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Yatango Mobile is no longer trading/available.

Please be advised that Yatango Mobile is under liquidation as of November 2015.

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I had request a refund at Nov. but no money back. What can I do now?

kiki asked on Dec 20, 2015

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Hi kiki, I'm just a fellow customer plus don't know the circumstances so can't really give you a definitive answer.
However since the company has been sold I don't think you have too much hope of getting a refund.

yes yatango went bust....The very next day the same people went operational with Yomojo .. you have three options write to Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman [TIO} ...... if paid by dredit card ask your bank to rescind payment. or Contact Yomojo and ask ,but they may reneg any responsibilty and only offer a new account startup for free

kiki i was with yatango and paid yatango $20.40 security deposit yet yomojo refunded... call them.. annoy yomojo til you get a positive reply... YOMOJO web is CRAP not functional and usage details are rubbish... actually think it is not legal to display content as they do :)

I would like to know why my Yatango mobile app is not working?

Matilda asked on Dec 08, 2015

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Yatango was wound up almost two weeks ago [lack of money] the same people have now started Yomojo with the same problem lack of money, they sent me an unsolicited invoice for the month of $36.00
what does that show you?

Yatango was bought by Yomojo. You can use their website to access your account.

where is YATANGO.com website? vanish no reply from them

nancy asked on Dec 08, 2015

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Sorry unable to find anything on Yatango.com or any other avenues. I hope someone else can help. Regards Torben

I would not engage Yatango as they wanted to charge me $20.,, instead of $18.00, But the next week I was sent a phone bill for $36.00 from the same people now calling themselves YOMOJO. Yatango was wound up postal address level 15, 10 Queens road, Melbourne Victoria 3004
They need money badly that is why they want $20 up front

Yatango were taken over by Yomojo - try Yomojo.com

Hi! I'm one of your customers. I have a Yatango sim card. Recently I bought an iPhone 6 + and my current sim card is not fit with new phone. How can I order a new sim card with keeping my phone number? Thanks! Ali Sangi 0490518273

asked on Dec 04, 2015

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mate do your self a favour yatango gone bust! get your self a sim card from amaysim or similar

Hi, Can I please enquire as to the best way to expedite an outstanding refund for a new phone I ordered in September, which was unfortunately not available? I received a credit note and refund notice on Nov 2. I have sent 7 emails to the support email address with no reply. Cheers, Jac.

Jac B asked on Nov 27, 2015

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Hi Jac, I suppose you could approach the administrators, but I believe you're in the same situation as all of us ex Yatango customers, We are all owed collectively millions in the deposit/bond of $20.00.... Alternatively, you could contact Yomojo, the company that bought the customer base from Yatango, explain your problem, and maybe as a PR gesture they will help you. Yomojo. unfortunately, is not Australian based, and I've arranged to port my number across to Amaysim, preferring to deal with an Australian based company. I wish you luck, please keep us posted, as I'm sure there will be many more people in the same situation as yourself.

Thank you for your answer. I contacted Yomojo earlier today via their live chat and I got "we only bought the mobile business", we are a "new company" and "contact the relevant local authorities."
So no joy there.
I'm also having trouble finding out the administrators details. Yomojo was not forthcoming with help in this regard, either (though I suspect their staff are exactly the same people who worked for Yatango last week!)
I will keep trying and keep you posted.

What is the current status of Yatango Mobile? I understand that it is under administration and that there may well be a question mark over its future, but is it working (as in can be used for calls/texts/data) right now? I'm overseas at the moment, so I'm not in a position to check. If it is working now does anyone know for how long this may be the case?

Ernest asked on Nov 19, 2015

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Wow! I never knew Yatango had gone into administration (Google "yatango administration" for numerous results). My service is still working phone across text, phone and data. No idea how long this will last though...

Many thanks Daamon for this information. I get back on Monday 30 November and am hoping it will at least tide me over while I make other arrangements if necessary. Please advise if things change, or if more information becomes available.

Which network does yatango mobile use in australia?

mike m asked on Nov 17, 2015

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Optus - I'm on 3G because of my phone, but I believe that you can get 4G though Yatango on Optus aswell.

Why it suddenly get error with my payment method (credit card)? I tried to edit and input the same card and show 504 error What to do? Today is the starting day of my prepaid plan

Alen asked on Oct 09, 2015

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Hey Albermen,

Greetings from Yatango!

We're sorry to hear that you're having issues re-adding your card details. The issue should now be fixed, please try to re-add your card details using your Dashboard. If it still shows the same error, kindly get in touch with us through our LiveChat which can be found on our website https://yatango.com.au/mobile/ or email us directly at support@yatango.com so that we can assist you with regards to this and make sure that your packs will be renewed on time.

We'll wait to hear from you.


Can I import my own SIM without causing problems? I don't have or ever want a Facebook account. I simply want to deal direct with you. Peter

peterartboy asked on Sep 01, 2015

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Hi Peter,

I don't work for Yatango but I can speak based on my experience. The porting was seamless from telstra to yatango. I hope that helps answer your query.


Hey Peter,

Just want to clarify if you are indeed asking about porting? If yes, then there should be no issues so long as you are able to provide us with the correct details from your current provider when you sign up with us through our website. Signing up using a Facebook account is just one option for members who has a Facebook account. Simply create an account using a valid and current email and you should be good to go.

Porting takes place within 2 business days. And like what Amar said, the transfer is normally seamless :)

To know more about how our porting process is, please go to this link https://yatango.com.au/mobile/modal/howto_porting

Let me know if I was able to answer your enquiry.


Why is your site showing me an error every time i try and activate my sim?! It's so frustrating as I cannot get passed the 'activate my sim' page!!

black_valvet asked on Jul 17, 2015

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Hi there,
Apologies for the inconvenience, however we were actually experiencing some system difficulties which affected our activation process a couple of days ago. Do you still remember the error message? Although it should be okay by now, may I know if you were able to successfully activate your SIM? If you still need help, please send us a private message with your mobile number and date of birth. You can also contact us through our LiveChat which can be found on our website, or send us an email at support@yatango.com

I'll await for your response.

- Edgar

where in darwin nt can i recharge my phone?

gordon asked on Jul 04, 2015

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Where in Darwin can I purchase a recharge card for my mobile?

Gordon with Yatango you do not have to recharge your card you provide Yatango with your credit card details choose the plan that suits your monthly needs Yatango will then deduct your monthly bill , you can change plans at any time, by going to your dashboard when you log into their website they also have a chat service to assist with any problems ,

can i phone you as I have trouble with Emails

Gordon, you may have already talked to [name removed] & be sorted out ... I hope this is the case. If not, I will be happy to talk on the phone.... but I don't want to advertise my ph. to all & sundry. I'm not sure how to send a private message via this forum, but I am sure we can sort something out if [name removed] hasn't already helped.
[name removed] if you are out the, your name bought a smile to me face ... my Grandma's name was [name removed]

I will try and find another phone company that will satisfy my needs. Thank you Carolyn.

How could Savvytel be wound up and our credit simply transferred over to Yatango without permission. Shouldn't Savvytel have refunded credits to clients in cash? Has Yatango not simply bought Savvytel and therefore must honor past contracts? Regards Robert

rob asked on Jul 03, 2015

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Rob this is how it seems to be according to Yatango
No. What we gave Savvytel users is merely a choice, it's still up to them to transfer to us or not because they will still have to order our SIM and sign up, and then initiate the transfer on their end.
also Rob myself and several friends have been with Yatango since they commenced business they offer great pricing structures excellent network coverage and reliability. so get a sim and give them a try i think you will be more than satisfied


The Savvytel sim was for my emergency phone. I use it when my car breaks down and on other limited occassions. Adding $40 of credit each year will see me build hundreds of dollars of unused credit over years. Although this isn't my gripe. My Gripe is that Yatango is maintaining that it has nothing to do with Savvytel. As I understand it Yatango has acquired Savvytel and has promptly declared Savvytel contracts null and void, without issuing a refund for credit held. Is it not the case that Yatango has acquired Savvytel? If so then they are one and the same entity. Contracts with Savvytel should carry forward to Yantango, unless credits are refunded first and the contracts cancelled.
If Savvytel went into receivership why haven't we heard from liquidators advising us of our rights as creditors.


If I buy a phone outright from Yatango, can I use my current sim from another network in the phone? So in other words, the phones aren't locked to the Yatango network are they? Thanks, Chloe

chloe161 asked on May 21, 2015

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Hi Chloe,

It's my understanding that as you are purchasing the phone outright, you can use it with any Australian carrier. You will also need to check the size of the sim card on the new phone as it may differ from what you have now, There are generally three sizes, Mini, Micro and Nano. Your current carrier can usually supply a replacement sim card of the size you need. To clarify my response with Yatango, go to https://yatango.com.au/mobile/devices/mobile. and click on the Chat Now option at the lower right of the page.

This is a personal response and as such the advice given is not those of Yatango.

Hi Chloe,
The mobile phone (handset only) you purchased from Yatango would be OK to use with any carrier BUT not the SIM card. If you changed carriers you would have to buy a SIM from that company - SIM cards are unique to the company you are with, and won't work with any other company. If you move from carrier to carrier though, you are able to keep your mobile number.

Can I buy a phone outright using Yatango and not sign up for a plan?

steffica asked on May 13, 2015

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Hey Steffica,

You sure can! Over at Yatango Shopping (https://yatango.com.au/shopping/phones.html/) we have a huge range of phones all available to be bought outright. You do get the option of adding a Yatango SIM to your purchase, but this is optional. Let me know if you have any further questions!


Not happy having been forced to transfer two mobiles from Savvytel to Yatango, Credits now expire, and I find there are now significant gaps in signal/coverage. Places where we could make calls with Savvytel I can no longer do so. One is Smithfield S.A. 5114 where there is a large shopping centre...Optus has good coverage (and a shop) in this location. Originally I could call with Savvytel there but can no longer since Yatango. Similar gaps in Gawler SA 5118, near home. Any suggestions or must we transfer to another Service Provider?

DaveSA asked on May 11, 2015

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Hi DaveSA,

Sorry to hear about the network issues you've been experiencing; Savvytel, Yatango and Optus all run on the same network (the Optus Network) and you should therefore not see any discrepancy in signal between the three providers.

I just looked up both Smithfield 5114 and Gawler 5118 on our coverage map (https://yatango.com.au/mobile/coverage) and from what I can see Indoor and outdoor coverage for Voice & text should be great, so I'm sorry this isn't the case. All i can suggest is for you to restart your device and try to make calls in those areas again, as you should not be experiencing any signal issues in those areas.

Feel free to refer to our coverage map - https://yatango.com.au/mobile/coverage - for more info and let me know if you have any further questions.

Yatango Experience Team

Is it possible to recharge my credit at a shop or something?

Penny.Hills123 asked on Apr 26, 2015

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Hey Penny.Hills123

Good question! We are 100% digital so unfortunately you can't recharge your credit at a shop, however, to add top up credit simply jump online to www.yatango.com.au/mobile, login to your Dashboard and click 'Change my Plan' where you can easily add as much or as little credit you want at the click of a button! (minimum top up is $10).

Hope that helps,

Yatango Experience Team

Sorry I made a mistake, to top up your credit - click "Top-up now" once you're in your Dashboard (Not "change my plan") sorry about that!

Can I use a phone t talk to a service person at yatango, please provide a no. so I can make the call?.. I am having great difficulty in contacting yatango by email and chat. surely one does not have to sign uo with facebook to have my question acknowledged

david bretherton asked on Apr 17, 2015

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Hi David,

Unfortunately we do not have a number you can call as we are a purely digital service and help our members via email or live chat on our website.

I am sorry you are having difficulty in getting your questions acknowledged, let me help you with that. If you could please fill out the following form: http://bit.ly/18nUuQy
With you unique code YAT339, we will look into your questions and get back to you with some answers ASAP.

Yatango Experience Team

I am not signed up with Facebook - you can type using live chat on the website - they answer questions and then email a copy of the chat with the answers to you.

I continue to have problems 1. I am told my acc. has no funds, yet I specifically told them to add $10 auto. when funds are depleting?
2. pls advise me as to how I can easily submit funs to have credit in my acc.
3 if this priblem persists I feel I have no option but sign off with yatango... a pity!!

from a chat how do I connect with my email after my question is submitted?

Under savvytel terms, I do not pay any regular monthly or quarterly fee and the credit on my own and my wife's mobile phones does not expire. I top up the credit for each phone in cash as required at the local store. A debit or credit card is not required. Does yatango have a similar plan with no contract and no regular fee? We are light users.

Robert Stewart asked on Apr 17, 2015

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It is important for me to make it clear that I am just a customer of Yatango and these are just my experiences and opinions. My original review is an accurate opinion of mine. Yatango provides credit ($5) for making a review, good or bad.

There isn't a monthly fee as such, however, there is a credit card fee. Credit expires after a few months, but the best way to get around this is to only top up a small amount so you don't lose any. It works well for me, but may not be what everyone is looking for.

Hi Robert,

Those are all very valid questions and I'm here to help! As Rod has so helpfully pointed out, we do not charge a 'monthly fee' as such, but there is a 2% fee on all transactions. If you are a light user, I would recommend using our Pay as You Go option; you can top up as little as $10, which lasts for 90 days. On Pay as You Go, you are charged 11c/min for calls, 9c/SMS and 5c/MB for data usage. Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.

Yatango Experience Team

I looked around and for me Yatango was the best option. 11c minute for calls and 9c for texts is very reasonable. I don't like attaching my debit card and I would prefer the credits to never expire but this is the best offer I could find. Some of the other providers with yearly expiration of credit were way more expensive for calls and texts so you lose out there. I don't think any providers offer the same as Savvytel - Savvytel was wonderful but its all over at the end of this month - good luck with finding better than this offer.

How can i contact customer service ? What your contact number?

Lokmani Pokharel asked on Apr 16, 2015

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You can contact Yatango via this link.

Hi Lokmani,

Rod A is right (thanks!) You can click through that link to access a member support forum, where you can search for questions or ask your own. Alternatively, to speak to our Customer Support Team you can email us at support@yatango.com or talk to us on live chat via our website, www.yatango.com.au/mobile - (found on the bottom right hand corner of the screen). We don't have a contact number as we are 100% digital, but if you contact us via one of the three ways listed above, we will be sure to follow up with your inquiry as soon as possible.

Yatango Experience Team

would you recommend yatango? and how much is the credit card fee?

Jumanji asked on Apr 11, 2015

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I've had no problems with yatango.on a,$10 top up the feel is 0.20cents australian

My credit card fee is 52c on a $26 plan. When I was on telstra previously, I think their credit card fee was $1 on a $50 plan, or thereabouts. Telstra had direct debit as an option though if I remember correctly (no fee on that). Yatango have been good for the 6 months I've been using them.

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