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I have been recommended Novocore Hybride multi layered plank that carries a 25 year domestic warranty by a Representative at Harvey Norman. I want to cover existing floor tiles. I have been advised that NO levelling is required. On the front cover of Novocare brochure it states that this product is '100% waterproof' and inside the brochure it states 'water resilient' in another!! I can only presume that the premium range is the waterproof product? I would appreciate any feedback that can be provided as to whether this product lives up to its promise. It would appear from the previous comments I have read on this post, that Harvey Norman, the supplier, or both have little concern for the buyer.
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I have novocore in my house. Its terrible its scratches so easily and looks so bad after a while, we tried to get it replaced but the Novocore rep said we damaged it on purpose which is just stupid who would damage their own floor, but that gives you an idea on how bad it looks. STAY AWAYThank you Margaret for your feedback - much appreciate.

Hi, I'm looking to purchase 200m2 of the Isocore Hybrid vinyl planks for my home. Can anyone give me any feedback on this product. Good , bad or otherwise .
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We were recommended novocare hybrid flooring by HN to replace our warping timber flooring in the kitchen but we hv read 1 negative review on novocare so not sure if we should even consider this.Has anyone had similar or other experiences on this type of floorings or should we stick to timber type?
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Avoid Novocore. We agonised over our vinyl planking product/supplier and made a grave error choosing this product. Despite slab levelling and achieving tolerances within manufacturers requirements, this product sounds drummy to walk on. The length of the plank is too long to create a firm hug to the floor. We have had it re-laid (after even more levelling) and the issue has merely transferred to other areas. The manufacturer is absent in the entire rectification process. It will not be long before this product is discontinued - watch this space.

Is the flooring department in HN a separate franchise?
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Yes, it is.

Hi, My client is buying Novocore Premium flooring for a cafe and I need to know if it meets the BCA fire resistant requirements for a Class 6 building. I can't see anything on the Novocore website, can you help me please? Thanks, Nigel Legge Architect
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I purchased Harvey Norman's Novocore vinyl flooring for my new house. It has been a nightmare from day one, with expansion, scratching easily and has a dreadful scuffed appearance. It has definitely been the worst flooring I have ever purchased. The installer has been sent back several times to adjust and rectify, but it is dreadful. It will now cost me several thousand dollars to replace this flooring, plus the hassle of moving furniture etc. I have bought many things from Harvey Norman in the past, but I will never buy anything else from them and would advise others to be careful. Once they have your money, they are not interested in hearing any complaints. JeanNigel I am now in the same boat - we have installed a commercial floor also and not cannot get our COO as the flooring is not compliant Did you receive any answers that could help us? Thanks so much - Patricia

Hi. I’ve had the smartstrand down for 18 months. Very happy with it. I know you recommend steam cleaning but I’m not a fan of this method. Can I have it dry cleaned? [email address removed]
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Mohawk Smartstrand has tested and approved the SEBO X4 with its adjustable rotating brush roller height for their carpets to effectively remove the maximum amount of dirt. The SEBO X4 upright vacuum cleaner's onboard computer identifies the flooring type and changes the brush height to suit the carpet nap, raising or lowering the brush automatically for optimum cleaning. Using the X4 on your new, soft Mohawk SmartStrand carpet will ensure that they stay beautiful longer, while providing essential carpet care.

How happy are you with Novocore TM Premium hybrid floor ?
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Can't answer your question as we did not get the product you refer to.Make sure your layer leaves plenty of expansion room.

Can someone please come and give me a quote to install carpet in the stairs landing and two bedrooms? please answer me. Thank you. Rose
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Hi Rose, Thank you for your enquiry. Please kindly provide your details via inbox and our Harvey Norman Flooring team will contact you directly. Kind regards, Harvey Norman Flooring teamI purchased smartstrand carpet from Harvey Norman in Corio (Melbourne Vic). They were awesome. They gave me large samples of three different shades of the colour I was looking at. Plus as many small squares of any colour I wanted to test it. I put those squares through the ringer. Beetroot, red cordial tea/coffee, milk. You name it. It passed every test. Now, I’ve had it four maybe 5 years. You will need to test your vacuum cleaner on it. Because that’s the only problem with smartstrand - getting a vacuum that works on it. At the time I purchased it they were giving away a Bosch Pet care vacuum if you purchased about $5k worth of carpet. It went over it but it’s not great. That Bosh is $799. Pay the extra hundred and get the Sebo upright Automatic X4. $899. I’ve just bought one. It really works on smartstrand. You might be able to work out a deal if you’re buying carpet and a vacuum.We hope you were able to get your installation completed. If you did choose Mohawk Smartstrand.... They have tested and approved the SEBO X4 with its adjustable rotating brush roller height for their carpets to effectively remove the maximum amount of dirt. The SEBO X4 upright vacuum cleaner's onboard computer identifies the flooring type and changes the brush height to suit the carpet nap, raising or lowering the brush automatically for optimum cleaning. Using the X4 on your new carpet will ensure that they stay beautiful longer, while providing essential carpet care.

What thickness of self leveling compound is acceptable when laying Allure Vinyl planks over uneven ceramic floor tiles.
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Hi Steven, Allure requires the subfloor to be flat an even, with a maximum allowable subfloor variation of 3mm over a 2 metre expanse. The amount of self levelling compound required is dependent on the condition of the subfloor and the quantity needed to meet the condition above.

Can anyone pls advise on their experiences with Harvey Norman's 'Timber Impressions Eucalypt Laminate flooring' range? I'm interested in their Spotted Gum range. TIA
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I would like to know as well I have 85 sq metre of it. Even a baby's bottle dropped on it chips it. It's only 3 months old and I think it will need to be replace within one year. Very sad of the quality as I was told it was hard wearing and one of the best on the market. That is so untrue.

What is the acceptable gaps between individuals timber strips : Timber Max product, when installed? Anyone with the knowledge please advise
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Hi MHN Can we ask what gaps you are referring to? Are you referring to actual gap between the boards when joining together, or the gap between the placement of short side joins in the floor? We look forward to your response. Thank you.

Do you lay vinyl as well as Capet
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Yes, we can arrange professional installation on all flooring including Vinyl and Carpet.

I'm after feedback on the quality of smartstrand carpet long after installation please. Any complaints or compliments?
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We installed Smartstrand carpet but that was only seven months ago. It is not high traffic areas, just bedrooms. So far we have been very pleased with the carpet.Thanks :)We just bought Silk Trends Smart Strand Carpet from Harvey Norman. Beautiful to walk on but have not had any success in trying to vacuum clean it so far. We've had a Valet ducted vacuum system in our house for 20 yrs (and had it upgraded to a more modern, better performing power unit about 10 yrs ago). Tried to vacuum the carpet with my TK270 Wessel air driven turbo brush but no success. Found it very difficult to push the vacuum over the carpet and the turbo brush just dies when it hits the carpet as there is no air flow through this plush carpet. I figured that I probably need to get a more suitable head for this kind of carpet so I purchased a TK2 turbo brush which has a reputation for working well with carpets having a thicker pile. No success here either! Very hard to push the head over the carpet and although this turbo brush does not stop spinning completely, it slows right down and stops spinning frequently. Next move was to move away from using a turbo head so I tried a brand new Wessel combination floor tool. This is a basic head that can be used on carpet and hard floors (with a retractable brush). This just sticks to the carpet like glue and cannot be pushed at all. I tried opening the bleed valve on the hose handle to reduce suction but this only helped marginally. The only way I can move the vacuum head over the carpet is to turn the vacuum off and even then it doesn't glide over the carpet very well. Other complaint; if you do somehow manage to vacuum the carpet, it all needs to be done in the same direction (like raking sand) otherwise it looks horrible. When you're done, you then notice every footprint in the carpet. Will be talking this up with Harvey Norman and looking for some kind of resolution. Update: Guys at Harvey Norman flooring were not too helpful. Thankfully the girls in Harvey Norman vacuum dept were very helpful. They were very aware of the problem and looked after us with a good price on a Bosch Zoo portable bagged cleaner that looks like it will do the Job quite well. What a contrast in customer service!

Can I get a trial piece of the smartstrand carpet for a period of time to decide whether it is the best option for me? I am looking at re-carpeting my house. I did speak to a salesman at Browns Plains but he wasn't helpful, more condescending. Thanks, J
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Hi Jay, Apologies for the level of service you encountered. We've spoken to Browns Plains franchisee and he is happy to assist you with your enquiry. Please contact the store (07)3380 0662 at your convenience time.

Hi we want to put in our kitchen and family room Harvey Norman Timber Impressions Black Label, as this is a big area we were wondering if it would be hard wearing, and if it was noise? We have been to speaking to the guys at HN at Liverpool who were very helpful, and have explained that this is laminate flooring. Is this flooring easy to keep clean do you see marks on it?
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ResearchI laid Harvey Norman's timber impression floating floors in 3 rental units over 8 years ago and they still look amazing. However beware that big companies change their suppliers from time to time and just keep the branding so you'd want to check that it was coming from the same sourcem

Hi! Can anyone tell me if they have the wonderful carpet Smartstrand Silk carpet installed? If so, can you please tell me which vacuum you use that can easily glide across this carpet? I LOVE my carpet but cannot find a suitable vacuum that makes it easy to clean. I've been to Godfrey and 3 experts there could not find a vacuum in their stock that is easy to use on this carpet! HELP please. Thank you! Ingrid.
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Hi, We recommend you to look at the following; The Bosch Zoo which we’ve had available for a while now http://www.harveynorman.com.au/bosch-zoo-o-proanimal-vacuum-cleaner.html. The 2 new products that we have are the Electrolux ZUF4207ACT http://www.electrolux.com.au/products/vacuum_cleaners/canister_vacuums/zuf4207act/ and the Miele http://www.harveynorman.com.au/miele-comfort-electro-plus-c3-vacuum-cleaner-bronze.html. Sebo is available from Feb 1st 2016. However, I’d suggest that you speak with your local Harvey Norman electrical department and they’ll be able to take you through the range that would be suitable. Let us know if you have any further questions.Thanks I will go to Harvey Norman again as the vacuum they sold me is very difficult to use on my carpet.Mohawk Smartstrand has tested and approved the SEBO X4 with its adjustable rotating brush roller height for their carpets to effectively remove the maximum amount of dirt. The SEBO X4 upright vacuum cleaner's onboard computer identifies the flooring type and changes the brush height to suit the carpet nap, raising or lowering the brush automatically for optimum cleaning. Using the X4 on your new, soft Mohawk SmartStrand carpet will ensure that they stay beautiful longer, while providing essential carpet care.

Do you recommend Godfrey Hurst "Nifty" 100% soft nylon carpet? I have read so many bad reviews re Godfrey Hurst carpets. I'm thinking twice about having it laid.
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We certainly recommend Godfrey Hirst’s Nylon Nifti carpet range and we back this support up by stocking the product in most states to enable quicker installation for our customers. Having checked our database, we have not had one complaint received re the Nifti carpet range. We are confident you will be more than satisfied with this popular carpet.Hello , I cannot respond regarding your question as I do not know anything about this particular carpet .. My blog was to give Harvey Norman praise regarding my carpet laying experience with them. Regards Toni

When you write a complaint letter to your local store does it go to senior management and why don't senior management respond?
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Hi Jeni, We're terribly sorry to hear about the experience you had with your local HN store. Can you please email all your details to service.flooring@au.harveynorman.com. We will contact the store to rectify this as soon as possible. Thank you, Harvey Norman Flooring Team

I have the smartstrand gentle essence and have just discovered today, that kids running through my house have run some motor oil on one part of the carpet. its the size of a 20c piece. How do i get rid of it?
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Thank you for contacting us. To get rid of greasy, oil-based stains please follow directions below. Firstly, mix a solution of 1/4 teaspoon (1.23 ml) of clear hand dishwashing detergent with 1 cup (0.24L) of water. Stir gently and apply detergent solution directly to a white cloth. Dampen the carpet fibres in the stained area with the cloth. Avoid saturating the carpet. Secondly, wipe gently and turn cloth frequently. Never rub, scrub or use a brush. This may damage carpet fibres. If necessary, use your fingertips to work the solution to the base of the stain. Do not over-saturate carpet; use small amounts of solution and blot frequently. Next, wet the stained carpet fibres with clear, lukewarm water to rinse. Cover the spot with an absorbent white towel or paper towel and apply pressure to blot. Repeat the rinsing and blotting procedures until you are sure all traces of the detergent have been removed. If the stain is gone, place an absorbent white towel or paper towel over the area cleaned, and weigh towels down with a heavy colourfast object, such as a weighted plastic wastebasket. Remember to change towels or paper towels until carpet dries. Let us know how this goes.

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