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How much difference is there typically from listed price and what people select? Is it possible to reduce the cost further from listed price? Interested in comments.

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Phillip t
Phillip t

Hi Andrew.
There listed price is just a guide. Increase your final price buy 25% and you'll be close to your final costing. Council energy requirements and there listed prices for a very basic low speck home.



What was the difference between quote price and actual contract price?

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In the subdivision that I purchased my block of land, the Local Council would only allow Sarah Homes to built onsite,
also they wanted me to install another window, before approving the plans for my home.

Therefore, I incurred extra costs of $2,400.00 to build onsite and $450.00 for a window to be installed, due to Local Council regulations.
I received two quotes for my home to be built, one without concrete piers, and one with bored concrete foundation piers, subject to the soil report.
With my soil report showing that I had to build my home with bored concrete foundation piers.

The difference between quote price, and actual contract price was $000.00.

L Griffiths
L Griffiths

The only difference in costing was what we asked for to be changed, however these were even out as we received a refund from the foundation cost.

Pat Burge

Pat Burgeasked

How much did the final price at completion vary from the price when the contract was signed?

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F&T Harris
F&T Harris

Pat, Sarah Homes were on target with the final price. There were a few post-contract variations of our own choosing that we added ourselves.
F Harris


Sarah Homes quoted me a price to build a home without concrete piers, and with concrete piers (subject to the soil report).
But my block of land, had to have concrete piers installed, and Sarah Homes final price was exactly what they had quoted me.
Every owner deciding to build a new home, has to have their block cleared, and leveled, and these costs can vary. I was very fortunate that my block of land was very level, and I only had to have the vegitation (Weeds, etc.) removed prior to the concrete piers being installed, and the building work commencing.
The only extra costs depend on your LOCAL COUNCIL PLANNING APPROVALS, and REGULATIONS, as I had decided to purchase a Transportable Sarah Home, but my Local Council would only allow dwellings to be built onsite, which added $2,500.00 to my final price,
and The Local Council also wanted me to put in another window, which was a post-contract variation costing me another $350.00.

Jacinta  Kim Lasscock

Jacinta Kim Lasscockasked

What is the timeframe approx. from contact signing to getting the keys building on Kangaroo Island? One year, 18 months? two years?

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Lee and Brett
Lee and Brett

Hi Jacinta and Kim, We built at Hayborough (Victor Harbor) and it took around 11 months from contract to keys in our hands (it included the Xmas break too). Good luck!

Nick  Emma McLeay
Nick Emma McLeay


We didn't build on KI so I can't answer this accurately i can only speak from our experience.

From signing to moving in 12 months. Just depends on no. of variation, council issues, weather etc etc. Our slab was poured in March and we moved in 1st Sep

not happy jan
not happy jan

1 year and 1 month so far no roof yet, scaffold just put up, averaging 1 day work a week.

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