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Hi everyone, I'm a first home buyer thinking of building with NCH and noticed that there's only two 1-star reviews here (though both are terribly frightening). One of them said that their lawyers take down negative reviews. I wanted to know: 1- Is it possible for companies to remove negative reviews? (in that case this whole site would be a scam) 2- What experience have you had with this builder? Pros and cons objectively???? Thanks all for your time :)
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Hi, I noticed when I posted my negative review they removed my sales rep name but if it’s a positive review then they keep the name included which is defiantly dodgy. If you deal with them make sure you read everything and don’t get rushed. I’m currently in the process of getting charged an extra $1200 on top of my $1500 deposit even though my finance declined. I confirmed with my rep multiple times if I would get changed any more than my deposit if my finance declined and then now I have been sent another bill.Hi, I have built with them and they were great..not problem at all..very helpful, price was competitive and the quality of the home is a lot better then some of the builders out there..Thanks guys. Both opinions very helpful. Anyone else here who could kindly share their opinion?

Can anyone give me the full contact details for Ross??
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Hi Marc, Ross no longer works for New Choice Homes. Can I help you or have have another consultant call you?.Thats ok thanks someone else has kindly passed on his details.

I read the review by Dan titled 'What a Disgusting NIGHTMARE!!! Minus Zero' published on Apr 06, 2016. Has anyone had similar bad experience with the same builder?
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Hi Jim Our experience with New Choice Homes was nothing but excellent. We had no problems at all and have been totally satisfied with our house. All the staff were very helpful and professional and always kept us up to date with our build We have no hesitation in recommending them to build your house.Oh Again NHC, What an accusation when we are in the Building Industry and my partner and I can see how disgusting and poor workmanship the work is, all just cut corners!! you can explain Jim, how come the slab had structural cracks every everywhere in house, how come the mesh is not sitting at 3mm as per your Engineer but all are sitting at 10-20mm which a Cover Meter had proven?? Explain to Jim how come all the mortar are not at 10mm as per the BCA and they are all non-compliance??- photos doesn't lie Exlplain to Jim How come the Brick pier that support your Roof is not filled in as per Your Engineer's Drawing and which I've sign on??- Photos doesn't lie Explain to Jim how you end up cutting the wall as the pipe for the slab penetration is in the wrong location as my Engineer stated and myself as all the 3 pipes are in the wrong location and it is a structural issue??- photos doesn't lie Explain to Jim how come the slab curled and doesn't sit on the slab at all and will never as the amount of sand that blew underneath the slab??- Photos doesn't lie Explain to Jim how great you treat and value your clients who are paying thousand and thousand and you said to me incluidng a have a witness, You told me " I'm not building a 1 Million dollar house for me, you are a woman and you got no clue what you are talking, you better shut your mouth and get what your are given"?? But even the house cost $5, you will still be cashing up on that $5 Explain to Jim, how come all the light switches, GPO are most missing and not at the right locations as stated in Pre-start?? Explain to Jim how come the Timber in the roof( the Strut) are cracked and damaged?? Explain to Jim how come the Brick piers are falling off again after second time been done again?? photos doesn't lie Explain to Jim how come there is around 500 chip bricks on the face bricks?? photos doesn't lie At the end of the day, you are free to make your own decision!Typing mistake: Cover meter says 10-20cm when your Engineer's says it should be sitting at 3cm

Do New Choice build in Harvey?
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Hi, unfortunately we do not built in Harvey, Sorry we cannot help you this time.

I have a block of land in Bletchey Park, Southern River 615m2. I understand the zoning is R20. What the maximum site coverage that I can built on? I heard Council would also allow 5% variation to as long as the design fulfilled the requirements. We want to build a big 5x3 home, maximise full potential of the land size including the 5% variation. Do you have display homes and/or design plans that fits out needs? I know some builders are reluctant to ask for the variation on the basis that 'its too hard' for them.
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Hi Jim, Thank you for your enquiry. Can you please contact our sales consultant Brett Weinbrecht on 9201 7878 or bweinbrecht@newchoicehomes.com.au and he will be able to assist.

Do you have a houses are building around Warwick, Hamersley, dayton or Caversham Morley or Zone 1 areas etc suburbs....I can visit or display home because i want to looking a good quality builder to help build our dream house. i m at Perth
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Hi, we currently have a display home, the Queen Elizabeth at Alkimos Beach Estate, Marmion Avenue, Alkimos. We're open Saturday 1pm to 5pm and Sunday 12pm to 5pm. Would you like for one of our sales consultants to contact you and arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements? You can call our office sales line on 9201 7878

Do you build a house behind the existing residential building? Thanks a lot. My block is 587sq.m in R15/25 Zone.
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Hi, Thank you for your enquiry. Yes we do build house behind a house, Please email Shaun Lawrence at slawrence@ncdevelopments.com.au and he will be able to assist you.

After reading all these reviews I understand that the one year starting delay is due to management changes. we bought a land in The Glades, Byford. looking to start our building in another 3 months. my question is , how long will be the construction period approximately ?
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Hello Shiv, Thanks for your query. At the moment our construction timeframes are 26 weeks from slab down to PCI (Practical Completion). I hope that helps.Ours was about 11 months as it was 2 storeys so had to wait for the top slab to cure, plus we had a slight rain delay, it went fast after lock up though.

Hi Do you build custom designed houses, and will I have the copyright to my design plans ?
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Hi Shane, Yes we do build custom designs. The copyright will always belong to the builder unless it already has been designed by a outsourced designer/architects. Please let me know if we can assist with the build of your new home.

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