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WWK300A and WWK300AH
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Hi I Have a 2 & half year old 300A Stiebel Eltron & I have very little hot water pressure but the water is hot ?
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The water pressure on our was fine (excellent even). It might be to do with your mains pressure going into it? After much arguing with them, they agreed to return it and we had it switched for a regular storage system.

Hi had stibel eltron water heater installed in 2012, have had no problems, but the pressure relief valve had to be replaced, when the plumber turned on water and tested the relief valve it makes a screaming noise, he replaced the duo valve, but it still makes the same sound from every hot water tap inside.He can't work out why. Any answers please?
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Hii just interested if the compressor is still going and the fan is not will that stop the heat pump heat up the water? Kind regards Stewart
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Hello Stewart. I am unable to answer your question as I have not been made aware of any association by the unit. I don’t believe the fan had any role in its failure. It has been disposed of now. The unit - so far so good. Absolutely no noise whatsoever - It must be working though because we do have hot water !Hi Stewart, The unit would appear to be in defrost mode. In this mode the compressor operates without the fan. There is no heating at this time. When the sensor temperature increases to +3 degrees in the evaporator, the fan starts again and normal heating mode is resumed. Please call STIEBEL's service team for further assistance: 1800 153 351. Thank you!

Hi I have WWK 300 A Heat pump system was working good until last week ( during hot weather) stopped! no hot water any more? If I can do something to get it run again? like reset bottom or any thing you can help me with?
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Hi Tim, We need to find out more information about your heat pump to help work out what could be happening. Can you please call our customer service number on 1800 153 351. Thanks.

I installed the WWK 300 AH unit 3 months ago and it has started to leak refrigerant. It seems to leak more when there is a higher hot water demand. What is the problem and what should I do?
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Hello Peter, From what you have described it doesn't sound like it is refrigerant as you would not have any hot water production. Can you please call our Customer Service Centre on 1800 153 351 so we can ascertain exactly what may be occurring. Thanks.

Hi we have had a steibel Eltron for around 3 years the valve that regulates the gas has been looked at by a service agent and he says it is faulty. Do you think that it should cost $985.00 to fix this
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If you are in Sydney I would ring Steibel Eltron direct they sent out a great plumber....who was very reasonably priced.I would contact Simon at Stiebel head office in Brisbane and ask his opinion,

We are owner building a new home in Bannockburn, Victoria (between Geelong and Ballarat) and are wishing to hear from anyone in close vicinity to us that has the Stiebel Eltron WWK300A and of their experiences with the unit. Would perhaps look at connecting to rooftop PV Solar System if necessary although we were not planning to install Solar Panels until we'd calculated our average kW electricity usage over our first 12 month period will be. Have had experience with the Stiebel Eltron DEL 27 Instantaneous Hot Water System currently in use in our adjacent Shed. That's a 3 phase unit and it works well. Have also experienced first hand the exceptional Customer Service from 2 of Stiebel Eltron's Melbourne representatives when they tested the DEL 27 unit some 2 years ago and I am also confident that German made products exceed in quality and/or performance. Also considering the Apricus 400L 30x evacuated tubes Solar Hot Water System however some of the reviews have me more than concerned.
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Hello Rosco, we have not been that happy with our unit, we had to have a new anode after less than two weeks use and the unit runs on and off all night and is very noisy, on the other hand we have not run out of hot water. There was no obvious power saving either. Also as for being German made, in my experience often item parts are made elsewhere then assembled and marketed as product of specific nation, labels can be deceptive. Good luck making your choice, cheers.Hello roboandi, thank you for your experienced opinion on the unit. Yes, as far as parts being made elsewhere I know that can happen. Was the anode covered under warranty? Have you queried the noise issue with the Company directly? I have found them in the past to be very helpful. Could it be a setting. Are you able to provide the installer for your unit? Kindest regardsHi roboanddi. How on earth can the anode only last two weeks? Did you fill your tank with battery acid instead of tap water?! The sacrificial anode is installed in hot water tanks in order to gradually dissolve and sacrifice itself in order to prevent the tank itself from corroding. That is it's job and it should be inspected about once every year or so and replaced before it is too far gone. It takes a very very long time to do this and it's not uncommon for anodes to last quite a few years. For one to disolve in two weeks would be impossible! Most people never bother checking them as most installers don't bother too much telling customers it needs to be done and that is why some people have hot water tanks which rust and eventually burst after about ten years or so. You must have your parts names mixed up and have had some other part fail. Certainly not the anode! Either that or you are a competitor trying to give this particular brand a bad reputation?

We are going on holiday for 3 months and want to turn our Stiebel off for that period. Are there any problems with that ? I was a bit concerned by the comments of the reviewer who turned off hers for 2 weeks. It seems an awful waste of power to leave it on for 3 months without use.
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Why dont you ring Stielbel and ask them?Because I thought they monitored this page and the response would have helped others with the same question !I emailed Stiebel and here is their answer Hi Lezli, There is no issue with turning your HP off when you go away for 3 months. Leave the water on, just turn off the electricity. The review you refer to has been sorted now and it was a simple problem with the power supply. Cheers, [name removed] National Manager – Service & Training Stiebel Eltron (Aust) Pty Ltd Unit 4/8 Rocklea Drive | Port Melbourne | Victoria 3207 | Australia T: +61 3 9645 1833 | M: +61 0 400 667 721 | F: +61 3 9645 4366 [contact details removed] | stiebel.com.au

Turned power off at mains for 2 weeks while on holiday. On my return I turned everything back on, but Heat Pump did not start up. It has been 12 hours and it just seems dead. In the past it would take a while for the compressor to start. I have a 21st birthday with a full house of relations arriving in 4 days....Should I go to the original installation company or deal direct with you? I'm sure it is about 2 years old but can check .
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Catharvey I would go direct to Stiebel, who will send one of their affiliated service people. Explain your situation and I would say they would have someone in the day if you ring early. As for what may be wrong? I do not know but it may be the refrigerant may have leaked out - several reasons for this but it happened to ours. Make sure they check for root cause issue - what happened with us is they replaced the compressor (broken) we got one day of hot water, then none. Following this the contractor came out again and said the pipes had holes and replaced some (did not make sense as there had been 4 years with no problem) once again one day of hot water then nothing - turns out the condenser had an issue which had made the compressor etc fail. So after 3 weeks of repairs Stiebel replaced the whole unit - which could have been done if the contractor had of done the correct checks initiallyThey are about 1.9m tall and slightly too large to fit your arms around. So a fairly large unit. When full of water they would go over 500kgHello Catharvey, thank you for your question regarding the Stiebel Eltron WWK 300A hot water heat pump. Stiebel Eltron Australia has an in house customer service department that can assist with your questions regarding this award winning WWK 300A hot water heat pump. Please note that we do monitor the product review website regularly however the best way to contact us is via our 1800 153 351 number or via the contact us page on our website www.stiebel.com.au. If you would kindly contact us directly we will be able to assist you further.

How large are they the ww300a?
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They are about 1.9m tall and slightly too large to fit your arms around. So a fairly large unit. When full of water they would go over 500kg

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