers for the sorrentos 2020 onwards. Has any one else had the same issues over here?

bh · Sorento AWD HEV GT-Line (2022-2024)

Hi, why won't the heated and cooling switches for the seats work

Paul Smart
Paul Smart · Sorento AWD Diesel GT-Line (2016-2024)

When driving and just feathering the throttle the engine seems like it’s fuel starved for split second but if you gun it it’s perfectly fine! Mentioned it to Kia when it went in for service but they obviously said they couldn’t find anything wrong!! Any suggestions would be great thanks!


Haven’t experienced this problem.

Timothy C.
Timothy C.  

at a guess i would say this is turbo lag. it usually happens with turbo diesels as the turbo spools up.

jessymoo92 · Sorento AWD Diesel GT-Line (2016-2024)

Can you have the sunroof removed from the kia sorento gt-line? If buying brand new?. I was able to when buying my Nissan navara in 2018..

Lee · Sorento

I have Kia Sorento Gt petrol I have only done 24,000 kilometers I had to have the disks machined. It was not covered under warranty i was charged $200 for this Brakes should do more than 24,000 ks has any one else had this problem

John83 · Sorento

I have a 2021 Kia Sorento. The car has a tyre pressure monitor device installed as standard. The readings are currently in psi. How do I change to kpa


Have you tried from the setting (through the setting/menu option via steering buttons) usually that is where we can change in our sorento 2016


I have tried that but cant seem to find the right option. Could you give me some more detail on what you did.

Vic · Sorento

I have a 2012 Kia Sorento 2.2 litre turbo Diesel and the Diff needs replacing. I have had it seviced regularly at scheduled intervals and feel at 183,000 klms it is a very poor return. I would like to know if anyone else has had problem with the diff on this model.

LOO A.  

I have changed EGR, Air mass flow sensor, air filter, Clean the heat sensor on top of DPF. Still getting the code P0101 which is mass airflow sensor problem. used many additives to clean diesel injectors and system. still i am getting my engine performance poor on climbing. Finally i will be cleaning my dpf this week. it is kia sorento platinum ii 2.2 diesel 145 KW. will let you know what will be the result.
if you have progressed any way let me know thanks.

LOO A.  

i just took the oxygen sensor off then, made the liquid of sodium hydro oxide (drain cleaner )around ratio 1/4 with water temperature should not exceed above 1100f to protect ceramic and SS web with degreaser liquid or brick cleaner 1/4 with water total 2 litters. pour in and after 15m i started the car to bleed and it throw away all ash and sooth. but it is only for This car. other you have to take off DPF and clean with same process. and car was running like new.

Rod P.
Rod P. · Sorento

Which tyre brand does anyone recommend for a 2016 Sorento 2.2l GT Line

CGee · Sorento

Has any one got a Kia Sorento 2010 petrol? Any reviews would be great.

Geoff · Sorento

Have a 2015manufactured Platinum Sorento Model at 111000klms turbo boost failed.Anyone else had a similar problem. So far Kia and dealer dragging feet on approving warranty repair and into 2nd week of no car. Neither dealer or Kia are good at returning calls despite bragging about their fantastic warranty and customer service

Kolid H.
Kolid H. · Sorento

My ford radio say tel all the tine

lynda r
lynda r · Sorento

Im having issues with oil burning, no drips or evidence of leak, what is happening
they have done an oil survey but now say they don't care!
This is my second Sorento and it has been nothing but trouble. 2012
What can I do?

Mike s
Mike s · Sorento

I have a an 18’6” tandem axel poptop caravan and would like to know how the vehicle will perform when towing and approx lt per 100ks


I’d be more concerned about the weights the Sorrento is rated as towing a max of 2000kg with a 100kg towball weight. Most vans would be close to or over this. We don’t tow with ours so I can’t comment on fuel usage sorry

Luke W.
Luke W. · Sorento

The rear diff failed on MY2012 Sorento - I am told uneven tyre wear is the cause and they will not repair on warranty. They replaced the front one last year and I have consistently told the dealer about noises coming from it for over a year. It was serviced 1 week before it failed catastrophically. Is their tyre wear reason nonsense or not ?

my name is Geoff
my name is Geoff  

For sure. I bet they sore the bill and don't want to double up on that. It's total crap if you ask me.
I asked Kia if they look at these things when they service the vehicle and they replied that "no they can't unless they get in there and pull it apart" which is something they don't do.
If you have been complaining about noises and have it in writing, then you should take it further

Luke W.
Luke W.  

Thanks Geoff... I took it further... they are now fixing the car under warranty!

David Hagen
David Hagen · Sorento

Should I buy Kia Sorento platinum 2012, mileage 132k, out of warranty for 18k?

Terry S
Terry S  

After the attitude of Kia for the BL 2008 LX I bought my answer is I wouldn't recommend buying a Kia or Hyundai vehicle,

Jeremy T.
Jeremy T. · Sorento

2010 Sorento has this UK car got a DPF?


Jeremy T, mine is a Australian delivered vehicle and it does have a DPF. From what I understand they self generate...clean themselves as long as you take them for 15 minute runs min per day.
I never had to have mine cleaned at the 73,000 kms mark. Still going well.There is a warning light but its never been an issue for me.

Lillian · Sorento

I have a Kia Sorento 2010, the light has been on in my car and the clock belt needs to be replaces. Is this a part of the recall for the Kia Sorento clock belts?


I assume you mean the airbag light. We have a 2010 Sorento platinum and our airbag light came on . (It was the clockspring) One repairer quoted hundreds of dollars. Took It to a Kia dealership and they fixed it straight away for nothing. We are in Perth.

ironmandreamer · Sorento

Thanks Dan. To your review, do you have a 2014 XM or 2015 UM? The reason for asking is the XM has a higher tow rating.

What were you towing? I currently tow an unbraked camper trailer that weighs in at under 750kgs but want the ability to tow a Jayco Swan that weighs 1134kgs unladen, about 1500kgs on the road.

What do you mean when you said your car is no longer AWD? Was the repair not done right?

Thanks in advance.



Ours is the 2015 model . Auto with 2 ton towing capacity. We rarely tow and nothing over 1000kg. We bought it new because we live on a farm out of town and do around 50k km per year so 7 year unlimited km warranty sounded good. Disappointed that we had this problem so soon but from what I've heard it's not so uncommon.

I guess because we travel on some dirt roads we use the AWD a bit more than if it was just on bitumen but the spline from front to rwd is very fine.and easily damaged. Nothing like a proper 4wd.

Gazza · Sorento

2016 Sorrento Platinium I low tyre pressure alarm flashes. I have checked the tyre pressure and pumped all types to 31 psi and drove at less than 20 km per hour for about 2 Kms The alarm still flashes with all pressures showing 31 psi. How do I stop this?

Tracey.M · Sorento

Purchased our 2014 Sorento last year have travelled 37,000 kms, last serviced at the end of last year. Went on holiday for 3 weeks and noticed a noise on turning. Followed this up when we got back and the service centre could not find a problem. Took it back 2 weeks later and the CV joint needs replacing. Rubber boot protecting it is damaged -Grease has escaped and dirt etc. has got in. Service centre told Kia the rubber boot was damaged by a stone, now Kia are telling us they won't fix it because as boot not covered by warranty. Cost is over $1600, also not covered by insurance. Others say it should be covered by warranty. Who do we talk to and find out our rights? Kia say their hands are tied because of what the service manager has told them, service manager say it is Kia refusing. Advice so far includes hassle Kia -they might come to the party. A possible solution that may last 30,000 kms or so but I am concerned that will void other aspects of the warranty.


Yes, certainly raise it with Kia directly. If it was caused by a stone, why did the Service centre not find a problem when they had a first look? If you are not satisfied with outcome, probably raise with Consumer Affairs/Fair Trading. Not a great quality build for an AWD which are expected to be driven off-road and hit by lots of stones!

Geoff D
Geoff D  

Write to Paul Glover he's a journo that has a motoring column in Sydney and Melbourne he seems to get action from car companies one person doesn't get much response but an article in a newspaper dedicated to motoring news has a fair impact


Thanks for all of your advice. Turns out the service manager was unaware unaware of our situation- A mechanic had been following up. The manager rang us, said he was unhappy with what had been going on, had "spoken" to the mechanic and after having a look said he would back us on a warranty claim. Two days ago we got the news that it would be covered. Great news for us. I was ready for a fight but much happier not having to go there

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