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I had request a refund at Nov. but no money back. What can I do now?
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Hi kiki, I'm just a fellow customer plus don't know the circumstances so can't really give you a definitive answer. However since the company has been sold I don't think you have too much hope of getting a refund.yes yatango went bust....The very next day the same people went operational with Yomojo .. you have three options write to Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman [TIO} ...... if paid by dredit card ask your bank to rescind payment. or Contact Yomojo and ask ,but they may reneg any responsibilty and only offer a new account startup for freekiki i was with yatango and paid yatango $20.40 security deposit yet yomojo refunded... call them.. annoy yomojo til you get a positive reply... YOMOJO web is CRAP not functional and usage details are rubbish... actually think it is not legal to display content as they do :)

I would like to know why my Yatango mobile app is not working?
2 answers
Yatango was wound up almost two weeks ago [lack of money] the same people have now started Yomojo with the same problem lack of money, they sent me an unsolicited invoice for the month of $36.00 what does that show you?Yatango was bought by Yomojo. You can use their website to access your account.

where is YATANGO.com website? vanish no reply from them
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Sorry unable to find anything on Yatango.com or any other avenues. I hope someone else can help. Regards TorbenI would not engage Yatango as they wanted to charge me $20.,, instead of $18.00, But the next week I was sent a phone bill for $36.00 from the same people now calling themselves YOMOJO. Yatango was wound up postal address level 15, 10 Queens road, Melbourne Victoria 3004 They need money badly that is why they want $20 up frontYatango were taken over by Yomojo - try Yomojo.com

Hi, Can I please enquire as to the best way to expedite an outstanding refund for a new phone I ordered in September, which was unfortunately not available? I received a credit note and refund notice on Nov 2. I have sent 7 emails to the support email address with no reply. Cheers, Jac.
2 answers
Hi Jac, I suppose you could approach the administrators, but I believe you're in the same situation as all of us ex Yatango customers, We are all owed collectively millions in the deposit/bond of $20.00.... Alternatively, you could contact Yomojo, the company that bought the customer base from Yatango, explain your problem, and maybe as a PR gesture they will help you. Yomojo. unfortunately, is not Australian based, and I've arranged to port my number across to Amaysim, preferring to deal with an Australian based company. I wish you luck, please keep us posted, as I'm sure there will be many more people in the same situation as yourself.Thank you for your answer. I contacted Yomojo earlier today via their live chat and I got "we only bought the mobile business", we are a "new company" and "contact the relevant local authorities." So no joy there. I'm also having trouble finding out the administrators details. Yomojo was not forthcoming with help in this regard, either (though I suspect their staff are exactly the same people who worked for Yatango last week!) I will keep trying and keep you posted.

What is the current status of Yatango Mobile? I understand that it is under administration and that there may well be a question mark over its future, but is it working (as in can be used for calls/texts/data) right now? I'm overseas at the moment, so I'm not in a position to check. If it is working now does anyone know for how long this may be the case?
2 answers
Wow! I never knew Yatango had gone into administration (Google "yatango administration" for numerous results). My service is still working phone across text, phone and data. No idea how long this will last though...Many thanks Daamon for this information. I get back on Monday 30 November and am hoping it will at least tide me over while I make other arrangements if necessary. Please advise if things change, or if more information becomes available.

Which network does yatango mobile use in australia?
1 answer
Optus - I'm on 3G because of my phone, but I believe that you can get 4G though Yatango on Optus aswell.

Why it suddenly get error with my payment method (credit card)? I tried to edit and input the same card and show 504 error What to do? Today is the starting day of my prepaid plan
1 answer
Hey Albermen, Greetings from Yatango! We're sorry to hear that you're having issues re-adding your card details. The issue should now be fixed, please try to re-add your card details using your Dashboard. If it still shows the same error, kindly get in touch with us through our LiveChat which can be found on our website https://yatango.com.au/mobile/ or email us directly at support@yatango.com so that we can assist you with regards to this and make sure that your packs will be renewed on time. We'll wait to hear from you. Cheers, Daryl

Can I import my own SIM without causing problems? I don't have or ever want a Facebook account. I simply want to deal direct with you. Peter
2 answers
Hi Peter, I don't work for Yatango but I can speak based on my experience. The porting was seamless from telstra to yatango. I hope that helps answer your query. Cheers, AmarHey Peter, Just want to clarify if you are indeed asking about porting? If yes, then there should be no issues so long as you are able to provide us with the correct details from your current provider when you sign up with us through our website. Signing up using a Facebook account is just one option for members who has a Facebook account. Simply create an account using a valid and current email and you should be good to go. Porting takes place within 2 business days. And like what Amar said, the transfer is normally seamless :) To know more about how our porting process is, please go to this link https://yatango.com.au/mobile/modal/howto_porting Let me know if I was able to answer your enquiry. -Edgar

Why is your site showing me an error every time i try and activate my sim?! It's so frustrating as I cannot get passed the 'activate my sim' page!!
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Hi there, Apologies for the inconvenience, however we were actually experiencing some system difficulties which affected our activation process a couple of days ago. Do you still remember the error message? Although it should be okay by now, may I know if you were able to successfully activate your SIM? If you still need help, please send us a private message with your mobile number and date of birth. You can also contact us through our LiveChat which can be found on our website, or send us an email at support@yatango.com I'll await for your response. - Edgar

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