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Yamaha MCR-B020

Latest review: I stumbled upon this great little micro system form Yamaha. Turned out to be what I have been looking for, for a very long time. I have gone through a large number of portable players and clock

Yamaha YAS-207

Latest review: A fantastic soundbar, setup is simple plug and play, HDMI ARC port allows the soundbar to be operated via DLNA and the TV remote, Stereo for day-to-day TV is rich and enjoyable and a vast improvement

Yamaha YAS-107B

Latest review: Picked this up at a great price from Todds HiFi.. Turned what I thought was a pretty good sound from a Hisense 50 inch in my bar room into a sports stadium !!! Even my old dog gets fooled by the

Yamaha HTR2071

Latest review: Until now I was deaf , the old amplifier was terrible , I had no idea sound could be so clear . Love this amplifier Easy to use and

Yamaha YSP-1600

Latest review: This Yamaha sound bar can be connected via Yamahas MusicCast app and other brands of speakers can connect as well ( unlike Samsung ). It is dearer than Samsung unit I took back to the store but the

Yamaha NS-SW300

Latest review: Purchased 4 weeks ago couldn’t be happier paired up with a Yamaha 7.2channel received and sorround speakers. Pro. Loud rich deep bass with Chrisp sharp punch Would recommend for large rooms o

Yamaha NS-F700

Latest review: I cannot praise these speakers highly enough. They are real value for money. They sound great, look good and have been totally fault & trouble free. You could do a lot worse on every level. Would

Yamaha CLP-340

Latest review: Bought about 5-6 years ago, still enjoying playing it. It has a nice touch and sounds, it has an upright feels to the touch -which I very appreciate. Nver have any regret buying

Yamaha YUS Series

Latest review: After reading up on pianos for over a year, I chose the YUS1 for an upgrade to our old upright. I think this is a fantasic piano that is of much higher quality to the baby grands available. I

Yamaha APX Series

Latest review: The quality of this instrument is un be bleev able. STILL made in Japan! I've owned a Yamaha Clarinet, Trumpet, Electrical Guitar, Keyboard and several of their motorcycles. Everything Yamaha is

Yamaha U Series

Latest review: Bought a U1 brand new 13 years ago and just bought a second one which is 35 years old. A piano that truly rivals some of the best. I've played on many other pianos in my time from a range of Kawai

Yamaha RX-V1085

Latest review: One of the best things about this amplifier is the options you have to connect to it - Bluetooth / Airplay / 7 HDMI inputs / USB / Music Streaming (Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, Deezer etc), and you can

Yamaha YAS-105

Latest review: I'm so glad we purchased this product which was recommended by a friend. No longer do I have to sit with the remote control in my hand turning the volume up and down when watching tv series and

Yamaha ISX-B820

Latest review: I have been using the Yamaha Integrated Audio System ISX-B820 for a month now and I must say it it amazing! When I received the box it was heavy so first thought was it was a good solid system. The

Yamaha WXA-50

Latest review: This amplifier is perfect for getting music to areas with limited space - its footprint is only 215 x 51.5 x 251.4 mm. That doesn't mean that it misses out on features to keep it so small, it has

Yamaha Manu Katche Signature Snare

Latest review: I have had this drum for about three weeks now and have no regrets. It has sounded fantastic in a wide range of rehearsal spaces and I can hardly wait to try it on stage. I know it will be great! It

Yamaha Stage Custom Birch Series

Latest review: I purchased my kit new in 2002, the kit has done over 2000 shows in that time in Australia and NZ. I have used it for recording, live shows, full production shows, even live video. What I like is

Yamaha Al Foster Hipgig

Latest review: Couldn't be happier. I run them wide open, no muffling and all of the drums, especially the bass drum are Cannons! I set up an inside mic for the bass drum but it rarely needs it. I play

Yamaha P-105

Latest review: As a child I had a passing interest in learning to play the piano. For various reasons I ended up playing (badly) brass instruments instead. A few decades later, a good handful of overtime cash

Yamaha RX-V781

Latest review: This unit incorporates all the new technologies into the "old-fashion" AV receiver. There are many functions I love, like the microphone which was supplied with the system that analyzes the room and

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