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Hi, I bought Mazda CX-9 FWD couple of years ago but realising now that I should have bought AWD. Is there a kit that I can upgrade to from FWD to AWD?
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Hi Ryiu not 100% if a kit would be available try a call to Mazda , But i think the cost would not be practical i think it is a $5 upgrade from new so getting one retro fitted would hurt the wallet . all the best

Hi guys I bought a Mazda CX-9 one month ago, the gearbox is broken I took it to the mechanic. My car is in the garage of mechanic. Unfortunately I don’t know is it AWD or FWD! I asked the mechanic he didn’t know too. What can I do?
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Take it to a new mechanic. If he doesn't know this then he is not a very good mechanic.

Hi, I recently bought a 2011 Mazda CX-9 FWD with Sat-nav, ive noticed the map is really out of date (new roads, changes not pick up), any experience of updating the DVD navigation at less expensive dealer update? Thanks.
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My mazda cx9 2009 2009 model is consuming fuel excessively what could be wrong and how can I fix it ?
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what type of fuel do you go for ?..I do premium in mine and it does awesome .saves me a lot !98 Octane. Around town 18.7L/100kms and highway 12.8L/100kms. Remember SUV's are trucks over 2T, not little hatchbacks that use 6-10L/100kms wherever they go.

Can I install a front sensor to CX-9 (Canada model-2017, signature trim)?
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Yes, it is possobleDo you mean the independently available sensors or the ones for Mazda as is available in Australian models !

Hello. Just thinking of buying a new CRV 7 seater or cx9. Just wondering what sort of mileage you guys getting with cx9? Thanks in advance.
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I'm not really sure but I have had my car for 2+yrs and my reading is 13.1litres per 100km - on the high side.Around town 18.7L/100kms and highway 12.8L/100kms. Remember SUV's are trucks over 2T, not little hatchbacks that use 6-10L/100kms wherever they go.

Price of Mazda 3 x 9 please?
3 answers
My CX-9 Touring was $46,300.mazda cx9 ,2017 signature trim 44000$ (auburn napa leather seats,navigation,...etc )How much is masda 6 plese

Hi, We test drove CX-9 GT a few weeks ago and while the car seems really nice we had a couple of concerns. We drove the one with black leather seats and it was quite dark and stuffy even on this sunny day which I guess it is due to CX-9's tiny sunroof and lack of third-row air vents. Any owner wants to share their experiences? Does the Ivory leather seats make it any brighter inside? Thanks in advance, Neil
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I had a Honda CRV with beige leather seats so opted black leather seats on my new CX9. I'm really happy with it, as it blends well and doesn't show off the dirt. With the third row, I don't use them often, but you are right, the absence of air vents is a little disadvantage.Sunroof is tiny compared to kia sorento's large Moonroof , but i'm still happy with it.We have the black interior and don't find it dark and stuffy at all. In fact having children I much prefer the black.try the cx9 signature 2017,auburn leather seats ...awesome!!!!

Hello Everyone Bought CX9 Alamo last week drove 700km Today the navigation screen doesn't load up and shows message "loading navigation" Any suggestion why?
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Just try eject and re insert the SD card. It should do the trick.

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