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How do you pay the bill
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how to turn off voicemail
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Hi - if we bring both my wife's and my mobile over from Telstra, can we have a shared data plan? We're thinking of one of the 1GB plans and one of the 10GB plans between us ... Tony
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sorry I cant answer this. you will have to call pennytelThere is no data sharing on the same account totally separate

I note that Pennytel use the Telstra Voicemail. Telstra charge for that but also provide a free alternative that sends a text message of a short voice message if left by caller, or if no message just advice of missed call and no message. Do Pennytel do the same? If so what is your charge for the Voicemail? John WB.
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My mobile is with Virgin. How do I cancel and change over to Pennytel
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Does the Pennytel plans include a voicemail service? There is no mention on the website including costs?
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Pennytel does not include a voicemail service of its own. However, as Pennytel uses the Telstra network, you use the normal Telstra voicemail service. This is fairly easy to set up, allowing you to record your own personal greeting, not just a synthetic voice.Thanks for info

I would like to know if my ZTE ZIP BLADE 110 is a compatible set to use with a Penntytel plan. KD.
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which carrier is used
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Land line costs?
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It is for my mobile and includes all calls and messages with 1gb data

Does the Pennytel network use exactly the same as Telstra? My aging Dad lives in the bush, and needs the Telstra network to get calls. I have heard that some telcos on Telstra's network don't get full coverage. Thanks.
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Hi Razz, Great Question! Pennytel uses parts of the Telstra Mobile Network that covers more than 98.8% of the population with 3G and 97% of the population with 4G. Telstra does provide more coverage in some areas so if you have tried other providers on the Telstra Network and they have not worked for you, then you may experience the same issues with us. We’d recommend using the coverage checker on our website to see what we are able to provide for you. We have provided the link for this below. https://pennytel.com.au/coverage#coverage Kind Regards The Pennytel Team

Can you use the Pennytel sim card in a mobile broadband device so you can just make use of the data?
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Its the same as any other SIM card - i.e. it has a data allowance for the level of data you choose to pay for. But you could always ask PennytelHi Noelene, Are you still waiting for an answer? You certainly can use the Pennytel sim card in a mobile broadband device so you can just make use of the data. If you have any follow up questions please don't hesitate to ask or call us on 1300 232 888. Thanks, The Pennytel team.Yes I am still waiting for an answer and the one you have just given is pretty exciting! However now I have the sim card it doesn't work with my unlocked device. Customer service at Pennytel did the best they could, but no resolution to the problem. Will try now to find a little unlocked phone which can do WiFi hotspot and see if I can make use of the data.

Can I access telstra air as a pennytel customer?
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Hi Vaughan, Thanks again for your query, I've had a look at the Telstra Air FAQs and I wouldn't say it was possible as they mention you require a Telstra ID, I'll pass the feedback onto our development teams though. Kind Regards, The Pennytel team.

I have been using Pennytel VoIP for last 4 years. Lately, I am not able to top up my account using either my credit card or auto top up. I paid $20 via bank transfer to their account, but did not appear in my Pennytel account credit. Can someone help me to find a way how to top up the Pennytel account?
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Hi, looks like the company is going trouble days, if I was you I would think of somtime other than pennytel.Hi , I have been with pennytel for several years and I top it up via auto pay thru my credit card. This year I have a problem with pennytel due to incorrect billing but it has been resolved now and many thanks to the TIO . I agreed with Matthew . I am concern with pennytel business operation. If you are still want to do business with pennytel , try paying pennytel via Bpay . If you are paying via bank transfer and pennytel does not credit your account , where does your money gone ?Hi, i just just did a top up through my debit card as usual no problem it took about ten seconds.which I have been doing for a few years now . What I am concerned is they advertise about ADSL and when you click on it all you get is server not found .I hope they get things in order. otherwise might be looking at another provider John

Can i receive a hardcopy of my monthly account and pay by cheque?
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No, you can't get a hard copy. Monthly accounts are online in pdf form so you can print them out if necessary. Payment is by credit card, BPay or EFT (direct deposit via online banking).

i am in the market for a new isp. What guarantees do i have that if this goes wrong. do i have protection. If i dispute anything will i get a quick resolution
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From my observation, Pennytel are pretty good at resolving problems. Of course, if no resolution is forthcoming, you can always get the TIO to help you. I have no experience with Pennytel as an ISP, only as a VoIP customer, but I know they are a low-cost ISP, which means you won't get full speed internet all the time as you would get with a premium ISP such as Internode. There will be periods of congestion on their network. As long as you understand that, go ahead.

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