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Mazda CX-9 TC (2016-Present)

Mazda CX-9 TC (2016-Present) Questions & Answers

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Hi, We test drove CX-9 GT a few weeks ago and while the car seems really nice we had a couple of concerns. We drove the one with black leather seats and it was quite dark and stuffy even on this sunny day which I guess it is due to CX-9's tiny sunroof and lack of third-row air vents. Any owner wants to share their experiences? Does the Ivory leather seats make it any brighter inside? Thanks in advance, Neil
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I had a Honda CRV with beige leather seats so opted black leather seats on my new CX9. I'm really happy with it, as it blends well and doesn't show off the dirt. With the third row, I don't use them often, but you are right, the absence of air vents is a little disadvantage.Sunroof is tiny compared to kia sorento's large Moonroof , but i'm still happy with it.We have the black interior and don't find it dark and stuffy at all. In fact having children I much prefer the black.try the cx9 signature 2017,auburn leather seats ...awesome!!!!

Hi All. We are considering CX-9 sport FWD and was wondering about real world fuel consumption especially in city driving conditions. Given that past Mazda models have a history of poor fuel efficiency it would be really helpful to know what owners experience in real world. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks
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Hi Manny. I drive out to Amberley from Brisbane almost daily. The average consumption as indicated on the dash is about 9l/100km. Which is not too bad for an SUV of this size. But if you will be doing mostly town driving, I'd say that it may go to 11L/100km. But comparing this 2.5L Turbo petrol engine to the competition (Kluger, Sorento all have 3.3/3.5 V6 engines, Santa Fe has 2.2l petrol version but nowhere near the performance of the CX-9), the consumption you get from the CX-9 is really good. The start-stop feature for the engine also helps with consumption, don't ever switch this off if you want to save on some fuel. I personally think that it is good for a company to have a history, good or bad. They learn from it and boy, did Mazda ever learn. Hope this helps.Hi Manny, We purchased the new CX9 back in Jan2017. A little bit disappointed with the fuel consumption. We get on average around 13.5/14.5L every 100km which mostly includes driving in Sydney traffic. The reading improves once on the motorway (get around 9-11L every 100km) so overall not happy with fuel consumption. I have asked two other owners of the new CX9, thinking there was something wrong with my car but they have said the same thing (ie around the 13.5L every 100km). Not sure how Mazda can get away with claiming their fuel consumption figures. Anyway, other than that the car goes great, more that enough power and very easy to drive for such a big car. Hope this helps.

Hi there. We have purchased the cx-9 touring FWD and I was wondering how everyone felt about it not having front sensors? I'm just worried as the bonnet is so long! Any tips would be appreciated on how to navigate the front without damaging the front, I almost had a heart attack driving it in an underground car park. Love it but it's huge!
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I think it is something you get used to over time. Previously I had a Mazda 3 so it is definitely a big difference to park and navigate around car parks, but I'm aware of how much bigger the car is and find an appropriate spot for it.

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