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Is it breathable so you don’t wake up hot?
2 answers
I don't Tracy, but again its winter now and it isn't hot in a house, would be interesting to see how it will behave in summerHi Tracey we don’t wake up hot it’s very comfortable and remember if you don’t like Sleeping Duck will pick it up and refund your money if it’s within their trial period ..

Hi, Do you have any store so I can try?
1 answer
Hi Awnit, Thanks for getting in touch. At this point in time we have three showroom locations, two in Melbourne and one in Sydney. We do offer a 100 night guarantee on all our mattresses. This way you can try it in the comfort of your own home, night after night! Firmness swaps within your 100 night trial are free of charge, so you can't lose with whichever firmness you choose. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if there is anything else we can assist with :) Team SD.

What do you do with the returned mattress
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Do you have to pay full price before you try?
2 answers
Yes, the mattress must be fully purchasedYes, but they have a 100 night sleep guarantee. If you don’t like it during that time, you can arrange for it to be picked up and returned for a refund.

Hi there, can i please have the address for your nsw shop?? I cant find it online anymore?
2 answers
Hi Mellyb! Thank you for getting in touch. Our NSW demonstration models are located in Lilyfield at a store called Life Interiors. For the address, contact details and opening times you can visit https://www.sleepingduck.com/au/try-us/. Please note while we try to keep the opening times as up to date as possible we may not be open on public holidays. We would recommend calling ahead if you're unsure if we will be open so we can advise further. If you have any other questions feel free to call us on 1800 667 196 or email us at info@sleepingduck.com, we're always happy to help! Kind Regards, Team Sleeping Duck :)Thank you so much!

Can I put the sleeping duck mattress directly in the floor?
1 answer
Hi Jen C! Thank you for getting in touch. The Sleeping Duck mattress can be used on firm, flat surfaces and slatted bases. This includes the floor, as the spring layer underneath will still provide airflow through to the foams. For more information on surfaces and bases our mattress can be used on I recommend also having a look at our warranty page at https://www.sleepingduck.com/au/warranty/. If you have any questions feel free to reply or email us at info@sleepingduck.com. :) Kind Regards, Team Sleeping Duck

Hi can you use an electric blanket with the sleeping duck mattress
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Hi Macfour M, Thank you for asking! An electric blanket is perfectly fine to use on the mattress, it will not affect the performance. Kind Regards, Team Sleeping Duck

I suffer with allegies, latex and some foams do not suit have a strong petrol smell to me. Will this mattress suit me
2 answers
Jen, we have had our mattress for nearly 2 months. We felt it had a strong Latex smell after we unpacked it, so we did not use it for 3 days...just let it air with the bedroom windows open. After the 3 day airing all smell was gone, and we have been using it, smell free, ever since. We are very happy with it. Regards DennisHi Jen, Thank you for asking! Our mattress does not contain any memory foam or latex, however it will have a smell when first opened due to vacuum sealing. As Dennis has mentioned this should dissipate over the first few days, however people who identify as particularly sensitive may find it lingers a bit longer. We recommend getting in touch by calling us at 1800 667 196 or emailing us at info@sleepingduck.com, as we can always provide tips and tricks to help speed up the airing process. Kind Regards, Team Sleeping Duck

I am wondering what sort of base these mattresses are designed to work with I need a new mattress for my slatted base bed and suffer from lower back issues - imagining the firm sleeping duck the way to go but wondering about it’s response when placed on a slatted base? Thanks
2 answers
Do we have to buy specialised sheets or do the standard fitted sheets work with the Duck?Hi Sue, Thank you for getting in touch to ask! Our mattress is compatible with mostly flat or slatted bed bases, but it does vary based on how the bed base is constructed. We have the requirements outlined at the bottom of our warranty page at https://www.sleepingduck.com/au/warranty/ with some diagrams to help. If you're not sure if your bed base is suitable, feel free to email us through some photos at info@sleepingduck.com so we can take a look for you. Kind Regards, Team Sleeping Duck

Where are the few retail outlets we can try the bed at? You have a check list to determin the bed type, where can I find this? Roger
2 answers
Hi Roger, we relied on Choice review (which gave best score to Sleeping Duck https://www.choice.com.au/home-and-living/bedroom/mattresses/review-and-compare/mattresses ), and the unconditional full refund if not satisfied. Not sure where you can buy at a physical store, we bought on line. ChrisHi Roger, Thank you for asking! At the moment we have a select few locations to try our mattress. You can take a look at the locations and opening times at https://www.sleepingduck.com/au/try-us/. If you're unable to get to a showroom to give it a go you can also try our quiz at https://www.sleepingduck.com/au/mattress/quiz/, but keep in mind you can always swap your firmness for free during the trial. Kind Regards, Team Sleeping Duck :)

Do you deliver to Salamander Bay nsw
2 answers
They deliver to Bathurst, NSW so i’d say yes, they would!!Hi Evan, Thank you for asking! We do deliver to Salamander Bay 2317. This means your shipping will be free, as will any firmness swaps or returns during the 100 night trial. :) Kind Regards, Team Sleeping Duck

I am thinking of getting a new mattress and have looked at all the reviews. One review states that it is cooler and others have said that they have felt warmer. My last mattress purchased was a pillow top and when I first got it I found that it made me hot as I tended to sink into the mattress. Does the Sleeping duck do the same and although I am a side sleeper should I go the firm mattress. I use to prefer a firm mattress but now I am a bit older like it a bit softer but your reviews also state that the medium is softer than normal.
2 answers
I am a side sleeper and I like the slightly soft "medium", as it doesn't distort my spine. I have not felt hot between the mattress and my body.Hi Polly, Thank you for taking the time to write your question. It is true that sometimes the more you sink into the mattress the warmer it may feel, as it essentially creates a pocket of heat. Some customers do try swapping from a medium to a firm if they find they sleep a little warm and it can help. However we would recommend starting on a firmness that you think will be right for your sleep style and preference, and then if need be modifying further for things such as heat if it becomes an issue. Our mattress is a little on the softer side for both firm and medium compared to what some customers expect. But it's worth noting that no matter which you start on you will be able to change your firmness after the first 21 nights, for free. If you have any questions or concerns also do not hesitate to get in touch with us at info@sleepingduck.com or call us at 1800 667 196. We'd be happy to help. Kind Regards, Team Sleeping Duck :)

We’ve been sleeping on this mattress since 18 January. Had 2 swaps. One half medium and one half custom firm. Original was firm. Husband not keen to continue. Prefers the other bed he sleeps on. I’m well within the 100 days. Their page says 100% satisfaction. Am I going to get the run around in regards to return and refund ??
1 answer
Hi Jens, Thank you for asking. Feel free to send us an email on info@sleepingduck.com or call on 1800 667 196. We will be able to start the returns process for you, which includes a quick form to fill out followed by booking for collection with a local charity. We try to make this process as quick as possible, but it will depend on where you are and what availabilities the charity has for collection that can also suit your schedule. Once collection is confirmed with the charity we will process the refund, this can take approximately 3 business days to come back into your account. Kind Regards, Team Sleeping Duck :)

Why does the website say "delivery is free Australia wide" when you cant deliver north of Perth in Western Australia. I take it that this is just another east coast company that doesn't realise there is more to WA than just Perth.
2 answers
Hi Luke, This is something our team is working on. Unfortunately the weight and size of our packages make it incredibly expensive to ship to some areas. We also need to ensure we have the resources in your area so we can offer all customers the full experience of the 100 night Guarantee and all that is involved. Please do get in touch if there is anything else we can answer for you. Team Sleeping Duck :)Be that as it may, your website States "delivery is free Australia wide". This is simply deceptive. Free delivery to capital cities would be more accurate of a description. I have since purchased a Koala, and they do offer free freight Australia wide

Are all your mattresses 30cm thick? anything thinner? Thanks!
1 answer
Hi Shea, All Sleeping Duck mattress mattress are 30cm in height. Team Sleeping Duck :)

do you put micro pocket springs in the pillow top on the mattress
3 answers
No not in the pillow top. That is foamHi Lynn, Rosetta R. is correct! We do not use any micro springs in our mattress, just the standard sized springs for the bottom layer of our mattress. For a comprehensive breakdown of the layers in our mattress you can also visit https://www.sleepingduck.com/au/mattress/details/. Kind Regards, Team Sleeping Duck :)thank you for taking the time to give me the info on this query which was concerning another manufacturers product which I thought was an odd thing to do but wondered if it was an automatic thing you all did. Lynn.

I've spent quite a bit of time reading reviews here (good and bad). I see many people posting glowing reviews at first and several who are disappointed with two aspects after time. The three main issues with this product appear to be: 1/ Lack of heat dissipation due to foam and plastic backing. 2/ Sagging of the mattress after only a short amount of time, around shoulders and hips and also if you sit on the sides of the bed to put shoes on etc. 3/ Creasing of the pillow top area, creating uncomfortable wrinkles to sleep on. One person has suggested that the reason there are so many positive reviews is because Sleeping Duck encourages buyers to post reviews immediately and that few people follow up when things go wrong. Given that it is human nature to complain and the internet provides an accessible medium through which to do so ... I am really confused about this product. Commonsense suggests that $1,300 mattress is not going to be better than a $5,000 mattress, but if yo read the reviews for top brands, many of them are far worse than any of the negative reviews for this product and their overall scores are lower. I understand I can order, try for 100 days and return for a refund ... but I don't want to pack up my waterbed, lug a 50kgs mattress and 40kg base up stairs and then find after a short while that your mattress is not for me, necessitating packing up that bed, lugging it back downstairs, awaiting a pickup and then a refund and then searching for another bed to sleep on, potentially repeating that whole process. I'd like to be a little more confident than I am after reading all these reviews. Given that there are 3 commonly reported issues with your product that have nothing to do with personal choice, body size or circumstance ... Have the company taken any steps to correct these repeatedly reported issues or am I better to just avoid this purchase? I invite long terms users of this product to respond ... tell us how your mattress is after a year or more!
2 answers
I've had mine 18 months and had no problems at all. There is slight indent from where we sleep but that's to be expected certainly within acceptable limits. Not sure what would make you happy by the sounds of your question. Buy a $4000 Harvey norman mattress but I doubt you'd be happier than with a SD.Thanks for taking the tiime to respond. Given that Sleeping Duck have not responded in 18 days, I have decided not to buy this product. Hope you continue to enjoy your mattress :)

I have recently moved house with my sleeping duck mattress, and there is now a large hump along the middle after being stood on its side. Will this go away by itself, or do I need to do something to fix it?
2 answers
Unzip the top and resettle the foam. It will be fineHi Jarrod, Apologies for the late reply! Rosetta R. is absolutely correct, the layers sound like they have just overlapped and need to be realigned. This can be done by unzipping the top and repositioning them. Kind Regards, Team Sleeping Duck

Hello, i purchased a king size medium Pro. I am now experiencing lower back issues with side/ glute pain. I am a side sleeper. My husband is sleeping and waking wonderfully. Can you please advise if this will get better. thank you
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