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Hi guys, how much deposit you gave to affordable living? Is it 2,500? 1,500 for house and 1,000 for land? And if ever the loan didn't approved will we able to refund the deposit that we gave?
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Hi. Yes $1500 for plans. $1000 for land deposit. Pretty sure that if finance fell that we would only get the $1000 from land back but not the building plan deposit.$1500 for home deposit, $2000 land you cant get refund on the home deposit but the land you can!My question is why would you want to get a refund for the building plan?

can anyone tell me the rough build time for affordable living? saw some recent coments of a year from when titles are released i was hoping around 9 months?
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been told 27 weeks give or take so whatever that works out to in monthsNo chance. My house, they said 9 months. Their contract is 260 working days, which is 12 months. That is after taking the building permit, which they keep right to 45 working days. At the moment, I am stuck without being able to get council approval. Because, they did not refer to DAP before signing my building contract. They are not honest or reliable. If you have not sign a contract with them, stay away from them

Hi guys, this is my first time building and I just can't decide who to go with. I've done the rounds but I can't decide between Homestart and Affordable Living. Now I've read reviews on all of them and I can see both has their fair share of negative feedback, however I also understand that most people who have had a good experience tend not to share it, you know the old sales anecdote when you make a customer happy they tell one person, piss them off they tell 10. I know there are potentially better companies out there however they are not able to offer me as much due to my budget. To be honest with you both the reps at these companies have gone above and beyond to help me, I know they want the commission but they seem to be very upfront (one even talking me out of spending more money!). I already have a block, I just need to work out who to build with.. The designs themselves are pretty similar and around the same price. Any advise?
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Hi, I think most poor reviews and experiences are because expectations are not set properly. The first thing people need to realise is that when you visit a display home, it includes all the trimming - the most you can pay for the house. When you sign up, you're paying for the bare minimum, so make sure you are aware of this. The second thing I will tell you is that the process of building a home involves many different people - the sales person will promise you the World, but usually can't deliver on a few of those things - make sure you have any promises written down. Then you meet your pre-start (or start-up) person to discuss your furnishings and any additions - make sure you do your homework on what extras you may want beforehand because these meetings are long and overwhelming. It is the only opportunity you get to customize your house without having to pay for the 'change'. Any other changes you need to pay a fee. ...tbc...Then you have your account manager who sits in an office all day and has no idea about the building process and is generally useless or unhelpful - their job is to maximise the money they make on your house and minimise your contact with the site supervisor - I've heard of some building companies who refuse to let you meet your site supervisor (Celebrations, for example) - this is not good. Then you finish up with your site supervisor - this is the person you want to be your best friend. Most good ones will do what they can for you, but in the end they can only do what is on the house plans - they are your 'bible'. If they do something extra for you, get them a carton of beer - they'll look after you all the time from that point on! …tbc…We built with Affordable Living and were happy with the process - our expectations had to be adjusted a few times, and you learn a lot when you build for the first time. Remember - these building companies are the entry-level builders, you're buying a Chery branded house, not a Rolls Royce!

To anyone thats has built with affordable living and got finance through keystart. . . Was there hidden fees they didnt tell you about. . . So far ive found out two. The extra money(gst) we have to pay on top of our $200 monthly payment, and pay the electric bill and gas whilst construction. . . Is there anything else
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Yes u have water bill and sec bills and maybe rate bills tooAnd land rates bill even way before construction even started

We recently signed on for a small unit on a small block i have had nothing but drama's with the bank with them finally coming back and telling us that our loan has not been approved due to land size any way with all the trouble we have had with the bank my husband and I have decided that its all too much to deal with and have asked for our deposit back due to the bank delining our loan and we have now been told that the deposit is non refundable but when we signed up we asked if it was 100% subject to finace as my husband had only been working at his new job for less then 3 months so to start with we were not sure if we would even get approval. Do any of you know how we can go about this and how we cant get our 2k deposit back Im pretty annoyed as if this was the case we would have never signed on and would have gotten a pre approval first up.... It seems a bit dodgey to me.
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We were made fully aware that if things were to fall through then we would not get our deposit back.

Hi Could anybody tell me about "The Luxor Games Promo"(Affordable Living Home Design) quality or the price?
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I was considering the Luxor Games Promo. Base house price is $190,000. This is not including blinds, flooring, elevation features, siteworks, etc. For that price, you can do heaps better. Also compare the Affordable Living Homes' standard specifications with other builders. ALH specs have 600mm oven & stove (other builders have 900mm), don't include a rangehood (other builders do), have 1 and a half kitchen sink (other builders have a double sink), no glass doors on shower (which means shower curtain), 1525mm bath (other builders have 1670mm bath), and if you look at their floorplans you'll notice that they don't include tiles on the toilet and laundry. I suggest going with a builder from the BGC group or ABN group. They're the top 2 builders in the state which means they have the most buying power.

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