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Hi Guys, Do you build in Ballan Victoria?
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Hi Adriana, Yes, we absolutely do! The local builders are the Ballarat team. You can find more information about them by visiting https://hotondo.com.au/home-builders/ballarat/. Hope that helps! Thanks, Rose

I have a two story house built by Hotondo 4 months ago,when it rains or if there is high humidity i get a constant dripping noise for hours on end,the downpipe is at 90 deg angle halfway down each side of house,another builder told me they should have been at a 25deg so the water would run down pipe and not just pour over the edge,I had Hotondo back to fix odd building repairs which he could not do,I have a few issues and i do not want to place a bad review unless I have to. Mark Loveless 4 Hepburn crt Creswick 3363.
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Hi Mark, Thanks for contacting us. It is best to discuss this with our customer care team. I can have them contact you directly by the mobile number or email we have listed or is there an alternative way you would like us to get in touch with you? Kind regards, Rose

How many reviews on for Hotondo are fake? After one genuine poor review is posted, soon after a bunch of glowing reviews are posted and they read like they are straight out of the sales brochures. I think they need some new writers. Be wary of the glowing review.
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Hi Andrew, All Product Reviews are genuine, verified clients - it is a requirement that all reviewers provide a proof of purchase in order for their review to be published. All our clients have the same opportunity to provide us with feedback on Product Review and majority of our clients are thrilled with their experience, which is something we are very proud of. While some reviews may seem similar, we can assure you these are real reviews from clients who were more than happy to share their experience with the public. Kind regards, Hotondo HomesThere is quite a process to go through before you can even write a review. Proof of you building with Hotondo for a start. If a lot of reviews are similar obviously a great builder 100% outstanding all the way for us in Port Macquarie.

Do you guys build near Carlingford NSW area for a KDR?
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Hi Arun, yes we do. Pieter Molenaar is the local builder in this area. You can find his contact details by visiting https://hotondo.com.au/home-builders/parramatta/. Thanks - Rose

Any info on Hotondo Homes Port Macquarie? Looking to build with them
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Hi Kerrie My Wife and I built with the Port Macquarie Hotondo Homes team and completed earlier in the year.. From our first contact with them we were made to feel welcome & valued, even in the early stages when were were simply comparing house plans & costings. Dean was very friendly and knowledgeable explaining different house plans, potential costs as well as all the inclusions that Hotondo offered & was more than happy to answer our many questions. We really value the integrity demonstrated by the Hotondo Port Macquarie team. We’d heard some horror stories about building projects with blown out or hidden costs and lengthy build times. Our gorgeous home was ready on time, and importantly, on budget. It was no problem for Dean to meet us on our block to peg out the design we had chosen & this allowed us to plan our yard and landscaping. To see Hotondo’s building process made it an easy decision for us to ask them to build our new home, being a local family business was important for us as well, dealing with owners with a care factor all the way through. Upon deciding to go ahead, Dean shook my hand and said “welcome to the team” We were kept up to date with the progress of our build from Fiona, Dean and Andrew every step of the way. With regular inspections on site with the team. We thoroughly enjoyed our stress free build & would not hesitate in highly recommending Hotondo Port Macquarie to anyone looking for a new home. Since completion I have encountered many more of their clientele and all are equally happy as my Wife and IHi Kerrie, We have not long completed our build with Port Macquarie Hotondo homes. The finishes in their display home and approachability is what got our attention initially when we were looking through the display village. We have found the whole team great to work with over the building journey and they were quite happy to answer all our questions and queries along the way. They assisted us making connections in the community to enable us to landscape shortly after the build. When we needed to change things they happily worked with us to achieve the end result. The progress was smooth through the build, was to the expected length of time as well and we had no surprise costs. We were able to build a house we are thoroughly happy with and greatly recommend them to you. The biggest thing for us is they seem passionate about their builds, proud of their work and the service after handover has been impeccable.Thank you so much Sharlene, it is nice to know. Kerrie

Has anyone built a house with Hotondo Tamworth?
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Yep - Geoff, Kate and the team are beaut. I'm experienced in the construction game but given it was the first time building our own house - it was a pleasure to have this patient and approachable duo handling our build. We used the bones of a Hotondo design and altered it to suit our family - the result is an awesome livable home - Definitely recommend them!

Do you build in Apollo bay Victoria?
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Hi John, Yes we do. Peter and Kerri Scott are the local builders. You can find out more about them and their team by visiting https://hotondo.com.au/home-builders/torquay Hope that helps! Thanks, Rose

Has anyone built in the city of Whitehorse with T&M Van Dam Builders? How was the experience?
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Hi, I understand that each Hotondo builder is different, but I was just wanting to get an idea of how Hotondo house and land packages are usually paid for? Because it is a house and land package, is it an initial deposit, and then a lump payment once construction is finished, or is it like a regular construction with progress payments? Thanks
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Hi Sean, Thanks for getting in contact with us. When purchasing a house and land package the transaction consists of two contracts, one for the purchase of the land and another for the construction of the home. The land contract would be prepared by the land developer or land sales agent, the home construction contract would be provided by your perspective builder. A deposit is payable to hold the land which would require a lump sum payment to secure. Following this, you would need to pay a deposit to the builder and a building contract would be prepared. If you proceed with the contract a further payment is required and then regular progress would begin. I hope that helps! Kind regards, RoseHi, what happens if after land settlement, client decides to go with a different builder? (No building contract yet with Hotondo and no discussions yet with regards to building designs.)

Why doesn’t Hotondo itemise tenders? Why would you pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to a building company & not know what your paying for? Very weird as our previous builders gave us the costs to most of the build.
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Hi Leigh, Thanks for getting in contact with us. We'd like to hear a little more about this so we can assist. Could you please get in contact with our Customer Care team by emailing customercare@hotondo.com.au? Thanks, RoseHi Rose, I've sent an email through to customer care & have had no response.

Hi. My mother wants to build a big single story house (around 400-500 sqm) which has a parent retreat with kitchenette. Would you do a custom design/building? Cheers, Boram.
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Hi PLM, It's best to discuss this with your local Hotondo Homes builder, I'm sure they would be able to assist. Where are you looking to build? Cheers, Rose

Hi Guys , Has anyone built with Hotondo in Warragul Vic 3820? Can you please share your experiences? Thanks
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We supplied our own soil reports and survey, Hotondo gave us a credit of less than a thousand dollars. Now considering those two things cost way more than $1000 for us to have done, this feels to me like a rip off on their part. I would like to know who is doing their soil and surveys for less than $1000 and has anyone ever had this and questioned them. Just wanting to see if this has happened to anyone else and could possibly explain the credit to us before we get back to Hotondo?
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Hi Sunshine25, Thanks for getting in contact with us. We have a national partnership with an engineering company who complete a range of work including the soil investigation and feature surveys. This partnership enables us to have reduced rates compared to what the general public or other small builders would receive. This is why the credit will be less than what you would have paid with your own company. I hope this has clarified things a little more, however if you would like to discuss this further you can contact our customer care team by email customercare@hotondo.com.au. Kind regards, Rose

I'm considering building a house with the Hotondo team in Canberra, however there do not appear to be any reviews. Is anyone able to provide any information or relay their experiences with Hotondo Canberra? Thanks.
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Bruce and Katina from Hotondo is the best and most honest builders we have ever dealt with, nothing is a problem, they are always willing to go the extra mile to satisfy a client! Even after we moved in they came back and fitted a door to an area underneath a room to create a storage basement, this was done without us requesting this and at no cost! We recommend them highly! Carl & Johanna Botha, 0408403177Thanks Hantie for your response, much appreciated.

Are currently in the process of building with Hotondo, tender was signed 4 months ago. Going through variation costing and colour selections. All of a sudden Hotondo have told us there has been a 7k price increase thrown in our face. Pretty pissed off at the moment and ready to walk away from the whole build. Can we request our deposit back that we paid to lock in the tender?
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Hi Josh, Thanks for getting in contact with us. We'd like to discuss this with you further, could you please get in contact with our Customer Care team so we can look into this. You can email them directly at customercare@hotondo.com.au. Kind regards, RoseJosh have you had a resolution to your problem and which area were you building with can i ask?I would also like to know this too about a refund??

Please contact Dominic Rego [contact detail removed] [address removed] 2 storey 4 bedroom rear lane double garage and granny flat. Scope: Knock down existing fibro house and new build DA approved plans by architect Looking for a reliable competitive builder Modern design with lightweight building materials Aim to start building end of 2018 Please let me know if this fits your scope?
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Hi Dominic, Product Review removes personal details in order to protect their users. However you can make your building enquiry at www.hotondo.com.au/contact/. Hope that helps. Kind regards, Rose

Hello everyone, Has anyone has experience with Hotondo Homes in Albury/Wodonga?
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Hi there. My partner and I built with Hotondo Homes in 2015 and could not have been happier. They helped us find a block and the display home was really what we got in our house, no guess work. The price was genuine and fixed with no nasty surprises. We got cheaper prices from other builders but found hidden things or under allowed for that would add to the cost. We definitely appreciated their honesty and integrity, not just giving us a cheap price to win us over. Maintenance was carried out about 3 months after we moved in and they even touched up the marks in the wall that happened when we moved furniture in :) The supervisor kept us informed during the build and was happy to show us through when ever we wanted to take a look. Could not speak higher of the whole team, everyone cared about us, our house and made the process so much fun.We took delivery of our brand new Hume 263 last week, and are 110% satisfied customers. The builder is long established in Albury Wodonga and have long term links and trust of all their trades. Their level of workmanship and pride in their work is exemplary and the service provided by all team members - management, sales, admin and trades, was brilliant. We were located in Canberra during the build, so only got to inspect progress on site 3 or 4 times. We were constantly updated with photos and phone calls from the supervisor, so there was no guess work as to where the build was up to. As potential issues were identified we were consulted with recommendations, and the solution was implemented without ever becoming a problem. We are now reaping the benefits! We would not hesitate to recommend Jim, Julie and the team - We won’t go past them if we are looking to build again in the future.

Hi. Has anyone built with Hotondo Homes in Newcastle area? Please give us feedback thanks.
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Yes I have!... I just moved into my New Home at Easter. My husband and I are very happy with our home and the service Stephen and his team provided us. We built a complete custom design home and from the very beginning they answered all our questions and made sure we got exactly what we wanted. Would totally recommend them!We have built at the Beaches Estate at Catherine Hill Bay with Hotondo (Cherry Road Constructions at Gateshead), My husband and I were having terrible trouble trying to find a builder who would be able to give us something out of the box, something different. At Hotondo we discovered people who listened, were invested in helping us achieve our Dream Home within our budget. We dealt directly with the builder Stephen and his site manager Scott. We felt that they knew our expectations, they communicated effectively throughout the process, they were on hand to answer our questions and take us through on site inspections. There were no problems that Scott could not deal with quickly without any hassle which made the building process very comfortable. From the first sit down with Ashley, in the office, we were confident that this builder was the one we were looking for. We have built in the past and we knew that it is not always the easiest thing to do. But with Stephen and the team we found a small company that offered a personalised approach, and they built what we wanted. Our new home is just what we imagined only better. Having talked to other residents who have built at the estate with big companies, we heard many stories that would turn anyone away from building ever - and we are thankful that was not our experience. We would thoroughly recommend Hotondo but especially Cherry Road Constructions, we could not be happier with their service and expertize. Their phone number is 0249207211 - call them now, it will be the best decision you will make!Thanks Alyson and Kathleen

Wondering if anyone had built with Hotondo Thornton/Raymond Terrace? We are happy with design concepts and the staff have been amazing. I'm sure the contractors will be great to, but would value any feedback. Thanks
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.Aldo did you decide to build with Hotondo Thornton?

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