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Hi what would the cost be to transport 4 x 15 “ alloy rims with tyres from 2601 to 4506. Weight is approx 10 kg each
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Hi Harley, thank you for your enquiry! All items sent with us need to be packaged. Once packaged in a box our prices are based on the length, width, and height in CM and the weight in KG. Depending on what kind of service you are looking for, would depend on the price. Please run a quote through this link https://au.interparcel.com/quote/parcel. You can call the team on 1300 006 031 or speak with someone on the online chat system to assist with the services we offer. Have a lovely day :)

Interparcel can transfer money ??
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Interparcel have financial services ???Please note that interparcel.com does not provide any money tranfer or financial services. We focus at cost effective parcel delivery with excellent customer service.

Hi can i get parcel pick up to ship from donolly,victoria to canada?
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I'd recommend a different courier service, this one is weak and pathetic.

Is it possible for me to leave my package that I want delivered at a local post office, and have Interparcel pick it up from there instead of my house?
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Hi Dylan, Thank you for your enquiry. Unfortunately, freight cannot be dropped off to the local post office however, you can drop it off to a local depot. In order to do so, a booking will need to be placed online with your pickup address and then you can contact us to cancel the pickup and we will provide with the address of the nearest depot. if you require further information, please send an email to reviewus@interparcel.com.au or contact us on 1300 006 031.

Hello Interparcel, Is there some way I can integrate Interparcel into my shopify store which is based in the UK? Tried contacting your UK brand but have been really unhelpful.
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Hi Daniel, Interparcel in Australia operate separately to Interparcel in the UK. Whilst we are unable to assist answering your query regarding integration, if you would like to send us an email to reviewus@interparcel.com.au we can have your enquiry forwarded to Interparcel in the UK for further assistance.Hello, thank you for getting back to me. Sadly I have spoken to the UK branch and they is no integration at the moment and they are no future plans for in the UK, sadly our company will have to find a another carrier solution but thank you for your help. Kind Regards, Daniel

I send satchels on a regular basis through Aus post , do we just put the dimensions of the satchel into the system , not an exact science when dealing with a satchel?
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correctHi Dan, that is correct. When sending a satchel or envelope via our service, please enter the measurements of the satchel or envelope and our system will generate a list of all the rates and services available for your shipment.

Is there some way I can integrate Interparcel into my shopify store? Is there an app or something?
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I don't think so. I've only been able to integrate sendle with my shopify account so far.Hi Lauretta, we sure do! Please email us your details to quote@interparcel.com.au and I can have someone get in contact with you.Consider other couriers, interparcel is horrible.

Hi I'm wanting to send a parcel to UK - how long will his take and are your rates better than Auspost? Look forward to your response.
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Hi there, we have a range of services available to the UK with transit times ranging between 1-4 working days. You can view our rates online, simply using the locations, weight & measurements. Here's the link: https://au.interparcel.com/quote/parcel Please give us a call should you have any further questions.

keeps asking me to confirm my email but can't see where I can do it
1 answer
Hi Jen, I'm not sure I understand your query. If you don't mind contacting us on 1300 006 031 one of our friendly staff members can get more info and answer any questions you may have.

Why is insurance through Interparcel for TNT twice the price of going to TNT direct?
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Hi Sam, there are variations on the transit warranty offered by Interparcel. If you'd like to email us the goods description and value to customerservices@interparcel.com.au, we'll be able to give you more info.

How long until our claims are processed?
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Hi Matt, our standard turnaround time for claims can take up to 28 days however, we normally have claims resolved prior to this time frame. During the lead up to Christmas we received higher than normal volumes of freight resulting in high volumes of enquiries however, we aim to have your claim completed as soon as possible.Our claims run a lot longer than 28days, and given that you are open over Xmas, I wouldn't expect any real reason for a delay, other than it's a good excuse.

How do I track a parcel ?
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Hi John, you can track your shipments directly on our website using your Interparcel tracking number. We have a 'Track Parcel' tab at the top of our Home page on the site otherwise, you can contact our customer service team on 1300 006 031 for further assistance.

I would like to ship some health product to Vietnam but don't know how my parcel goes through Vietnam custom clearance. Please advise Do you have any staff in Adelaide so that I can see them in person to get more information? Thanks
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Hi John, thank you for your query. Interparcel act as a third party broker re-selling the services of major courier companies. Due to the nature of our service, we do not handle any customs clearance processes and therefore, may not be aware of the requirements for health products to Vietnam. I would suggest you contact Australian Customs to confirm if they can provide you with any details otherwise, the best point of contact would be local Customs in Vietnam. I hope this helps. Please feel free to give us a call on 1300 006 031 should you have any further queries.

Trying to send an item through you guys and saw 2 options. One is a Courierplease ATL and the other courier please Box which is 60cents difference and the latter has a $100 warranty too. Wondering what it means by Courier Please Box? As in I have to purchase a box by courier please or am I reading into that too much? Also noticed a courier please Road. What do all these mean? Please let me know thank you
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The name of the services does not determine how you are required to send the freight. For example, the Couriers Please satchel or box services does not require a specific satchel or box. As long as the measurements that you have entered in the system are correct, you can choose to send your item however you feel it is safe. Each service will be displayed based on the package details you have entered so as long as this information is correct, you can select any service pending the price or estimated delivery desired. ATL stands for 'Authority to Leave' which means that the freight will be delivered without a signature. There is no option to add transit warranty to this service so if you require transit warranty, please do not select an ATL service. We provide customer service via email (customerservices@interparcel.com.au), phone (1300 006 031) and live chat. Please feel free to contact us should you require further information. We do also have a 'more information' tab under each service which will provide you with a bit of additional information. I hope this response has assisted you.

Hi can you arrange packing? Do you have insurance?
2 answers
Hi Nat, unfortunately, we do not offer/provide a packaging service. This is something that the sender of the goods will need to arrange however, we do have packaging advice available on our website under the Help & Advice tab. Additional transit warranty can be selected and paid for at an additional cost however, it varies pending on the service selected and the items being sent. ATL services do not provide this option. For a full list of our Prohibited/Restricted items list, please refer to the Help & Advice tab. I hope this information is of assistance to you. Please do not hesitate to contact our office on 1300 006 031 should you require further assistance.pack and send offer packing service it costs alot but if your lazy like some of us or have fragile things then they can do what you need

Hi,i just wondering my parcel when will be deliver? its been a week from now. Tn. 04520421 and 3x912146. Please and thank you
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Hi there, thanks for your enquiry. Unfortunately, the tracking number you have provided does not appear to be one of our reference numbers. Can you please confirm if you have a tax invoice number from Interparcel? This should have been provided at the time of booking. Alternatively, if your items is travelling via Interparcel in the UK or NZ, you will need to direct your query on their websites (www.interparcel.com or www.interparcel.co.nz). Although we share the same company name, we operate separately and are aligned with different courier companies.

Do you deliver on Saturday?
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Hi Brenda Thank you for contacting us We only provide services for delivery between Mon-Fri at this stage Kind regards,

I'm looking to have parcels picked up in NSW and delivered to Adelaide using Couriers Please. Can you explain why Interparcel have quoted freight at less than half of what Couriers Please offer on their online quote? Thanks
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My experience is that it is usually a lot cheaper to use a courier that you have a contract or account with. Maybe Interparcel have accounts with many of these couriers and can as a result, pass on the savings to their customers? Interparcel themselves may like to comment on that one.Not sure but in Townsville they do have number of couriers link to their website.Hi Sharon, thanks for your query. Interparcel act as an online third party broker re-selling the delivery services of the major courier companies in Australia. Due to our massive buying power, we have secured discounted rates from the courier companies and therefore, provide a cheaper service. I hope this answers your question. Let me know if you have any further queries or contact us on 1300 006 031.

Hi i had a small parcel arive in melbourne from the usa on September 11 been in sorting facility for 13 days no updates on tracking or anything can u help me please on where it is and when it will arrive US133330679US
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Hi Jay, Thank you for commenting, however the tracking number provided is not an Interparcel shipment unfortunately. Please confirm you have contacted the correct company.

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