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Its almost been a year since I first contacted B1 homes last May 2018 and almost 7 months since I bought the land and my prestart . It’s really stressfull that till now the building process is still not started. is there anything you can do to speed up the process? thanks
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Hi Vhin, We agree, that sounds like an unusually long time. Unfortunately we haven't been able to identify your job in our system from the details you've posted here. Could you forward your name or job number, or even the construction address to support@b1homes.com.au, and we'll investigate for you. Thanks, B1 TeamHi Vhin, Thanks for sending through your details. I think you're generally aware of the circumstances that have caused your delays so far, but for other readers here, I'd like to provide some answers. In short, there has only been 2 working days since the 5th October, that your job hasn't been in the hands of your Shire, and it continues there today. That's 2 days in nearly 6 months! These are issues specific to your block and your Shire. We'd like to be able to give you certainty around when your job will commence on site, but until we have control of the job, we don't have that certainty, although we feel confident that it's close. We had Final Documents ready for you way back in early November, which would normally mean we're only days or a week or 2 away from commencing on site, but unfortunately, your shire released a new planning policy only a few weeks prior to your planning application being lodged last October. This is the ultimate cause of your delays. We offered solutions to help achieve the quickest planning approval possible, but it took a while to evolve those solutions into plans that you, and then your Shire were comfortable accepting. Ultimately the Planning approval wasn't received until earlier this month. We now have the application for your Building Permit in with your shire, and would hope that we have a smooth process there, allowing us to commence on site in April. We're looking forward to getting started on your new home almost as much as you are. Regards, B1 Team

Hi, We are building with WSH who have now gone into Administration. We are up to our Completion Stage with a number of defective and incomplete work. Is this something you would be able to provide assistance with?
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Hi Sorry to hear that, unfortunately we only build in Perth, good luck with completing your home. Regards Jim

Hi there, just wondering whether you guys have an option for low savings loans (without the guarantor)? Love the house designs you have.
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Hi, Thanks for your email, yes we do, I will arrange for one of our consultants to contact you and discuss the options.Hi, Can you send me a contact number or an email address and we will be InTouch with the options we can offer you. Regards Jim

You interested in quoting a Duplex in the bass hill area? If so please call me on 0422 489 160
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Hi, Thanks for your enquiry, will arrange for our Sales consultant to call you. Regards Jim

Is b1 still part of Scott park group? Is this a re brand because of the nightmare builds Scott park used to push out ?
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Hi, Bi Homes are not part of or associated with Scott Park Homes, Regards JimWhy is it advertised on the Scott park group website that you are a part of Scott park, it seems to me that Scott park has re branded the name which carried the depressing connotations for the poor quality and timeframes which effected many people in the past, I would steer well clear of the Scott park group just read the reviews for them, it really takes the credibility of the B1 homes reviews away, especially when you deny any involvement with the Scott park group...Hi, Can you tell me when you built and what was the company you built with? Regards Jim

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