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Why does Bunnings have such poor quality products even when superior quality is available? Why are some branded products sold by Bunnings lower in quality than the same branded product sold elsewhere?
3 answers
Sounds more like a complaint. As Bunnings don’t respond here who are you expecting will provide a clearly informed verifiable response?What I am expecting is for Bunning’s category managers who resent the fact that they are forced to buy Bunnings Quality products to bring the issue to the attention of Bunnings Senior Management.because everything is made cheap in china

Hi, I had a strange experience yesterday at bunnings. I have been a customer for decades and had a weird interaction with returns/exchanges I always shop at bunnings, and own several tools etc, that I purchased from them. I keep all receipts that are relevant for potential warranty issues. (I photocopy them, and keep them in a filing cabinet) the rest of receipts for consumables/globes/retic/fertiliser fade and become a nuisance, so I stopped keeping them years ago. I realise that the economic climate is bad, and there is a lot of theft out there, so with a grain of salt I take the situation on, but am curious as to the customer service philosophies? What happened is as follows: I have just recently made the decision with my wife to demolish and rebuild our house. (relevant in my situation) Thus, I have been packing and discarding many items in preparation of moving after 10 years. First,(2 weeks ago) I found a bunch of spare globes, took them to bunnings as per their return policy and got an exchange voucher.(The policy is clear with DL (ID)) and I was really appreciative). Then as I got through the house, I found some travel locks I purchased for an overseas trip last summer, and same thing returned for a credit voucher(1 week ago). Yesterday, I finished going through my garage, and found an unused tin of decking oil, a 30 metre hose, and various retic parts still in packaging. I happily brought them in to exchange for some shelving for the rental house, and I was told that my exchange amount was over a $300 limit(it was $301.) and that the lady would need authorisation from a manager. I am comfortable with all of this, however they took my drivers license for about 10 mins, made some phone calls and then almost said nothing but you can go. I asked is there a voucher available, and the manage/supervisor said no, and that our "loss prevention will be in contact". He gave me my license back, and I asked him if he could explain this? and he said no, thanks, goodbye. Now I may seem unfazed by this, but as a retailer myself I feel that there has been a customer service/communication breakdown whereby the customer is eliminated from the communication loop. I get that there is pilfering out there, I get that bunnings' return policy is fair, but I dont appreciate the insinuation that I am fraudulent in any way. I would happily have bunnings "Loss prevention" come over and see the mess my house is in whilst preparing to move. As a side note, I was returning a 4lt tin of deck oil, and a 30 metre hose, and various small items.( the retic parts could get stolen, but how can someone steal a 4 lt tin and large hose?) I really dont care about the return, and struggle to understand how bunnings can even have that policy, but I am unhappy about the insinuations of fraud. I would happily have a further discussion with someone from bunnings about it, and hope they realise, that us older family men can easily use the good graces of their returns policy. Thanks for reading. rgds
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You can already see that Bunnings don’t respond here. So really just a complaint that belongs in the REVIEW section as no question has been askedSorry to waste your time, perhaps I was venting frustration...

Do Bunnings still accept cheque as a form of payment
2 answers
Why do you avoid just making a call rather than asking the public.have you thought about asking bunnings

If item is paid for with gift card then returned due to being incorrectly chosen how will it be refunded
2 answers
They don’t refund on ‘change of mind’.ask bunnings

is there a minimum required when using zippay? like at target you can only purchase something through zippay/afterpay if your items total over $100 is it the same at Bunnings
1 answer
who knows ask the store

Can i do a return of a product that I have bought 2 months ago? And can i return it to another store? (Like different location)
5 answers
yes, with proof of purchase. But it depends on the product. Two months might be too long for a cup of coffee!trythe logical thing to do would be to ask bunnings or go to a store & try to return it

Is it possible to get actual cash as a refund instead of the amount being refunded back onto you debit card?
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If you paid by credit/debit card the money has to be refunded back on to the card Every business does it common practice if you paid by cash then you get a cash refundThank you.

I went to Bunnings today to return an item I purchased a couple of days ago and got abused by a rude staff lady telling me the item had already been returned. Which it clearly hadn't as I had it right there in front of both of us. She tried to tell me it's an automated system and the system doesn't lie. What would be the reason for this happening?
3 answers
I would be asking to speak with manager. You will need proof of purchase. Also check your consumer rights which may vary from state to state. If their claim is that the item has already been returned you should ask for the evidence if that.Did you ask the manager asking here wont give you the correct answerThe proof of your return is that your receipt stores all the information when it is scanned onto the system. You might be using the wrong receipt when you have previously returned the same item.

Can you find a old receipt by accessing your Bunnings PowerPass Card
2 answers
I don’t have a Powerpass cardWhat prevents you from checking yourself?

Has anyone else had trouble with EnduraSeal 12mm Nylon Tap Valves?? I bought a set, re seated the taps, installed the valves, and they are the worst valves i have used, it takes 5 minutes to get the water right & when you reduce the cold to make it warmer it does the exact opposite, makes it go stone cold. These aren't worth even trying because in my opinion they are a waste of money and time
No answers

New taps in shower bought from your store and you don’t sell the items to fix it.This after numerous times fixing the item.
5 answers
Contact store manager and it will be foxedWe want to buy several coroma/dorf 20 teeth thermal barriers to fix our shower tap and Bunnings at Newstead (huge store) does not sell them. We are able to fix it ourselves but store lets us down.Yes well typical of crap sitez

Is the glue used on Project Panels premium plywood 3mm thick toxic? I am thinking of using it for children's toys.
2 answers
No that is OKThe only place you are going to get the correct answer is from bunnings Asking here will not give you the correct answer

In Nov 2017 we bought an Ozito tool kit which I understand is only sold at Bunnings and has a 5 year warranty. One of the items is now faulty. Receipt is now blank due to being so faded and don't have a card statement to show for proof of purchase as it was purchased with a gift card. Is there anyway that Bunnings will be able to honour the warranty? Lesson learnt that I should photocopy receipts!!
3 answers
have you thought about contacting bunnings or go into a store & ask it is the only way you are going to get the correct information asking here will not give you the correct answerI have been into my local store, they couldn't help me. I have also called head office and I have left several messages for someone to call me back and I still haven't heard from anyone, that's why I thought I'd try here.the only place that can answer your question is Bunnings asking the public for answer on a public forum is not going to give you the correct answer the best bet is to go to another store or or just wait for the phone call that will never come

Do you have a Ozito blv-2401 petrol blow vac Regards Jim
2 answers
This site and the Ozito site list this model as electric ..not petrol. ??have a look in store or call them & ask

Does Bunnings has records of the keys they cut, can I find out if a unwanted person has copied my house key
2 answers
Surehave you asked at a bunnings store its the only way you are going to get the correct information

Hi. What is the maximum dollar value on a item before you require proof of purchase. So as to get a refund or store credit
2 answers
They can scan the barcode to tell if it is from a Bunnings Store so store credit is easier than a cash refund. But they can search their system for receipts and luckily a young guy ended up remembering me and hence they put more effort in to look. They then did a cash refund.Just ask them directly to get the correct answer.

Will my local Bunnings shake a paint can for me if I bring one from my home?
2 answers
Surethey might have you asked them

Do you get refund cash when returning faulty item.
4 answers
Pat do u have a receipt and proof its faulty ? Unless you have 100% proof no u will not get your cash backDepends on the circumstancesno they wont give you a cash refund they will either give you another item or send the faulty product for repair

Where do BUNNINGS Buy from their items they sell?
2 answers
From multiple suppliersfrom china japan india & Indonesia who ever is selling the cheapest crappiest products

Does Bunnings do layby?
1 answer
scroll through & you will get the answer the same question is asked here at least 3 times a week

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