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My dog has had Bow Wow Pet insurance for six years and I was told today he has diabetes will his treatment be covered by Bow Wow pet insurance?
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Hi Judith, please e-mail your policy number to insurance@bowwow.com.au with the above question and I will confirm with our claims team. Many thanks.

I have 2 dogs aged 6.I have been researching pet insurance. My elderly parents( both in 90's) have asked me to take their dog ( aged 7)when they passover. Non of the dogs have any pre existing conditions and are healthy.No hesitation here but can I get a policy to cover my dogs and theirs under MY name as they are pensioners. If no, then when I do take on their dog it maybe over the age of 9. What then?
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You will need a full vet history from birth for the dog or the pet insurance will be a waste of time. So if the dog has only been to the one vet should be easy enough but if not, any pet insurance will not allow you to claim and it would be a waste of money. Generally you cannot insure a pet for first time over 9 years of age but check insurance PDS.

I am considering starting a policy for our 2 dogs. I'm concerned that the premiums will skyrocket each time the policy is renewed. My dogs are 7 and 8. What annual % increase can I expect? If I make a claim, does that result in premium increasing? If so, by how much? Also, with the 10% for second dog, do I get that discount each time the policy is renewed? Thanks.
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Hi Jenny, these are all great questions. It is difficult to answer though as premiums are also dependent on variables that are not known such as vet inflation and the claim frequency of our book. Your claim history does have a small impact on premium. The 10% multi pet discount, is a discount that is applied through the life of the policy so you do retain it on renewal. With older pets, premiums do increase. We try limit this to a cap of 15% as we like to avoid raising prices by huge amounts (it is important to note that there is no pricing guarantee and we reserve the right to increase if need be though). Hope this helps answer your questions.I can guarantee that your premiums will skyrocket with this company which is why I cancelled the 3 policies I had with them many years ago which cost me far more than I ever got back. Also 2 policies increased with no claims as much as one policy with claims so don't believe them when they say claim history impacts premiums. Your premiums will increase to cover the cost of the many morons having expensive, unnecessary treatment just because they have insurance not because their pets need it. Take out accident only insurance elsewhere, find a great homeopathic vet who will keep your dogs healthy & you will find that costs far less.Hello I have to agree with this policy holder .. I too have just received my policy renewal for our dog who is just over one year old. Only made one small claim and my policy has increased $276 I could not believe that my policy increased by so much I have only had the policy for 1 year so I can only imagine how much it will increase next year and so on . I am now in the process of looking elsewhere for my pet insurance and cancelling this policy ( hence how I have stumbled across these reviews ) I called bow wow meow and got someone who gave me the same ridiculous response as above... excuses My opinion read all the reviews and carefully read the insurance covers and exclusions too And I agree I too have found a great homeopathic vet

Never made a claim until our beloved dog Henry died aged 9. Phoned Bow Wow Meow who said no need to put extra details in only the most recent treatment that we are making our claim for. Followed all the online prompts only to have a request for ALL vet treatment during his lifetime, pathology reports and X ray results. How come other owners have their claims paid out immediately? Very disappointed!
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Hi Henry, I am sorry you are disappointed - my apologies. Please can you e-mail your policy number to insurance@bowwow.com.au so that we can investigate and sort out for you. Thanks

Hello. Why are excesses payable every year after renewal of a policy? Once paid they should at leat last 12 months as long as the policy is renewed annually. Case in point! Dog diagnosed 2 x lifelong ilnesses requiring lifelong medication and testing in February. Insurance renewed in June. $1000 excess payable before claiming in Feb. Then $1000 payable again in June on top of the premium. Is that fair?? Thanks
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Hi Shane, thanks for your enquiry. I am a little confused here as we do not have excesses of $1,000 on any of our policies? The highest excess is on the Major Medical Plan which is $500. In addition, it is a per condition excess. This means that you only need to pay the excess once per year for a particular condition. Once paid for that condition, there is no need to pay again in the policy period UNLESS there is another type of condition you are claiming for. If you would like us to investigate, please send an e-mail with your policy number to insurance@bowwow.com.au. Thanks

Do you cover hip dysplacia if my dog is insured from 8 weeks?
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Hi Rita, hip dysplasia is covered provided it is not a pre-existing condition and the first clinical signs do not fall within the waiting period.

Hi, my puppy is 1 years old and we are covered under the Accident & Illness policy. We took her to the vet as she was really struggling to breath when we were walking her. The vet told us she has an elongated soft palate which makes it really difficult for her to breath when she exercises. The vet also noticed she was standing funny and checked her back legs and she has luxating patellas in both her back legs requiring surgery. Will we be covered for surgery on her soft palate and will she be covered for surgery on both her back legs?
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Hi Nicole, I am sorry to hear that. These do fall under the policy cover. However, each claim is assessed on a case by case basis as the Underwriter needs to look at vet history, pre-existing conditions etc. I recommend calling 1800 668 502 to get more clarity. There is also an option to ask for pre-approval - I suggest asking about that too. Wishing your pup a speedy recovery.

If my dog has had an operation previously for a burst disc, will it still be covered? It was not degenerative, but another dog fell on him.
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Hi Karen, your dog will be covered for everything in the PDS, except for conditions that relate back to the burst disc (as this would be deemed a pre-existing condition).

Hello. If i go to the vet whilst waiting say how does that work? And say if hypothetically he has a pre condirion ?
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Hi Belinda, I am not sure I understand your first question. However, if your pet has a pre-existing condition, then we won't be able to cover it when you take out a policy. Note: if there are no signs of that condition whilst being insured with us for a period of 18 months, then you can apply to get the pre-existing condition waived.Whats the success rate?

Hi there, is hip dysplasia covered by the policy?
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Hi Julie, I seemed to overlook this question - my apologies. To answer your question; Yes, hip dysplasia is covered under our Accident & Illness policy (it is not covered under the Accident Only policy).

In your pds it states that if after hours and the vet determines the visit was an emergency you will only pay the cost of a normal day vet clinic. How is this calculated?
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Hi Kelli, if the Pet needs to go to an emergency Vet due to the circumstances being an emergency, we will generally cover the cost of the emergency visit. The Product Disclosure Statement says that we may not cover treatment unless the Vet believes an emergency consultation was necessary, in which case our liability is limited to the amount that would have been payable had the Treatment been provided at a Vet practice during normal consultation hours.

How soon can I make a claim?
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Hi Cass, as soon as you have all the requested information. However, please note that there is a 30 day waiting period on illness conditions. Please visit https://bowwowinsurance.com.au/pet-insurance/make-a-claim/ for details on claiming.

If you pay for a years premium in advance what happens if the dog dies in the mean time how much refund will i get? Teresa Leigh
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Hi Teresa, you will receive a refund on the balance. For example, if you are halfway through the policy period, you will receive approximately 50% of the premium back.

Hi! I am looking for insurance for my 1 year old puppy. While I am impressed by the 4 star rating from 1186 reviews, I would like to review your PDS as well. Where can I find it? Lynnette
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Hi Lynette, this can be found on our site. Please go to https://bowwowinsurance.com.au/forms-brochures/ and click on policy booklet.You might want to take a closer look at the MANY supposed positive reviews by "people" who have never reviewed anything else. Although I think Product Review is mostly good there is absolutely nothing to stop anyone writing fictional reviews. Once I worked out I would pay more for one policy over 15yrs for a 5kg dog than I have paid in vet bills for every dog I have had in the past 30yrs I cancelled my 3 policies with this greedy, rip off company. I then took out accident only insurance with another company & that combined with having a fantastic vet who keeps my dogs healthy means I am now thousands of dollars better off for doing so.

Hi there, I have a miniature long haired dachshund and was wondering if in the case one day she injures her back badly and needs surgery if it will be covered? Some other insurance companies said they don't cover it as this is more common in dachshunds.
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Hi elisem. Yes, provided this is not a pre-existing condition, it would be covered under the Accident & Illness policy (Comprehensive and Major Medical Policies). We do not have breed specific conditions.

Do any of your policies cover hip dysplasia AND skin conditions? Need a policy that will cover both (as well as the other general conditions)
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Hi Ellie, yes our accident and illness policies cover both hip dysplasia and skin conditions (provided these are not pre-existing conditions). For all listed inclusions and exclusions, please refer to our policy booklet at https://bowwowinsurance.com.au/forms-brochures/.

Hi we are considering taking out a policy but have been reading through the reviews and questions and wanting to find out what level cover do we need for every day things that may occur such as grass seeds? Someone mentioned that they had accident and illness cover which wasn't covered when their dog inhaled it and required surgery to remove it from their nose. I'm wanting cover for the things that are more likely to occur than for things that most likely will never happen.
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Hi Sam, Any incidents of swallowing a foreign object that causes a blockage or obstruction is only covered once in the policy period. Subsequent incidents in the policy period are not covered.

If my dog gets a UTI within the waiting period does that mean any future UTI's would be considered a pre-existing condition and therefore never covered?????
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AS far as I know depending on the level of cover you took the waiting period is for ACL surgery. A pre existing condition is one that has already been treated before you took out the policy. You have to provide a full vet history when you make your first claim so if your dog has already been treated for a UTI before you had insurance then I would think it would be a pre existing condition. If you are not sure just call Bow Wow and ask them, they are very helpful.Hi Tania, generally, if the first signs or symptoms occurred before the policy started or during the 30 day illness waiting period, the condition is considered pre-existing which is a general exclusion. However, all claims are assessed on their own merit.

why was my claim for my dog's idiopathic epilepsy refused? She has PSS but these seizures are not related to her liver. Her bloodwork show that her liver levels are only just outside of normal and not the cause of the seizure she had treatment for. She has not had an HE seizure in 3.5years of her her life - she's 3 years 11 months. Please explain. We've got 3 dogs insured with you and are feeling very vulnerable and concerned that we are paying our premiums faithfully and scared we may not have the cover we have paid for.
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Thanks Amanda, we received this message on Facebook too and sent it through to our resolutions team.

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