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Can you tell me if I want to pay out my novated lease early, will it save me interest charges? thanks john
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Hi John, I paid out my car loan early and saved on interest but there was a fee to pay the loan out early. I paid out approx 8 months early. The total fortnightly payments remaining was cheaper than the total amount I paid out early.

How can I pay off the loan completely? I am paying way too much interest. I pay 325 a month and 113 of that is interest. Help please!
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VW dealership is pushing me to go through Macquarie finance. Reviews are all terrible from what I’ve seen... Who has financed with Macquarie from Volkswagen?
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The reason why car dealerships push for a particular financier is because they receive a fat commission from them and you end up paying for. This is called an "origination fee" and forms part of your loan. My advise is to look for your own financier.Do not use them you will be sorry....Do not use them. Go with anyone else but them.

Is it normal to pay 11.9 interest rate? That is what I am paying Macquarie and I feel cheated by dlear and finance team.
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No, there are much better rates on the market. I go caught out with these guys. Signed the paperwork for a new car, applied for the loan and then when it came back, I was hit with a similar interest rate and felt i was forced to accept it. I should have said no, i can't and walked away - however I'd already signed the paperwork for the car. I'd look elsewhere.

HOw can I check the balance on my vehicle repayments?
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