Best Oricom UHF & VHF Radios

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Oricom UHF360
  • Award Winner 2022
4.7 from 184 reviews

The Oricom UHF360 has a full 5 watts, an audio equaliser that ensures clear sound, and a rugged construction, making it a reliable unit to use to communicate, wherever you are.

Simple to install in vehicle
Easy to use
Clear sound
Oricom UHF305
4.6 from 114 reviews

Latest review: Good quality Easy to use Compact design can fit

Oricom DTX4200X
4.7 from 46 reviews

Latest review: The Radio worked fine until I turned it off but after calling the hotline Oricom were very quick to diagnose my problem and send out a replacement Microphone head

Oricom UHF025 Compact
4.5 from 62 reviews

Latest review: First time Oricom buyer. Easy to install, menu is easy to get through, found it very user

Oricom UHF310
4.6 from 43 reviews

Latest review: the customer service people are so good they helped me in every way to resolve the problem ,they were excellent and very professional in the they spoke too me once again

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Oricom UHF182
4.4 from 40 reviews

Latest review: Have put in a uhf 182 recently And very disappointed with it, freezes while scanning, go to use it and it changes channel, about to put it in the bin. Feel free to call me to

Oricom DTX4200
4.6 from 27 reviews

Latest review: So I’ve hooked up my uhf turns on fine so I thought, then says channel 12 with the s on top right but can’t do nothing from there. Can’t reset doesn’t let me do anything. I’m stuck on what to

Oricom UHF390
4.2 from 31 reviews

Latest review: Purchased this today from Repco and After having the install done, it appears that you can only transmit ok and not receive at all, i have tried to communicate with my hand held and my sons in car

Oricom UHF028
4.4 from 24 reviews

Latest review: had a problem contacted customer support sent a replacement unit with no dramas just send the old one back ,customer support was more helpfull with this warranty claim.thanks for your

Oricom DTX600
4.6 from 19 reviews

Latest review: I purchased the UHT550 to use for “escorting” a group of road bike riders on a ride from Perth in WA to Newcastle NSW. Purchased a pack inclusive of handset, in car charging system and external mag

Oricom UHF2500
4.4 from 22 reviews

Latest review: would have given it 5 by 5 if it had an fm radio.....scan could be simplified with a designated key....led light operating independently without turning unit on, is an excellent feature...mostly use

Oricom DTX4000
4.1 from 27 reviews

Latest review: This unit is the second Oricom unit we have purchased, having a DTX4200 in our other vehicle. The physical advantage of having a remote head is certainly a winner but the best feature is the dual

Oricom UHF5500

Oricom UHF5500

 · includes 2 listings
3.4 from 25 reviews

Latest review: Overall a good set of 2 units that can be used as stand alone or if a magnetic car antenna is used it significantly improves reception. Unfotunately one of the batteries would not hold the charge and

Oricom UHF2190
3.6 from 17 reviews

Latest review: The radios are good. Cheap batteries they come out with are not. This review is based on the amazing support I received from oricom. When the batteries died in a radio that is less than a year old,

Oricom MX500 5 watt VHF Marine Radio

Latest review: What an easy to use vhf radio. Nice and compact with the benefit of being waterproof. A very reliable and robust radio indeed. Highly recommend especially suited for KAYAK Fishers. Additionally,

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Oricom UHF030
5.0 from 5 reviews

Latest review: Nice little unit. Easy to operate and read. Some of us have dicky shoulders and need reading glasses so it is fine. Rotary controls always preferable compared to touch buttons or screens. Not used

Oricom ANU1100
4.8 from 4 reviews

Latest review: Another quality piece of kit from Oricom. Bought as a replacement for one damaged in an accident and couldn't fault it. Well made, strong and stable and hardly moves when going down the highway or

Oricom ANU1200
5.0 from 2 reviews

Latest review: Love the option of keeping it small or adding to it when needing. Perfect antenna for all terrains and will be running it in all my vehicles. Crystal clear reception every

Oricom Controller Speaker Mic UHF380

Latest review: After having this UHF radio for a couple of years the curly chord started to deteriorate. I contacted customer service. One week later I received a replacement in the mail. Fantastic service.

Oricom MX1100G
5.0 from 1 review

Latest review: I have used heaps of marine radios in the past and I can honestly say this has been the best of them all. It's easy to use, the screen is clear to read, and it can be mounted just about anywhere.

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