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hi there..how long do i wait for my loan application please
2 answers
i done have an id number so i can check itI did my application at 9am and had the contracts to sign by 2pm. Regards Michael

Hey just wondering if you make loans to people who need deposit for a house so they can get a home loan. Thanks.
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Just after I put my bank details in, it says collecting information then just sits there and does nothing, help!
2 answers
I found that too but after about 2 mins it starts to work, just need a fair bit of patience:) Good LuckHi there. Sometimes it does take a while to download your statements but if there was an error it would have alerted you. I hope it has worked for you now.

Still waiting for payment to come through as approved by 1pm today but still nothing in the bank. How long does it take??
2 answers
The website has all the information that you need it goes in to your nomated bank account over night if not call jacaranda finance to talk to one of the friendly staff I hope this information is helpfulapproval of loam

How long please?
2 answers
From time of application to funds transfered was about 24hrsHi Overnight!

How long in tel I no if I got the loan or not coz I'm just waiting to find out wat happened can U tell me that please?
1 answer
They've got a 1300 number to call on their website or you could get the Queensland number from directory assistance. Alternatively you could try to contact them through their website

lanceys10@gmail.com how do I receive my credit24 contract?
No answers

What is the success percent of those who apply for a loan?
1 answer
Jacaranda is great. I didnt get as much as i originally applied for, but when i couldnt get a loan with anyone else, they were the ones that came through and helped me. If you are having trouble getting a loan i would recommend applying with them

How did I go with my loan?
1 answer
Still waiting

How do I no how I went with my loan application?
1 answer
On a phone call if accepted

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