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Hello, My son has allergies that require us to carry an epipen. (we've never had to use it) if we purchase cover with you/. (six weeks in Europe next year) will he be covered?
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Hi Tali, it's best to call our call centre 1800 010 078 to discuss as they'll be able to provide you more details than I can. Regards, Anthony.

Hi, can I extend my travel insurance if I find myself wanting to stay overseas longer. Looking to be away for 2 months but might be 3 months if I can?
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Hi Ralph, yes you can under certain conditions - see page 5 of the PDS - https://www.onlinetravelinsurance.com.au/file/pdf/Product%20Disclosure%20Statement.pdf. Regards, Matt.

I am already in USA now. Can I buy the travel insurance?
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Hi Carrie, thanks for the question. On Page 4 of our PDS (https://www.onlinetravelinsurance.com.au/file/pdf/Product%20Disclosure%20Statement.pdf) it says that insurance is only available before you commence your journey, and your journey commences and ends in Australia. Regards, Anthony.For your peace of mind, travel insurance for me is a must have.

Where is your claims call center located? I have recently had two travel insurance experiences with two different companies - one where the entire process was handled from Australia, one where the call center was based in the Philippines. The experience I received when the call center was based in Australia was fantastic - staff knew what they were talking about, they were empowered to make decisions and action was quick and effective. The experience when the call center was based in the Philippines was not good at all - staff were definitely following scripts, nothing could be answered if not on-script, frequent need to put me on hold to check with superiors, many transfers between staff where the information from previous conversations was not carried forward.
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Hi, thanks for your comment. We have call centres located in Australia and overseas which cater for call demand when required. I'll pass on this feedback to our team as we're always looking to improve our service. Regards, Anthony

Can I extend my insurance while I'm traveling?
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Hi, yes you can under certain conditions - see page 5 of the PDS - https://www.onlinetravelinsurance.com.au/file/pdf/Product%20Disclosure%20Statement.pdf. Regards, Anthony.

we are going sailing in Australia bareboat sailing is that covered?
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Hello, in our current PDS at https://www.onlinetravelinsurance.com.au/file/pdf/Product%20Disclosure%20Statement.pdf, sailing is automatically covered up to 10 nautical miles off any land mass, or with our Adventure Pack, sailing is covered from 11 to 15 nautical miles off any land mass. Regards, Anthony.

Hey, I've been looking at online travel insurance for my trip to France. I am on a bridging visa at the moment (so not resident) but on their website it says that cover only work for resident... Am I still eligible ? I've been in Australia for 3 and a half years now
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Hi Cyrielle, you need to be a permanent resident to purchase one of our policies. In our PDS, it says a resident means someone who usually resides in Australia and is eligible for an Australian Medicare Card. Regards, Anthony.

We are travelling to the Phillipines and doing a 5 night cruise with a day in Japan, and a day in Taiwan. Do I need to list these as destinations as they are only onshore for about 8 hours each??
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Hi Rob, you can list all countries, or just select 'Asia' if you are going to these places. Note, if you wish to be covered for cruising, you will need to purchase a comprehensive policy and a cruise pack on top of that. Regards, Anthony.

Does the comprehensive insurance include costs associated with repatriation in the event of death or serious injury?
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Hi Katrina, thanks for the question - on page 17 of the PDS, https://www.onlinetravelinsurance.com.au/file/pdf/Product%20Disclosure%20Statement.pdf we do provide cover up to $15,000 in the event of transporting remains. All of our plans include overseas emergency medical assistance and hospital expenses which include repatriation home in the event of a serious injury. Regards, Anthony.

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