Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners

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Electrolux Ultraflex
Latest review: I am quite impressed with this vacuum cleaner. I must say that it is the best vacuum I have owned so far. It sucks well even when the rug looks clean, it still manages to pick up dust, lots of it,

Electrolux UltraSilencer
Latest review: From new this vacuum had a high pitched scream when hose extended+only ran for 5 mins before switching off. Emailed electrolux numerous time but no replies. Rang+they sent a new handle. Didn't help.

Electrolux Ergorapido 2 in 1
Latest review: Flooring is better than carpet. It pickups material very well and the time it takes is faster than my other vacuum. Also, I have used this vacuum for a solid 30 minutes at a

Electrolux Rapido
Latest review: I bought this vac to clean my car and it works. I need to charge it for an extended time or keep it in the charger all the time, as the battery takes a long time to charge and uses quite quickly.

Electrolux SilentPerformer
Latest review: This is the most powerful vacuum I've ever had, and am completely happy with it. Could not believe what it picked up. Easy to empty, easy to use, long cord etc. At such a reasonable price you

Electrolux Powerforce
Latest review: Had the vacuum for less than a year before it started falling apart. Cons: Main pole no longer stays up, Main head has worn causing Frey damage to mats and carpet, small wheels of main head broken

Electrolux Ultrapower
Latest review: This cordless vacuum is amazing. It is easy to use, lightweight, easy to empty and clean filters. Great for regular cleaning of areas such as kitchen and entry which continually need attention as

Electrolux UltraOne
Latest review: This is the best vacuum I have owned. It surpasses my old Dyson easily. It's suction is fabulous, it's not too noisy and the start button on the handle is an excellent feature. The 3 in 1 attachment

Electrolux Classic Silence
Latest review: Lasted twoand a half years with a weekly use, then hose broke, not cracked but one pipe slips out of the other easily and the length adjusting part won't work so it just slides in and out which

Electrolux Purei9 PI91-5SGM
Latest review: This vacuum cleans well for a robot vac, it can save you a heap of time. The only downfall with me personally is it can't find home when its low on battery and struggles to find its charging station

Electrolux Aero Performer ZAP9930
Latest review: A fairly easy vac to use, bagless, has plenty of power for pulling deep dirt out of the carpet however this is where the plusses stop. The dust tank is small, the cyclonic seperator clogs with even